Dr. Michael Shermer, Skeptic Magazine – Lying narcissistic bi-faced coward

Michael Shermer and David Cole

I use the word ‘hate’ too frequently in my life and i hate that, but i assure you i’m not being overly dramatic when i say that i hate Dr. Michael “The Squirmer” Shermer of Skeptic Magazine. I do. I hate the little lying weasel. If this narcissistic mutt got squashed by a drunken Pakistani bus driver, i’d celebrate. He picked on one of my buddies.

Okay, David Cole/Stein isn’t exactly a buddy, at least not in a physical sense since i never even met the “self-hating”, “holocaust denying” Jew with the quintessential Jewy voice that, over time, i’ve acquired quite an ear for. It seems a lot of people don’t like David however, even some in the holocaust revisionist circuit where he used to be far more popular than he is today, but i like him. He’s a very sharp, intelligent and witty guy with an extensive knowledge regarding the truth of the Jewish holocaust. Michael “The Squirmer” liked him too apparently.

In 1994, holocaust revisionists David Cole and Bradly Smith appeared on the Phil Donahue Show along with Dr. Michael Shermer, the skeptic who was supposed to counter the crazy claims of the two crazy “holocaust deniers”. Problem was, Shermer figured out that Cole wasn’t the racist Neo-Nazi disguised as a Jew that he probably imagined. Cole had his knowledge of the Jewish holocaust wired tight and Shermer, it seems, began to find holes in the official version of the story as David buried him in information prior to the Donahue show. With the show’s deadline fast approaching, Shermer was apparently in Big Trouble. He needed ammo to counter the revisionist claims and he didn’t have much, and so he reached out to the top brass of the orthodox holocaust historians. Well, the days and weeks rolled by according to Cole and… nothing. The historians didn’t want to deal with David’s questions because they couldn’t. The show was a disaster from Donahue’s perspective. Shermer squirmed, David walked off during a break, and Donahue was apparently ready to strangle both of them, allegedly going so far as to call David the anti-Christ during a commercial break.

Shortly after the Donahue show aired, David aired all of the dirty laundry regarding his intimate relations with Michael Shermer during an Institute for Historical Review (IHR) conference. Please, by all means, watch it. It’s quite entertaining in a way that only David could have made it.

Video: David Cole’s “Banned” 1994 IHR Conference Speech

David knocks the hell out of Shermer and does so with ease, but there was one coup de grâce in particular that caught my ear and that was the mention of a phone call between Shermer and another party which David recorded. It took me a long time to find a segment of that recording, but i eventually did and it was on one of David’s (now suspended) websites. It’s buried in the article, Michael Shermer Tries to Ban My Book; Demands I Recant! : Big Infidel. Have a listen.

David has since mended his revengeful ways and he made a video in 2015 where he solicited help in raising $500 to attend a dinner party at Shermer’s house in order to “bury the hatchet” (in Shermer’s head where it rightly belongs i assume). Here’s the one and only David Cole:

Video: Send David Cole to Michael Shermer’s Dinner Party!

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