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David Cole/Stein

Regardless of what side of the Jewish holocaust you're on, i think all that know him would agree that David Cole is a notorious figure the revisionist circuit. David has contributed much to the revisionist effort in the form of identifying and correcting myths in the largely impossible mainstream holocaust narrative, however some of David's views are quite controversial, even among some holocaust revisionists.

Cole is perhaps best known for his 1993 documentary film, David Cole Interviews Dr. Franciszek Piper, which was one of my earliest introductions to the possibility that what we kids were taught about the holocaust in our government indoctrination centers (schools) and the mainstream media was, to put it ever so gently, flawed. Here's a young Jewish man with a Jewy-nasaly voice who dons a yarmulke and travels to Poland to shoot a documentary (no not THIS one) that punched some torpedo-sized holes right through the epicenter of the official holocaust narrative; the infamous Auschwitz "death camp". He would pay a hefty price for his work.

Video: David Cole Interviews Dr. Franciszek Piper

Rosie Tisch
Rosie Tisch

David had a $25,000 bounty placed on his head by the Jewish Defense League for exposing the some of the lies of "The Holocaust™", particularly regarding the alleged homicidal gas chamber in the Auschwitz main camp which is shown to tourists. In the interest of saving his skin, David paid off the JDL, issued a coerced recantation of his work and proceeded to disappear from holocaust revisionism. Eventually he reinvented himself in Hollywood as David Stein where he founded the conservative organization, Republican Party Animals. Apparently things went well for David until his girlfriend at the time, Rosie Tisch (who apparently had her photo removed from her IMDB page), outed him, thus leaving David little choice but to return to his former self. As he wrote in his book, Republican Party Animal:

I don’t want to be here. I’d been living a wonderful life as David Stein. I didn’t want it to end. And now I have nothing, and I’m not particularly enjoying it.

Some revisionists insist that it is because of his outing that David has softened his revisionist views in order to avoid further attacks by various Jewish organizations, going so far, as Fred Leuchter has done, to accuse him of being an agent of the Israeli Mossad. Although i never seriously considered David was coached by Israeli interests, much less that he collected a paycheck from the Mossad, i'm not as sure about whether David had toned-down the views of his youth in order to retain friendships and contacts he made while operating as David Stein.

The new David posits that Jews were subjected to a mass extermination program in the so-called Reinhard camps (Bełzec, Sobibor, Treblinka, Chelmno) as well as the Natzweiler-Struthof concentration camp where it is alleged that nearly 90 Jews interned at Auschwitz were transported and subsequently killed in a homicidal gas chamber so that August Hirt, an anatomist, could study the bones of Jews. The problem regarding an alleged extermination program at Treblinka is that David relies entirely upon documents which prove nothing and ignores what i believe to be crucial physical evidence which he insists doesn't exist. Eric Hunt lays this out this evidence in a statement, a documentary film about Treblinka, and in an interview with Ryan Dawson of ANC report, an excerpt of which follows:

To support Cole's view on Treblinka and "Action Reinhard Death Camps", he relies on two general documents (the Korherr Report and the Höfle Telegram), two sinister but vague entries in the Goebbels Diary and statements by Himmler. However, Cole denies the large amount of physical, photographic, and now, testimonial evidence which supports the idea that no mass gassing could have occurred at Treblinka 2 and it primarily served as a transit camp where Jewish wealth was seized before Jews were divided into appropriate groups and sent on to other locations.

Most of Cole’s argument is based on the alleged lack of physical evidence at "Treblinka."


So one can find structural remains similar to those latrines or the kitchen at Treblinka 1 beneath the ground at Treblinka 2. So David, one could very well show you a Treblinka 2 toilet or a Treblinka 2 stove, just as you sarcastically request. After all, Caroline Sturdy Colls proved “the Nazis couldn’t destroy all remains”, right? Colls’ archaeological dig shows that Treblinka 2 could very well appear quite similar to the current ruins of Treblinka 1 when approximately 3-4 feet of ground are removed.

So David is repeating an exterminationist meme which is not true. That is, that Treblinka 2 was entirely razed and it’s a land barren of evidence.

Video: The Treblinka Archaeology Hoax by Eric Hunt

Regarding the alleged gassings of nearly 90 Jews in the Natzweiler-Struthof concentration camp for the purpose of studying their bones, the bodies of which would have had to be de-fleshed after they were killed, i'm admittedly not familiar with the details of this camp, however the allegation seems to be ludicrous on its face for several reasons, one being the fact that plenty of Jews and non-Jews were dropping like flies during the last months of the war as a result of disease and starvation, thus i cannot imagine a logical need to kill anyone when plenty of fresh bodies were readily available. Another problem with the claim is that, if there were proof of a homicidal gas chamber at Struthof, i think the name of the camp would have been immortalized in the public mind along with reels of documentary films, forensic evidence and a concrete paper trail, yet few seem to have heard of it. Beyond that, there are other oddities regarding this story, such as one of the reasons for moving these 80+ Jews from Auschwitz to Struthof which was to contain the Typhus epidemic at Auschwitz. This seems odd since Auschwitz already had extensive decontamination facilities. Problems with this story don't end there either. It isn't even clear to me where the alleged gas chamber was located, one claim being that it was built inside an existing building which was part of a ski resort and another that is was in the camp shower room. Then there's some damning forensic evidence that Robert Faurisson wrote about:

Quite early on I had noted that the historians and judges dealing with the “genocide of the Jews” and the “Nazi gas chambers” were content, as concerned those two subjects, with “testimonies” or “confessions” and coldly dispensed with any physical evidence. In particular, despite the fact that it was, apparently, a matter of crimes that were atrocious and methodical, countless and unprecedented, no one had sought forensic evidence of the existence and operation of a single one of those amazing chambers. With one exception, however, which occurred as early as 1945, in France, regarding the alleged gas chamber of the Struthof-Natzweiler camp near Strasbourg. And there, no luck for the accusation! On December 1, 1945, Professor René Fabre, dean of the pharmacy faculty in Paris, having led an investigation, closed his toxicological research with a doubly negative finding: there was no trace of hydrogen cyanide (HCN) either in the alleged gas chamber or in the bodies of the allegedly gassed Jews (partly preserved at the Hôpital civil of Strasbourg).

Again from his book, David writes:

So what’s a knowledgeable but disgraced Holocaust revisionist to do? Play both sides. And make some decent scratch. I created two pseudonyms – one to sell books and videos to Holocaust studies departments around the world, and one to sell books and videos to revisionists.

At the time Cole interviewed Dr. Franciszek Piper, it is clear to me that his interest and objectivity were genuine. I think the same was true when he appeared on the Montel Williams, Phil Donahue, 60 Minutes, 48 Hours, and Morton Downey Jr. shows where he opened himself up to enormous and lasting ridicule which i think took a lot of guts. Did something change as a result of his outing? Did he make this statement in his book in order to dilute the importance of his previous work with the goal of avoiding further persecution and maintaining his David Stein image? I don't know, but in my view the new David Cole seems very different from the young man who toured Europe, punching holes in the holocaust narrative. His book which, frankly, i was glad to put down, leaves no doubt that David is, or at least has become a morally weak, ethically challenged opportunist.

Whatever the case, i find David to be a very interesting character. There is no doubting his intelligence, charisma and witty sense of humor, as well as his formidable knowledge of history. If you're interested his writings, David publishes a regular column at Taki's Magazine.

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