"Fake News" sources worth looking at

Finally! News we can trust!

Having learned long ago that the (legacy) mainstream news media cannot be trusted, i turned to the web and the alternative news realm to find out what's really going on in the world. Over the course of a dozen years or more, i have evaluated and curated many alternative news sources which i found to be generally reputable. Though i believe the following list is comprised of generally trustworthy sources, keep in mind that all of them get things wrong on occasion, sometimes very wrong. For example the larger organizations usually have many contributing writers and journalists and while the majority of them may be produce accurate work, some may produce complete garbage at times. Ultimately it is up to you to research what you read and decide what is accurate for yourself. That said, there is no doubt in my mind that all of the sources below are far more trustworthy in general than any of the mainstream "news" organizations, including NPR.

Regarding the news feed addresses for YouTube, i would highly suggest subscribing to the authors feed(s) on their other video platforms as well if any are available. Because of the ongoing censorship and purging at sites like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Google, etc., more and more people are beginning to adopt alternatives such as BitChute, Diaspora, DTube, Steemit, etc., where their work is less likely to be censored.

General news sources

The following news sources focus largely on politics and foreign policy.

Specialized news sources

The following people and organizations tend to focus upon specific interests.

How to find feed URL's

Read How to access RSS feeds for websites that don't advertise one.

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