Rescuing Israel: The Holocaust – Reader Comments

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Reader commentary for the article Rescuing Israel: The Holocaust.

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37 thoughts on “Rescuing Israel: The Holocaust – Reader Comments”

  1. A Polish NGO has said it filed a complaint against Argentine daily Pagina 12 over its coverage of the Jedwabne pogrom. It appears to be the first legal action under Poland’s controversial “Holocaust bill.”

    (I’m glad some org started to call out for Justice in my country, oppressed by the J Elite! One more reason for me to feel sympathy for .pl , the Argie Journalist involved is Federico Pavlovsky _guess his background?_ ).

    1. Something got the link wrong but try this one instead. I’ve only now noticed the first pic (not showing at first ‘cos of reduced speed). I don’t approve on this kind of pic’s but I find the post as enlightening.

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