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World War I, II and holocaust revisionism

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Adolf Hitler

Nuremberg and Dachau military tribunals

Notable Jewish historical revisionists and/or critics of Israel

  • Alfred Lilienthal - author and critic of Israel and Zionism
  • Arno Mayer - author, professor, historian and holocaust revisionist
  • Avi Shlaim - an Israeli historian who writes for The Guardian, Avi is an anti-Zionist and critic of Israel
  • Bernard Lazare - author and critic of Zionism
  • Benjamin Freedman - a business man and critic of Jewry and Zionism, Benjamin is well known for his 1961 lecture at the Willard Hotel in Washington, D.C., during which he talked about the Zionist role and motives in World War I and World War II
  • Christopher Hitchens - prolific writer, author and holocaust revisionist
  • David Cole - perhaps one of the most well known Jewish revisionists, David is well known for his documentary films regarding Auschwitz
  • Ditlieb Felderer - a prolific researcher and holocaust revisionist, Ditlieb is responsible for gathering a massive amount of critical evidence which refutes the holocaust from every major concentration camp in Europe
  • Dr. Oscar Levy - critic of Israel/Zionism, Bolshevism, communism
  • Florian Abrahamowicz - priest and holocaust revisionist
  • Gerard Menuhin - holocaust/historical revisionist, critic of Israel/Zionism
  • Gilad Atzmon - a holocaust revisionist and critic of Jewry and Zionism, Gilad is also a writer and political activist
  • Henry Herskovitz - holocaust revisionist, anti-Zionist, author, founder of Jewish Witnesses for Peace and friends
  • Israel Shahak - professor, writer and critic of Israel and Zionism
  • Israel Shamir - a well known holocaust revisionist and critic of Israel and Zionism, Israel wrote for Haaretz at one point
  • Jack Bernstein - author and critic of Israel and Zionism
  • Jews For Hitler (BitChute channel)
  • Joseph Ginsberg - a holocaust revisionist and author of several books and pamphlets, Joseph played an important part in the 1988 trial of Ernst Zündel in Canada
  • Karl Marx - the founder of Marxism, Karl was a philosopher, economist, sociologist, journalist and critic of Jewry and communism
  • Lenni Brenner - a writer, activist and critic of Zionism, Lenni wrote several books on this topic including 51 Documents: Zionist Collaboration with the Nazis
  • Miko Peled - author, activist and critic of Zionism
  • Myron Fagan - critic of Zionism and the international Jewish-Zionist criminal cabal
  • Natali Cohen Vaxberg - an extreme leftist performance artist, holocaust revisionist and critic of Zionism
  • Nathanael Kapner - a holocaust revisionist and outspoken critic of Israel and Zionism
  • Norman Finkelstein - a political scientist, activist, professor, and author, Norman is a staunch anti-Zionist and critic of Israel
  • Paul Eisen - writer and holocaust revisionist
  • Robert Litoff - Jewish scholar and holocaust revisionist
  • Roger Dommergue - a French holocaust revisionist
  • Roi Tov - author, writer and former officer in the Israeli military, Roi is, or was (his whereabouts are apparently unknown) a critic of Zionism
  • Steve Lendman - author, journalist, winner of the 2008 Project Censored award and critic of Zionism
  • The Difference Between Judaism and Zionism | G. Neuburger
  • Moshe Ber Beck - Rabbi, author and critic of Zionism
  • Yehuda Elkana - historian, philosopher, holocaust revisionist and critic of Zionism
  • Yosef Tzvi ben Porat - Rabbi, critic of established Jewish history and the narrative regarding Hitler

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