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The worst thing about censorship is ...

the problem

All of the mainstream social media platforms are actively engaged in coordinated censorship of user content when such content contradicts establishment narratives. Facebook, YouTube, Google, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit and others have all been caught punishing their users through shadow-banning, de-listing, deletion and de-platforming, even when such content clearly does not violate their convoluted and arbitrary terms of service agreements.

Censorship has long been a problem within the social platforms of 'big tech', however it has reached a whole new level since the 9/11 terrorist attacks where even respected career professionals in fields such as healthcare are not permitted to have a voice when that voice challenges the government mouthpieces in the mainstream media.

As i see it, the primary issue here is not that the fat corporate clowns are cutting their own throats by censoring users, but rather that people with important and often vital information that is in the public interest, continue to rely on platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter and then complain when their content, or the people they subscribe to are removed. True, alternatives such as BitChute, Mastodon and others don't offer the amount of exposure that the 'big tech' platforms do, assuming they allow you any exposure at all, however that will only change when more people start using alternative platforms. I mean really, has 'big tech' left us with any other choice? And that's not an entirely bad thing either, especially when many of the alternative platforms have a far greater respect for freedom of speech and our privacy.

the solution

mainstream alternatives

the resources

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