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Vaccines - What You Need To Know

How Bad is My Batch?: Website holds a massive amount of information regarding the COVID "vaccines"

The How Bad is My Batch? website contains a huge amount of information about the Moderna, Pfizer and Janssen COVID "vaccines" including information from whistleblowers and leaks. Statistical data is sourced primarily from the CDC's Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). The team behind the website includes Dr. Mike Yeadon, former head of Pfizer Respiratory Research, Alexandra Latypova, CEO of Biotech, Craig Paardekooper, Researcher, Walter Wagner, Lawyer and Jessica Rose, Statistician.

As you consider the number of events in the VAERS database, keep in mind that the Lazarus Report concluded that "fewer than 1% of vaccine adverse events are reported" to the CDC.

WAKE UP: The technological panopticon being constructed for the sheep

Many companies are working hard on artificial intelligence and computer-brain interfaces and what they have in store is Orwellian beyond imagination.



Auschwitz: The Missing Cyanide

Auschwitz: The Missing Cyanide A short documentary on the scientific evidence regarding the testing by Germar Rudolf. | చհìէҽ འąҍҍìէ

Auschwitz "gas chamber" chemical analysis was performed by several people, including Fred Leuchter, Germar Rudolf and the Polish authorities. Following is some information about Rudolf from the CODOH website:

Germar Rudolf was born on October 29, 1964, in Limburg, Germany. He studied chemistry at Bonn University, where he graduated in 1989 as a Diplom-Chemist, which is comparable to a U.S. PhD degree. From 1990-1993 he prepared a German PhD thesis at the Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research in conjunction with the University of Stuttgart, Germany. Parallel to this and in his spare time, Rudolf prepared an expert report on chemical and technical questions of the alleged gas chambers of Auschwitz, The Rudolf Report. He conclude in it that "the alleged facilities for mass extermination at Auschwitz and Birkenau were not suited for the purpose as claimed." As a result he had to endure severe measures of persecution in subsequent years. Hence he went into British exile, where he started the small revisionist outlet Castle Hill Publishers. When Germany asked Britain to extradite Rudolf in 1999, he fled to the U.S.. There he applied for political asylum, expanded his publishing activities, and in 2004 married a U.S. citizen. In 2005, the U.S. recognized Rudolf's marriage as valid and seconds later arrested and subsequently deported him back to Germany, where he was put in prison for 44 months for his scholarly writings. Some of the writings he got punished for had been published while Rudolf resided in the U.S., where his activities were and are perfectly legal. Since not a criminal under U.S. law, he managed to immigrate permanently to the U.S. in 2011, where he rejoined his U.S. citizen wife and daughter. He now resides in southeastern Pennsylvania with his wife and three children.


Your Thoughts Control Your DNA: Biologist

Your Thoughts Control Your DNA: Biologist

The common idea that DNA determines so much of who we are—not only our eye or hair color, for example, but also our addictions, disorders, or susceptibility to cancer—is a misconception, said stem-cell biologist Bruce Lipton, Ph.D.

"You find yourself to be more or less a victim of your heredity," Lipton said in the documentary "Biology of Belief." "The problem with that belief system is that it extends to another level. … You become irresponsible. [You say,] 'I can't do anything about it, so why try?'"

This concept "says you are less powerful than your genes," Lipton explained.

He said a person's perception, not genetic programming, is what spurs all action in the body: "It's actually our beliefs that select our genes, that select our behavior."