Firefox Configuration Guide for Privacy Freaks and Performance Buffs

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Project moved to Codeberg

The Firefox Configuration Guide for Privacy Freaks and Performance Buffs has been moved to Codeberg however you can still leave comments and suggestions here if you wish.

A note regarding user comments

When reading the user comments on this page, keep in mind that this guide has been around since 2015 and, given the dynamic nature of the web and Firefox, some of the information in comments, including information provided by myself, may be obsolete or entirely wrong. Nevertheless i decided to retain all comments because... nostalgia. If you have any questions, ask.

498 thoughts on “Firefox Configuration Guide for Privacy Freaks and Performance Buffs”

  1. Can I use Firefox Themes from official mozilla store? Are they vetted? Can they contain malware? If yes how can I ensure that? What would be repercussion of theming on my privacy?

  2. Hello, great job,
    A question : is there a way to configure preferences for firefox on a machine, not only for the current user, but for all users, in one shot ? (after installation, not during installation with a policies.json)
    I’m Looking for a post-installation solution with a kind of global js file that can be configured
    Thx in advance for your reply

  3. I tried to set up my profile in RAM but whenever I type systemctl –user start psd, I get this message:
    “Your Firefox profile cannot be loaded. It may be missing or inaccessible.”

    The psd p output was:

    Profile-sync-daemon v6.45

    systemd service: active
    resync-timer: active
    sync on sleep: enabled
    use overlayfs: enabled

    Psd will manage the following per /home/bash/.config/psd/.psd.conf:

    browser/psname: firefox/firefox
    owner/group id: bash/1000
    sync target: /home/bash/.mozilla/firefox/oi5r3skv.default-release-1
    tmpfs dir: /run/user/1000/psd/bash-firefox-oi5r3skv.default-release-1
    profile size: 74M
    overlayfs size: 0

    Is it the cache that is not being placed in RAM?

    1. no sir – you can still use it if you want to speed page load in some cases, but the fewer extensions, the better – i no longer use it

      if you’re interested, the reason it’s no longer suggested is due to Firefox’s network partitioning/dFPI which keeps content for each host separated (sort of like containers i believe)

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