Why you shouldn't shop at Amazon, Banggood, GearBest, or any other China-based wholesaler

If you buy stuff from online stores such as Banggood, GearBest, Newegg, or any other of a laundry list of China-based wholesalers, you may be surprised at what is going on behind closed doors with these businesses. I wasn't aware of the scale of this problem until recently when i came across a video about electric motors for the remote-controlled hobby industry while researching parts for a build-it-yourself multi-rotor/drone aircraft. But first, a little of the back-story...

Remember when the big-box stores such as Sears, Grants, and later, Walmart, actually sold quality products? Unless you're in your 50s or older, probably not, but i happen to have been around long enough to be able to observe the massive decline in the quality of the products they sell. You see, it used to be that when you bought a refrigerator, a washer, or a lawn mower from a store like Sears, your kids might have inherited it because it was built to last. I have seen many appliances that were still operating fine after three to five decades of use. Today however, in our "consumer" driven society, it is common to have to replace our appliances, tools and electronics every few years because we live in a world of planned obsolescence where products are specifically designed to fail. Worse, it seems the public at large doesn't mind spending their cash on the same gadget over and over again, as though this is the new normal. Of course planned obsolescence makes perfect monetary sense from a business point of view because it is obviously far more profitable to sell consumers the same product multiple times than it is to design products they never have to replace.

video: The Light Bulb Conspiracy (Documentary) HD

Ignoring the ethical problem of planned obsolescence for a moment, we can realize a much larger problem in the fact that we live and depend upon a precious little planet which holds a finite amount of resources such as coal and oil, both of which are critical in the manufacturing of the widgets we buy, and yet our economic systems are based on an infinite growth model. Obviously this cannot continue because it is simply not possible and yet manufactures and wholesalers, like Amazon, Banggood and many others, continue to add to the problem by designing and marketing junk which is largely manufactured by cheap Chinese labor. And it gets worse. It isn't just that they sell a lot of junk, they also sell a lot of fake junk that is marketed as the real junk. These Chinese wholesalers are targeting products which are in high demand and hiring China-based companies to clone them using sub-par components and then selling the copies on their international websites for the same price as the originals. Like myself, you may have known that the Chinese are great at replicating things, but what you may not have known, and i certainly didn't, is the scope of the problem. These cheap forgeries are showing up en masse among some of the largest on-line retailers on the web and it gets even funnier, or sadder, depending on how you look at it.

As i wrote earlier, i learned about these shenanigans whilst watching a video of a guy talking about the electric motors that are used in the hobby industry, specifically the multi-rotor aspect of it (so-called "drones" or "quad copters"), but in no way whatsoever is this problem limited to the hobby industry. In the video below the author discloses information that was obtained directly from various engineers regarding these Chinese wholesalers, some who live and work in China. The video picks up at the 26:50 mark where he begins discussing the topic, but if you happen to be an RC enthusiast who has a deep interest in electric motor design, you might want to watch it in its entirety.

Video: Motor Construction - LOT of info, mostly correct

Video: Amazon Empire: The Rise and Reign of Jeff Bezos (full film) | FRONTLINE


9 thoughts on “Why you shouldn't shop at Amazon, Banggood, GearBest, or any other China-based wholesaler”

  1. Very off topic – How do I get to PM you so I can suggest a video – this one by Jeff Rense and Karlstrom is most amazing about the coming 5G, how it can manipulate our health and our emotions and thinking. How Israel won’t allow it there. The significance of the coming AI reality – will we end up being “Hal-ed” as in HAL from 2001? And also much more. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B70jr7cehLU
    (Feel free to remove this from this topic, as it is so off topic. Maybe contact me by my email to gewt your answer)

    1. off-topic is fine – glad you left the comment and i’ll give a listen to the Rense show you linked to

      from my research, especially when considering some of the work (new and old) in the fields of quantum and cutting edge science, it seems to me that the only thing that actually exists is energy, or vibration – whatever you want to call it – and so yeah, when we start pumping out frequencies it would seem that there has to be an effect, even if the frequencies are “harmless” which, in the case of microwave, we know they are not

      i think if you want to dig deeper into the direction we’re heading in regarding AI and such, Corbett and Truthstream Media are great places to learn more


      also see his docus on why and how big-oil conquered the world which also very much play into the direction we are headed

      Truthstream Media has also done a lot of work in this area – see their documentaries, The Minds of Men (https://www.themindsofmen.net/) and Alan Turing, Cybernetics, and the Secrets of Life (https://truthstreammedia.com/2019/04/12/mini-documentary-alan-turing-cybernetics-and-the-secrets-of-life/)

      thanks again

      1. Glad to know you will check the video out. I listen to a lot of Truthstream, but haven’t heard the link you are posting here. Will check that and the corbett link out.

        It has been so nice to be on this site. Serendipitous that I found it. This happened just as I started feeling like I didn’t fit in at the blogs I was on.

        1. i half-listened to the Rense program and while i have heard of many people stating that there is individual RF targeting going on, it’s not something i’m convinced of – if you targeted 500 people, you need 500 transmitters and antennas and they are located where? space? and how do you follow these people with the Tx/antenna as they travel? and why bother when there are far less complex ways to get someone to shut-up? if you don’t want people talking, and you can invoke some sort of thought control, then why not just erase the thoughts you don’t want them to have?

          i also question Karlstrom’s credibility – for instance he seems to associate 5G with the frequency 5 GHz and this is not the case – it’s the 5th Generation of wireless – the actual frequencies being used, according to Wikipedia, are alarming however – 3.5 GHz to 28 and 39 GHz – the latter 2 are VZW and AT&T respectively – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/5G#New_radio_frequencies – i though for sure this must be a typo or someone fooling around but it’s not – if you look at the frequencies listed for 5G (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/5G_NR_frequency_bands) they go up to 40 GHz

          judging from his website (https://gangstalkingmindcontrolcults.com/category/electronic-weapons/) he seems to promote the idea that the Jews and Israel are behind it all (5G, AI, etc) but he cites from dubious, unreferenced resources and some apparently very controversial people (Bryan Tew for one) – also i haven’t seen anything to suggest that Israel is the developer or key promoter of the 5G standard, nor that they are disallowing 5G in the land they stole from the Palestinians

          all that said, sure, anything is possible, but is there hard evidence to support targeting and mind control using RF? i don’t know

        2. regarding this cat Bryan Tew, i just watched this video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zG8REM8Jto4) and it screams of utter bullshit – his body language does not match his words IMO

          i would also say that if the intel community/government can effectively harass someone like Tew with targeted RF, then why are they not doing the same to Snowden, Assange and so many others who have provided/published data that has been extremely damaging?

  2. The trouble with the “in the past everything lasted for ever” argument is that it completely ignores the fact that in the past items like fridges were a lot more expensive, and considered luxury products. If you want something to be affordable compromises in construction have to be made. You’re not going to get a Rolex for the price of a Casio. Also, many items were a lot more simple electronically than they are now.

    1. i appreciate your comment, but i think you’re overlooking the fact that the earth has a finite amount of resources and i think that alone trumps all, including affordability

      you also need to consider that, though the initial cost of a quality product may be high, it is often far less than buying cheap junk and having to replace it several times over a lifetime

      for example, the average life expectancy of a modern countertop microwave oven is about 9 years, thus a young couple just starting out can expect to replace it roughly 7 times (assuming the current life expectancy) – given the current average cost of roughly $100, that’s $700

      you say that my argument “completely ignores the fact that in the past items like fridges were a lot more expensive, and considered luxury products”

      by 1944, roughly 85% of households had a fridge and by 1960 most every household had one, therefore they were affordable, not luxury items, and they lasted a hell of a lot longer than they do today – there’s still people using fridges from the 1960s 60 years later while the average life expectancy of a fridge today is roughly 15 years

      the average life expectancy of an incandescent light bulb is roughly 800 hrs. and the average cost is about $1.50 – a 100w bulb made in the U.S. with a 10,000 hr. life expectancy costs about $4.50

  3. If you can afford to, are well to do, I strongly recommend that we buy American-made products. Let us help our own country fellows, and rather get involved in trade conflict.

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