Article update: Firefox Configuration Guide – round 2

I decided to further update the Firefox Configuration Guide for Privacy Freaks and Performance Buffs after skimming through it and realizing parts of it no longer jived with my personal configuration. Here’s the full change log…

  • removed info about manually cleaning the user-overrides.js file in favor of using the -c switch when running the updater.js/updater.bat script
  • added Site Bleacher to list of required add-ons
  • removed all info regarding containers as well as the Temporary Containers and Firefox Multi-Account Containers add-ons – i prefer to enable privacy.firstparty.isolate (the default in the ‘ghacks’ user.js) in combination with Site Bleacher (far less headaches)
  • replaced Neat URL with ClearURLs – while the former is a good extension, i think the latter is even better
  • replaced Smart HTTPS with HTTPZ
  • moved all add-on settings info to the required add-ons section
  • uBlock: added info for globally blocking 3rd party fonts while allowing 1st party fonts
  • misc. edits

Overall the changes require less interaction from the user. For example, i have yet to see anything break while using the Clear URLs extension and HTTPZ is simply an install-it-and-forget-it extension. Also the removal of all things ‘containers’ simplifies things a great deal. While there are certain disadvantages in not using containers from a privacy/tracking perspective, i much prefer the reduced hassle by enabling FPI along with using the Site Bleacher extension.

Anarchy – what is it? (video)

When people start doing actual research regarding how the world works (and ween themselves off the Alex Jones bullshit train), it seems there’s a common destination that many wind up gravitating to and it is anarchism. Had i been asked what anarchism is a dozen years or so ago, i would have said that it’s a brutal and disordered ‘everyone for themselves’ philosophy, but that definition would have been very wrong.

Two of the people that freedom lovers are likely to bump into on their journey are Jeff Berwick and Larken Rose. I’ll let them explain what anarchism is and is not…

Waking People Up To Their Own Slavery and Brainwashing with Larken Rose