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Rescuing Israel: The Holocaust - Reader Comments

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Reader commentary for the article Rescuing Israel: The Holocaust.

Please be respectful and keep it clean. If you wish to dispute anything in the article, please include references which support your point of view. I will happily correct any inaccuracies if there is reasonable evidence which supports an alternate conclusion.

40 thoughts on “Rescuing Israel: The Holocaust - Reader Comments”

  1. My interest in the JC was brought to the fore by the reaction to Ken Livingstones aff
    Confirmation of the Haavara Agreement.
    This spurred on further investigations on my part, and with the undeniable facts of Mathematics I knew I had been lied to.
    Interestingly it was coal, the amount needed to cremate bodies and the physically impossible numbers cremated daily, which has confirmed the lie.
    The dead, who suffered disease and starvation before an untimely death deserve better than to be used to extort money from the defeated Germany.
    This whole debacle is a stain on Humanity, it’s existence and longevity profligates by a group skilled in deception.
    The International Zionist/ Communist *Kazar* Jew.
    Not real Jews.

    1. i thank you for making a distinction as to who’s responsible for the fakery, as well as pointing out the potential problem with the Ashkenazi “Jews” not being Jews (and i tend to agree they are not), however blaming the whole bunch of them for the holohoax is casting the net too wide in my opinion

      even though the vast majority of Jews (Khazars or otherwise) may believe the lie, i would suspect many/most only do so because the same garbage has been shoveled down their throats as ours, except even more of it

      the point is that we are all subject to manipulation, far more than we may think and regardless of whether we believe it

      i used to believe in the tooth fairy

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