The Jewish Holocaust Quiz


The Jewish Holocaust Quiz

One of the most misunderstood historical events, the Jewish holocaust of World War II is a fascinating and complex subject, as well as a political hot potato.

How much do you really know about the holocaust?


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Approximately six million Jews were systematically exterminated in German controlled concentration camps throughout Europe during World War II.

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The six million figure is a Jewish symbolic figure that can be traced back decades before the start of the Second World War in 1939. This figure is no longer supported by any creditable historian.

It had once been claimed that approximately four million people were put to death “at the hands of the Nazi murders” at Auschwitz alone. Polish historians have since reduced this figure to approximately one million and this includes all deaths from all causes, natural or otherwise. Similarly, death tolls were drastically lowered for other camps as well. Though the actual number of Jews who died in concentration camps is difficult to determine, it is clearly a tiny fraction of the six million figure and there is relevant evidence to suggest it is substantially less than one million. It must also be considered that Jews who died in areas controlled by the Germans, regardless of the cause of death, were often listed as victims of the holocaust.

Despite the drastic reduction in deaths by mainstream historians, the erroneous six million figure is still promoted by the mainstream media and other influential institutions. Even Wikipedia still uses the six million figure.


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Soap Made From Fat of Dead Jews

The Nazis used fat from the bodies dead Jews to manufacture soap and tattooed skin to make lampshades.

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Human fat never used by Nazis

“It’s a general conception that the Nazis manufactured soap,” says [Michael] Berenbaum [author of The World Must Know: The History of the Holocaust as Told in the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum], who was project manager for the USHMM before it opened in 1993 and headed the museum’s research institute until 1997. “But those of us working in this area have not used it as an example [of Nazi atrocity] in the last 10 to 15 years. We don’t have any evidence that the Nazis actually manufactured soap with human bodies.”

Ilse Koch Trial
Article about the Ilse Koch trial (click to enlarge)

Malicious claims of shrunken heads, lampshades made from human skin, Jews being locked in cages with an eagle and a bear, soap made from human fat, as well as a plethora of others, have been so thoroughly debunked that they are no longer supported by any serious historian, yet some of these claims are still regurgitated by many mainstream institutions, including the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. Nevertheless, it was claims such as these, as well as confessions produced through the application of brutal torture, that were used to convict the German “war criminals” during the Nuremberg and Dachau Tribunals.

The human soap fallacy first appeared during the First World War and was debunked then as well. No human skin lampshade has ever been found and the lampshade alleged to have been made from human skin which was discovered in the home of Ilse Koch at Buchenwald was proven to have been made from animal skin, which comes as no surprise given there was a factory near the camp that produced lampshades from animal skins.

The shrunken heads of Jews that were displayed for all the world to see as part of a U.S.military psychological warfare operation apparently vanished when the Nuremberg Tribunals began, along with other alleged evidence which was used to turn public opinion against Germany.

There is simply no credible evidence to support that the Germans ever manufactured anything from the human remains of camp inmates.


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Which of the following images are forgeries? (click an image to enlarge it)

Famous Buchenwald barracks photograph
1. – Famous Buchenwald barracks photograph.

Nazi hanging woman from tank barrel
2. – Nazi hanging woman from tank barrel.

Nazi hanging bare-breasted woman
3. – Nazi hanging bare-breasted woman.

Nazis shooting women in field
4. – Nazis shooting women in field.

Nazis hang Jewish woman
5. Nazis hang Jewish woman.

Nazi's hang female medical personnel
6. – Nazi’s hang female medical personnel.

Hitler standing among holocaust victims
7. – Hitler stands among holocaust victims.

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All of the above images are forgeries. As part of the propaganda campaign to demonize the German people, the Soviets and others forged many photographs which are still used to represent the holocaust today. (click an image to enlarge it)

Famous Buchenwald Missing Man Forgery
The odd appearance of the man leaning against the pole, especially where his shoulder meets the pole, as well as the fading left edge of his left arm, are dead giveaways of this prolific forgery.
Original Buchenwald barrack photograph
The original Buchenwald barrack photograph was published in the May 6th, 1945 edition of The New York Times Magazine.
Forged Nazi tank hanging
This forgery is relatively well done except that the angle of the light striking the women is substantially different than the angle of the light in the rest of the photograph. The photograph was captured near high-noon, but hers was captured a few hours earlier or later. This is apparent in her ground shadow and the lack of any shadow on the step her figure was placed on. One may also wonder why she is posing for the camera if she’s about to be hung.
Forged History: Nazi tank hanging original
The original photograph used to create the “Nazi tank hanging” forgery.
Forged Nazi bare-breasted women hanging
Besides the odd appearance of the woman, the straight edge along her right arm and the soldiers abnormally long left arm and large hand give away this obvious forgery.
Original Nazi bare-breasted women hanging
The Original photograph is far less dramatic.
Forged Nazi field execution
This forgery is blatantly obvious for several reasons: 1) the stock of the machine gun is completely missing between the left arm and left leg of the girl on the left. 2) the horizon and grassy areas where the solider was in the original is an exact clone of an area slightly to the left.
Original Nazi field execution
Look closely at the forgery and the original and compare the horizon and grassy areas above the rock.
Forged Nazi hanging with geese
Another obvious forgery, the two men are not looking at each other because the angles were changed when they were moved apart (the man on the left appears to be looking behind the one on the right). Also the the images of the soldiers and the woman were taken at different times of the day and the contrast is different.