Rescuing Israel: The Holocaust

To Palestine With Love, From Israel

Rescuing Israel: The Holocaust, takes a cold, hard look at several facets of Germany's role in World War II, Adolph Hitler and the Jewish holocaust, challenging the mainstream version of these historical subjects. The open-minded reader will begin to understand why the historical record has been falsified and how the holocaust has been, and continues to be used to alter the course of history for economic and political gain throughout the world today, much to the determent of all humankind.

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Article Index:

  1. The Elephant - A primer to Rescuing Israel: The Holocaust
  2. The Survivor - The story of alleged holocaust survivor, Irene Weisberg Zisblatt
  3. The Claims - Investigating holocaust survivor claims, part 1
  4. The Scholar - Investigating holocaust survivor claims, part 2
  5. The Miracles - Summary of the claims laid by Irene Weisberg Zisblatt
  6. The Factory of Death - Inside the infamous Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp in Poland
  7. The Gas Chambers - Analysis of alleged homicidal gas chambers and mass extermination of the Jews
  8. The Bodies - Analysis of causes of death in the concentration camps
  9. The Math - Investigating the claim of six million Jews murdered
  10. The Man - A look at Adolf Hitler and what motivated him to seek a career in politics
  11. The Motive - Why Jews were persecuted in hundreds of countries prior to Hitler's Germany
  12. The Victim - How to hate yourself and influence people
  13. The Iron Grip - Jewish-Zionist influence throughout the western world today
  14. The Irony - The Arab-Palestinian holocaust that no one talks about
  15. The Timeline - A timeline of holocaust related events
  16. The Quotes - Quotes regarding the holocaust, Germany, Zionism and Jewish political influence
  17. The Present - Current happenings and commentary on recent media coverage of holocaust related issues
  18. The Future - What a better future might look like
  19. The Law - Laws which restrict historical revisionism and freedom of speech
  20. About the Author - An insight as to why i felt compelled to write Rescuing Israel: The Holocaust
  21. Selected Resources - Hand-picked resources for further study
  22. Primary Resources - General resources for further study of World War I, II and holocaust revisionism
  23. Misc. Resources - Miscellaneous study resources regarding Zionism, Jewish political and cultural influence, etc.

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