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Rescuing Israel: The Holocaust - The Elephant

Pink Elephant in the Room

There is an elephant in the room!

If an authority figure such as a parent or teacher tells an untruth to a child, the child may believe without question the person whom he or she recognizes as someone important in their life. Even if the child has developed a capacity for logical reasoning and possesses accurate knowledge regarding the topic at hand, they still may question their current understanding simply because they expect their superior to be more knowledgeable than they.

Children have an innocence and a degree of honesty that degrades in many of us as we progress through life. A young child has not yet developed an ego which they feel obligated to defend at the expense of considering a view which opposes their own, even when the supporting evidence is compelling. Even if the child reasons that an elephant cannot physically be in the room, they are probably more likely to look before arguing the point, whereas an adult is more likely to argue without ever having looked.

There are many widely accepted authorities regarding Germany's role in World War II, Hitler and the Jewish holocaust, including our school teachers, the authors of our history books, our governments and the entire mainstream media. Perhaps the most effective and prolific are the writers and producers of movies and documentary films emanating from Hollywood and elsewhere, all of which provide us with a generally consistent version of Germany's role in the Second World War and the Jewish holocaust. Many of us tend to blindly trust these historians and institutions because their knowledge is perceived as being far more extensive and accurate than our own. We expect professionals to adhere to higher ethical and evidentiary standards since the information they disseminate can have a significant impact upon public opinion. We expect them to tell us the truth. The obvious problem here is that these same mainstream institutions have been caught perpetrating deceptions time and time again, often with exceedingly deadly consequences in terms of human lives and yet, regardless of the fact that most of us are aware of at least some of these deceptions, we somehow continue to trust them as though their past performance has little bearing upon the present.

9-11 Falling ManMany of us now realize that Iraq did not play a significant role in the terrorist attacks upon the United States on September 11, 2001; that Saddam Hussein's Republican Guard did not extract babies from incubators and leave them on the floor to die; that Iraq did not possess biological weapons, nor did it have a nuclear weapons program. These facts, well known by at least some elements of the CIA and the Bush administration at the time, did not deter the U.S. government from committing the largest and most well funded military in the world to a pre-planned, geopolitical war in Iraq which has resulted in millions of dead and displaced peoples, leaving in its wake a ravaged and enslaved country littered with radioactive "depleted" uranium, broken families and continued violence.

Afghan PoppyOne of the primary objectives the U.S. military was tasked with when our government invaded Afghanistan was securing the poppy fields, the cultivation of which the Taliban had largely eradicated. Due to the security provided by the U.S. government however, poppy production was quickly rejuvenated and the multi-billion dollar heroin industry, which continues to grow each year, has made an astonishing recovery. The poppy from Afghanistan, which then makes its way through Turkey, is used to supply approximately 80% of Europe's heroin market according to Sibel Edmonds, a former FBI translator turned whistle-blower who is known as the most gagged person in American history. What the proceeds from drug trafficking are used for is another story for another day, one in which the CIA is intimately involved.

Vietnam War - The Naked GirlMany are aware of the recently declassified documents which clearly tell us that, at the very minimum, the second attack upon the USS Maddox Navy vessel in the Gulf of Tonkin on August of 1964, was a complete fabrication. This immense and blatant lie was sold to an unquestioning public by the Johnson administration and parroted by the establishment press. The false-flag event was sufficient to manipulate a gullible U.S. public to support the administration's goal of escalating the conflict in Vietnam, a non-war war (congress never formally declared a state of war) which resulted in the deaths of nearly 60,000 Americans and upwards of one million Vietnamese people, the majority of which were civilians.

Dimona Plutonium Separation PlantMany are aware of the true purpose of Israel's Dimona facility which is used to enrich uranium for nuclear weapons, an activity which John F. Kennedy tried several times to stop because of the threat a nuclear armed Israel posed to stability in the Middle East. Kennedy's policies regarding Israel, including inspections of Dimona and his insistence that the American Zionist Council register as a foreign agent, as well as a policy which signaled the end of the Vietnam war, were reversed by the pro-Israel Johnson administration shortly after the fatal shot was fired in Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963. To this day Israel denies it possesses nuclear weapons and is therefore exempt from nuclear weapon peace agreements and inspections.

Damage to the USS LibertyMany are aware of the incident that took place during Israel's 1967, 6 Day War with several Arab nations when the United States' closest ally deliberately bombed, torpedoed and machine-gunned the USS Liberty, an intelligence gathering vessel floating off the coast of Gaza in international waters. The attack took place on a bright summer day while a five by eight foot American flag billowed in the wind according to witnesses who stated that the Israelis illegally jammed international distress frequencies and machine-gunned lifeboats, presumably to ensure the demise of the crew. 34 Americans were killed and 174 were injured during the onslaught. Israel still insists the attack was a case of "mistaken identity", however audio recordings of Israeli military communications tell a very different story and further reinforce what many have long known; that Israel was well aware it had engaged a U.S. Naval vessel in international waters and did so deliberately in order to draw the U.S. into the war.

I could probably cite another 50 well documented examples of massive lies, distortions, corruption, false-flag operations and cover-ups by various governments and media outlets without breaking a sweat, but i hope i have made my point, which is that it is incredibly foolish and naive to trust what our governments, mainstream media and educational institutions tell us without ever vetting the information they provide.

Regardless of your current position regarding Germany's role in World War II, the Jewish holocaust and Hitler, there can be no doubt that there are very powerful people and institutions that are dedicated to ensuring that a particular version of these historical events receives the lions share of the attention while those who challenge the mainstream views are persecuted and, in many cases, imprisoned. It is in fact illegal in many countries to challenge certain aspects of the holocaust. As Kevin Alfred Strom stated, "To determine the true rulers of any society, all you must do is ask yourself this question: Who is it that I am not permitted to criticize?".

With that said, i now address those of you who believe that the mainstream version provided by the victors of World War II regarding Germany's role in the war is generally accurate and that approximately eleven million people, six million of which were Jews, were systematically exterminated in German controlled concentration camps throughout Europe simply because Adolf Hitler was a psychotic, power-hungry dictator who hated Jews. Are you willing to put your beliefs to the test by reexamining the evidence with an open mind? Maybe there really is an elephant in the room after all.