How companies infect blog sites with their sewage

Idiot Salesman

I've gotten many of these emails over the last few years and as of 12-Jun-2020 i decided to start publishing them.

These are from parasitic companies wanting to compromise the integrity of sites like mine and, given that is not a high-trafficked site, i wonder how many other sites are contacted by, and infected with the garbage these companies spread.

Hello 12bytes, 

You are being contacted via 

Name:     Matteo Mercatale
Subject:  Contact form submission from
Date:     June 12, 2020 @ 8:22 am



My name is Matteo Mercatale and I'm the relationship manager of Getplacing, a content marketing company specializing in PR, SEO and content strategy. We work with startups and established businesses on boosting their online visibility.

To cut to the chase, I came across your website today and I wanted to start a relationship. We're interested in running some sponsored/guest posts with you. Can you please give me quote? We want to start asap and aim long term. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards, 

Matteo Mercatale 
Relationship Manager |

Sure, i'll give you a quote. How about ki$$ my a$$? Looks like this company can't even afford their own mail server.

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