Rescuing Israel: The Holocaust - The Miracles

Parting sea miracle

"I knew that the next group that was going to come in was going to find me, and they were going to put me back in there [the gas chamber]. But for that moment I had hope, and then a miracle happened." -- Irene Zisblatt retelling her account of avoiding the gas chamber at Auschwitz

Video: Holocaust faker explains himself

I suspect the reader my have had their fill of Irene Weisberg Zisblatt by this point, so let us begin to close the book on the matter by briefly recapping some of the many miracles we have extracted from her story, that of an iconic and triumphant holocaust survivor who:

  1. managed to save 4 diamonds from being discovered by the Germans by repeatedly swallowing, defecating and retrieving them again for 15 months without contracting any life threatening diseases, despite not being able to clean them properly, or clean them at all in at least one instance
  2. managed to survive having viruses injected under her fingernails by Dr. Joseph Mengele, apparently without contracting any life threatening diseases
  3. managed to survive having chemicals injected into her eyes by Dr. Mengele, apparently without suffering any long term eye health issues
  4. managed to survive several days with no food or clean water in a filthy dungeon, ankle deep in contaminated water where she and her fellow prisoners defecated, sustaining herself by drinking the water in which they stood, once again without contracting any life threatening diseases
  5. managed to survive having her tattoo removed through a series of experimental procedures, each lasting "hours at a time" over the course of a week to ten days, and which included "injecting", "pulling", "cutting" and "digging", without anesthesia and without leaving a scar, due in part to the help of a sympathetic nurse who "worked for the underground" and placed pressure on the wound to stop the bleeding while Dr. Mengele was preoccupied
  6. managed to avoid a lethal injection ordered by Dr. Mengele due to his nurse who "worked for the underground" and substituted a non-lethal one
  7. managed to avoid becoming a lampshade in 1944 because Ilse Koch, who was in prison since 1943, failed to show up to harvest her skin
  8. managed to avoid the Auschwitz gas chamber because it was "too full", later hiding under the eaves of a crematory which were too high to provide any shelter
  9. managed to survive having been given a "watery soup filled with chemicals to destroy her reproductive organs", later giving birth to two children
  10. managed to escape from the notorious Auschwitz "factory of death", where there is no record of her internment, due in no small part to the heroic assistance of a young Hungarian Jew, whose name she cannot remember, who threw her at least 100 feet in distance over a 10 foot high fence onto a train car destined for another camp for which she had no accompanying paperwork
  11. managed to escape into the forest while on a forced "death march", sustaining herself by digging up food in the possibly frozen ground of a Polish winter, apparently without any survival training
  12. managed to meet General George S. Patton in an American Army hospital in Pilzen, Checkoslovakia, where he bestowed upon her his scarf and four star insignia, even though both Zisblatt and Patton could not have both been there at the time she alleges

While it is a certainty that many miracles were witnessed during the course of the the Second World War, the odds that any one of Zisblatt's major claims are authentic range from slim to none when they are measured against logic alone, much less what we now know to be factual. Even if we cast aside the voluminous evidence that disproves and discredits nearly every one of her extraordinary claims, one might wonder what the odds might be that all of these miracles could be attributed to a single person.

Lastly, it is imperative that the reader understand that Zisblatt's story is not at all unique among the very small number of alleged holocaust survivors who claim to have witnessed homicidal gas chambers and the mass extermination of the Jews. Unfortunately, audio-visual testimony from many authentic survivors whose account of their experience refutes the official version of the holocaust narrative has been and continues to be suppressed. Steven Spielberg's USC Shoah Foundation Visual History Archive contains approximately 53,000 recorded testimonials, 98% of which include audio-visual testimony from survivors of World War II and the German concentration camps. Of these, approximately 13,000 testimonials are related to Auschwitz, yet only about 3% of those (approximately 440) are available for on-line viewing for what is the most notorious extermination camp on the planet. The USC Shoah Foundation YouTube channel only makes available a small number of carefully selected videos (less than 800 when i last checked), none of which, by the way, include the testimony of Irene Zisblatt. Although her story was showcased by Steven Spielberg, apparently it was a bit too flashy for even the USC Shoah Foundation.

The USC Shoah Foundation makes accessing their archives quite difficult unless you are an educator or visit one of the archives in person. In the past one could submit a request to access individual videos which are not made available for on-line viewing, however it appears this policy may have changed, or perhaps this option is only available to educators. I never once received a reply for any of the several requests i submitted. I suspect the reason for the policy change, if indeed it was changed, is due to holocaust revisionists who had posted videos of survivor testimonials from the archives on-line which contradicted the official holocaust narrative. Many, if not most of these videos have since disappeared from the more popular video sharing websites, likely due to pressure from Jewish-Zionist interests that do not want the truth to be disseminated, even when that truth comes from genuine survivors of the German concentration camps of World War II.

Eric Hunt, creator of several historical revisionist websites, had this to say after receiving a letter from the USC Shoah Foundation informing him that he had been banned from accessing the archive:

Steven Spielberg's USC Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation is known for their over 50,000 video "testimonies" which supposedly prove that six million Jews were gassed by evil Germans.

However, when Spielberg's Shoah Foundation archives are actually accessed and analyzed, these video archives are in reality an invaluable treasure trove for Holocaust truthers.

I recently received a letter in the mail banning me from the Stanford University libraries. You see, I publicly shamed the Shoah Foundation and Holocaust promotion industry by daring to show the public what these videos contain - and analyzing the truth and lies they tell.