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Rescuing Israel: The Holocaust - The Irony

Palestinian Child Arrested by Israeli IDF

"The killing by a Jew of a non-Jew, i.e. a Palestinian, is considered essentially a good deed, and Jews should therefore have no compunction about it." -- Yitzhak Ginsburg, "Five General Religious Duties Which Lie Behind the Act of the Saintly, Late Rabbi Baruch Goldstein, May his Blood be Avenged"

To Palestine With Love, From Israel
Young Israeli girl writing on munitions that will be used to kill Palestinian women and children (click to enlarge)

I think the image at left, displaying a young Israeli girl writing a message on a weapon of mass destruction, perfectly encapsulates the mentality of the Israeli leadership and conveys how the arrogance, ignorance and racism of the Jewish-Zionists is passed on from generation to generation at the behest of that leadership.

The munitions shown in the image are intended for indiscriminate use against the Palestinians who are attempting to survive upon the tiny, ever shrinking strip of land known as the Gaza strip which Israel uses to contain the Palestinian Arabs like cattle before a slaughter. This particular attack, Operation Cast Lead, began on December 27, 2008, and brought 22 days of hell to the people of Gaza. Approximately 82% of the 1,400 victims would be women and children.

Prior to 1929, the Palestinian Jews lived in harmony with the Arabs in Palestine where they worked together, socialized and even tended to each others children. The relationship began to deteriorate after Zionism took hold and large numbers of Jews started to migrate to Palestine, just over 4000 in 1931 and nearly 70,000 in 1935. Peace between the two has been fleeting since 1948 and the on-going Israeli aggression, largely funded and condoned by the United States, is a primary source of tension and instability throughout the wold today.

I find it decidedly repugnant that the Zionist Jews, who claim to have lost six million of their own in the non-existent gas chambers of the Second World War, can accuse Germany of genocide while Israel engages in essentially the same kind of genocide Hitler is falsely accused of.

Israeli IDF soldiers using a rock to break the bones of a Palestinian

Israelis torturing non-Jewish children

The Empire Files: Inside the Hotbeds of Israeli Settler Terror

Israeli war crimes in Gaza

Brave Tamimi women of Nabi Saleh take down Israeli soldier assaulting injured child

Palestinian Woman Kicked in Head as Jewish Mob Debates Whether to Kill Her


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