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Dennis Wise is a filmmaker from the U.K. who has really stirred up the pot with a ground-breaking documentary titled Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told. I found his film during my research for my article, Rescuing Israel: The Holocaust.

The 27 part documentary film provides the viewer with a rich visual and oral history of Germany's role in World War II with a central focus on the man who many mistakenly believe was one of the most evil men that has ever lived, Adolf Hitler. The reality is much different of course and Dennis has done a fantastic job at exposing truths that the mainstream media continues to avoid at all cost.

Following is a short interview i conducted with Dennis by email:

12bytes: Obviously anyone who has the audacity to question the historical record regarding Germany's involvement in World War II, particularly the Jewish holocaust aspect, is opening themselves up to attack by a variety of pro-Jewish organizations and, in some countries, is subject to be thrown in jail. For the record, do you see yourself as being anti-Semitic or racist and why do you think such labels are so readily applied?

Dennis: I am neither a racist nor anti-Semitic. Some will find it hard to believe simply because they have been fed lies and misinformation about the 3rd Reich and Adolf Hitler. There were many non-whites of different cultures and creed who fought for Germany in WW2, even Jews, and they were not segregated like the black Americans in the US army. This was a truly racist US government which used the likes of Jesse Owen in their propaganda against the 3rd Reich.

The labels are readily used because of the deceitful but highly successful campaign directed at the public since 1945. Children of each generation (just as their parents) are taught in school and then later they hear it propped up in the media and Hollywood. Without themselves researching, they will never know the real Adolf Hitler.

12bytes: From an interview you did with Deanna Spingola of RCN Radio, i gathered that your journey began when you were about 12 when you asked your father why Hitler "killed all those Jews". Of course the culmination would come many years later with the making of the film. Although you gave some detail as to what transpired during that gap, could you perhaps provide a bit more? Specifically i'm interested in any notable revelations or milestones along the way, be they in the form of personal experiences, books, film, etc., and what role the world wide web played in your research.

Dennis: What I learned from my father about Adolf Hitler completely changed my way of thinking. They call it today "thinking outside the box." I became aware of the bias in comics about the evil "Nazis" and in school I always had to stay silent on the subject of the holocaust. I had also become aware of the shock and horror on the faces of my friends just hearing the name Adolf Hitler. As a teenager I would get bored watching war movies as the script was always the same and even today rarely give the modern ones a second glance the propaganda is so bad.

I found I was able to read between the headlines for instance, when Britain would go to war in some far off place. I lost count of the times I rolled my eyes when I heard Tony Blair say, "We must help the Iraqi people." He and Bush don't care much for them now do they?

Simply, without the internet it would have been impossible to even attempt the documentary.

12bytes: Personally i am very interested in current geo-political events and the positive alterations the activist movements of the day are having upon our roller coaster ride to hell. Why is the true history of nearly a century ago relevant today, other than from a purely historical point of view?

Dennis: Because if you understand the documentary you will see the same is happening today. The age old tactic of blacken the leader and invade as the good guys has always worked until Syria. A lot of people can now associate with Iraq, Libya and Syria but they still can't see the link with National Socialist Germany. David Ike and Alex Jones try to convince us that the Nazis are behind the New World Order. Something just too ridiculous for words.

12bytes: It is my understanding that the Reichstag fire may have been a false-flag event orchestrated by key Nazi officials to gain public support for the invasion of Poland and that Kristallnacht may have been orchestrated by the Jews (it obviously wouldn't be the first time they attacked themselves and blamed it on others). The film seems to dispute both theories and i'm just wondering how you came to your conclusions?

Dennis: There is no evidence to suggest that the National Socialists themselves set fire to the Reichstag only allied speculation. Following the fire certain measures or restrictions were put into practice but that is not proof. It would be just as easy to make a case for a communist plot. The National Socialists finally gained power after years of struggle. When Hitler first joined the NSDAP with not much more than a roomful of members, there were 6 million Communists in Germany who saw Hitler as a joke. Once he gained power, there were plenty capable of burning down the Reichstag out of hatred, frustration and anger.

12bytes: My research strongly indicates that there was no policy, written or otherwise, regarding the alleged mass extermination of the Jews and that there were no homicidal gas chambers in any of the camps. What i have not yet researched was whether there were a significant number of illegal killings of Jews by other means and, if so, to what extent. Do you have any knowledge in this area?

Dennis: I think in any war there are atrocities on both sides. War is horrible and brutal. Emotions run high when family and friends are being killed and revenge is part of human make up. To say one side only committed atrocities and the other side didn't is being naïve. I have no doubt some Jews may have been killed illegally just like I have no doubts that many Germans were also.

12bytes: Much like the rest of us, i see the majority of the Jewish people as being victims of a historical fantasy (holocaust) that is continually leveraged to drastically alter government policy on a global scale, to the detriment of all mankind. What are your thoughts on this?

Dennis: Yes, in keep pushing the Holocaust as they do it helps them in being portrayed as victims. When today they are actually the most powerful and aggressive country in the region.

12bytes: My awakening began in earnest about 15 years ago when i began studying what i call the "child torture for fun and profit industry" which is about highly abusive behavioral modification programs for troubled teens (just search for "WWASPS" and "Robert Lichfield"). Then 9/11 occurred and my investigation into that event led everywhere else, literally. I soon realized that everything i thought i knew was stripped from me, leaving an uncomfortable void that took a lot of research to re-fill with the truth. What has your "trip" been like and what subjects other than World War II interest you?

Dennis: Yes the Kennedy assassination and 9/11 shows us just how governments can cover up without too much trouble. Some of the government line on 9/11 is pure fantasy world and yet millions still believe them. My favorite is that in all the plane crashes never before in all of history has the black box not been found, whether at the bottom of an ocean or high up in the mountains.

According to the US government not one of the black boxes from the supposedly four planes had been found. Now what are the odds on that?

12bytes: From both a positive and negative perspective, what feedback has the film generated? Has it met your expectations thus far?

Dennis: The film has had a really positive reaction and I have been informed by viewers as even life changing on how they view the world today. The film was set out to show a more balanced and truthful account of World war Two. So yes it has passed all expectations.

12bytes: What message might you have for the white supremacists/neo-Nazis/Skinheads of the world?

Dennis: That their view of Hitler is wrong. The Hitler they admire never existed. He would never have been a member of the Klu Klux Klan.

12bytes: Now that your famous, what's next?

Dennis: I am not sure but World War Two does fascinate me. The series has taken a huge amount of my time, so I will probably take a break before deciding.

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  1. I just finished watching the documentary. Found it to be very interesting and enlightening to things that I never knew existed like the Belfour declaration as an example. I also found myself sympathetic to the German people and surprised by the atrocities committed by all sides. I think Hitler would have been better served to take back the lands that were Germany’s prior to WWI and crushed the Brits and French at Dunkirk then brokered peace. Even with the Rothschild family of Austrian/Jewish bankers using leverage with other governments would have been fruitless. I think more has to be discovered about the Rothschild family and the Balfour declaration seems way to odd for a guarantee to a powerful family dictating world events.
    In closing, thanks for the documentary definitely some good information to digest!

  2. Q.E.D.

    I love this documentary!

    The world has turned upside down…….

    The Truth has been revealed.
    Let us all clear our minds of the MSM and others who’ve rewritten history.

    I stand in awe of the truthseekers……

    Be well, my friends.

    “A proud Hungarian.”

  3. I’m currently watching this series after stumbling upon it purely by chance earlier this evening.
    I’ve found this programme absolutely fascinating, whilst I’m not naive enough to believe everything I read in a book, online or see on film from “mainstream media” I’m also not naive enough to be fully convinced that Germany and Hitler are the victims they are at times portrayed as within Mr Wise’s work. Before this comment generates a raft of replies telling me to research the truth or something similar I would like to make it clear that I’m not saying Mr Wise’s film is not truthful anymore than I would say the same of the “official” chain of events.
    I think what this film does very well (and the purpose of me writing this post) is challenge preconceived ideas that I grew up with. I think, as somebody who purportedly lives in a free society, that it is my duty to question things and not just accept them. To quote David Icke (I never thought that would happen!) “there is another way of looking at this thing called life”
    Thanks for taking the time to read this

    1. If you listen to a narrative from either side, they will paint themselves as the heroes and the other side as the villains, so it’s easy to get a one-sided narrative. Listen to both sides and usually, you’ll find that the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

      1. True. Follow the money that leads right back here to America to the shadow government/Illuminati/Jew. Until just a few years ago I could never understand the prejudice that people had against the Jews until I saw the documentary about the USS Liberty, an American ship that was sunk in Vietnam by the Jewish military killing and wounding most of the crew. It was the interviews of the survivors that convinced me that something was very wrong and is packed with hard evidence and has a trail that leads right to the White House that is run and owned by the Jew. The things that I have learned about the Jewish people makes me tend to believe that there was never a Holocaust and is only one of millions of filthy stinking lies. I am a firm believer in the Lord God in Jesus Christ and I can say these things without any hesitation or fear of punishment from God. I always thought that since these are God’s people that they were naturally and obviously of a higher standard, at least in bloodline so I basically believed everything that I was ever told without questioning anything for that very reason even though there were things that I was very suspicious of. These people don’t even believe that Jesus came to earth. And what the hell is the headbanging against the wall about? That is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen and have never believed that that was related to God in any way. The greatest majority of the Jewish people in Israel believe that Jesus Christ is a myth made up by Americans. In fact, they think he’s basically a joke. The most evil people on this planet unbelievably, are the bloodline of our Lord Jesus Christ. How sad. And Scary! I’m sorry Jeannie. I didn’t mean to blab!

        1. Gary, didn’t want to talk abouth “religion” on this site but…seeing that your reply was not objected…I learned that Hebrews/Israelites have been chosen but for “being Light amongst Nations” and so they were given Talents/skills to accomplish it. I know and know of many Jews multitalented and with remarkable Intelligence, memory, etc. They perverted those tools to misuse them to accumulate wordly riches. God tried many ways to cleanse them, even the 40 years Exodus till He decided that the Redemption Plan would include goyim too. We are the New Israel as well. About the Wailing Wall I wonder if it might be seen as borderline with idolatry? Anyway, I don’t want to get in contact with their customs as long as I can “politely” avoid it. No desire at all to visit Holy Land either, esp. because of their idiosincracy.

        2. Gary, my 2nd reply now, I know that Jesus comes from King David’s lineage, the same as His earthly parents. I once read that Jews come from the Judah’s tribe and it was said that those were more like warriors and more dominant. The Jews expected a Messiah who fred? from captivity under Romans but they were sent a “nazarene” who was a carpenter. Nazarenes were considered more or less like low class, incult, shepherds, nomadic. Many of them considered Him heretic, they didn’t want to make progress on the Spiritual path and its consecuences will still be showing till end of times.

  4. Ok the 2 question does not deserve any answer, my mistake. But i did not understand your answer to 1 question. In nationalsocialist Germany if a normal mother don t want his insane son to be killed , would be she forced to give his son to the doctors who would kill him?

  5. Excuse me for not answering to you ( my PC was broken and i could not answer to you but now my pc works) but i want to have an answer to the 3 Real Final Questions. 1) The nationalsocialist euthanasia was compulsory or not? 2) Did the nationalsocialist Germany use children soldiers? 3) Search on Google images nazi siamese twin experiments and tell me if these images are faked or not. Sorry for my English i live in Italy.

    1. these are subjects i have not yet looked into, however given the massive amount of blatant disinformation and outright lies which accompany Hitler, the “holocaust” and Germany’s role in WW2, it would not surprise me in the least bit if the alleged sterilization of children was also a malicious fabrication

      t4 – i have no idea what this is

      if you can find any evidence of such programs, i would be very interested in looking at it

      1. I found sterilization and action t4 in Metapedia ( nationalsocialist encyclopedia). set Metapedia in English,German,Spanish or Swedish , write eugenics and action t4 in English,German,Spanish or Swedish and you will find sterilization and action t4.

  6. very interesting the points you made the well known theory on the war was far one sided they fail to mention the treatment off the german women by the russians and the treatment of all german citizens the german soldiers out of 90000 10000 survived at one supposed camp no food shelter they slept in holes at the rhine meadows camp let alone the russian camps ? the nuremburg trial what a joke when the americans and russians did the same thing refreshing to have your honest opinion of the situation not for one side or the other just an accurate depiction of the tragic situation

  7. I would like to thank Dennis for lifting the veil of lies that had been placed on the German people and in particular against Adolph Hitler. The startling revelations from Benjamin Freedman as to the real reasons behind WW1 and WW2 have woken me from the propaganda that still continues to this day. From now on I will be doing my best to make sure that the lies against Adolph Hitler are revealed to who ever will listen to me.

  8. Kudos to Mr. Wise for such an amazing work, it gave me a new horizon or thinking about WW2, since childhood I was always interested in Hitler & why holocaust was happened
    I always thought that Hitler was the one who in order to increase the empire attacked Poland however there were other reasons behind it & they had to jump in the war, I am so glad that this film exposes the truth. I have also noticed one thing that there is no wikipedia link as it has been already removed from there, not sure how it happened, anyway great job and thank you for taking up this important work

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