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Hitler Youth

Dennis Wise is a filmmaker from the U.K. who has really stirred up the pot with a ground-breaking documentary titled Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told. I found his film during my research for my article, Rescuing Israel: The Holocaust.

The 27 part documentary film, nearly 6 1/2 hours in length, provides the viewer with a rich visual and oral history of Germany's role in World War II with a central focus on the man who many mistakenly believe was one of the most evil to have ever lived, Adolf Hitler. The reality is much different of course and Dennis has done a fantastic job at exposing truths that the mainstream media continues to avoid at all cost.

Following is a short interview i conducted with Dennis by email in 2013:

12bytes: Obviously anyone who has the audacity to question the historical record regarding Germany's involvement in World War II, particularly the Jewish holocaust aspect, is opening themselves up to attack by a variety of pro-Jewish organizations and, in some countries, is subject to be thrown in jail. For the record, do you see yourself as being anti-Semitic or racist and why do you think such labels are so readily applied?

Dennis: I am neither a racist nor anti-Semitic. Some will find it hard to believe simply because they have been fed lies and misinformation about the 3rd Reich and Adolf Hitler. There were many non-whites of different cultures and creed who fought for Germany in WW2, even Jews, and they were not segregated like the black Americans in the US army. This was a truly racist US government which used the likes of Jesse Owen in their propaganda against the 3rd Reich.

The labels are readily used because of the deceitful but highly successful campaign directed at the public since 1945. Children of each generation (just as their parents) are taught in school and then later they hear it propped up in the media and Hollywood. Without themselves researching, they will never know the real Adolf Hitler.

12bytes: From an interview you did with Deanna Spingola of RCN Radio, i gathered that your journey began when you were about 12 when you asked your father why Hitler "killed all those Jews". Of course the culmination would come many years later with the making of the film. Although you gave some detail as to what transpired during that gap, could you perhaps provide a bit more? Specifically i'm interested in any notable revelations or milestones along the way, be they in the form of personal experiences, books, film, etc., and what role the world wide web played in your research.

Dennis: What I learned from my father about Adolf Hitler completely changed my way of thinking. They call it today "thinking outside the box." I became aware of the bias in comics about the evil "Nazis" and in school I always had to stay silent on the subject of the holocaust. I had also become aware of the shock and horror on the faces of my friends just hearing the name Adolf Hitler. As a teenager I would get bored watching war movies as the script was always the same and even today rarely give the modern ones a second glance the propaganda is so bad.

I found I was able to read between the headlines for instance, when Britain would go to war in some far off place. I lost count of the times I rolled my eyes when I heard Tony Blair say, "We must help the Iraqi people." He and Bush don't care much for them now do they?

Simply, without the internet it would have been impossible to even attempt the documentary.

12bytes: Personally i am very interested in current geo-political events and the positive alterations the activist movements of the day are having upon our roller coaster ride to hell. Why is the true history of nearly a century ago relevant today, other than from a purely historical point of view?

Dennis: Because if you understand the documentary you will see the same is happening today. The age old tactic of blacken the leader and invade as the good guys has always worked until Syria. A lot of people can now associate with Iraq, Libya and Syria but they still can't see the link with National Socialist Germany. David Ike and Alex Jones try to convince us that the Nazis are behind the New World Order. Something just too ridiculous for words.

12bytes: It is my understanding that the Reichstag fire may have been a false-flag event orchestrated by key Nazi officials to gain public support for the invasion of Poland and that Kristallnacht may have been orchestrated by the Jews (it obviously wouldn't be the first time they attacked themselves and blamed it on others). The film seems to dispute both theories and i'm just wondering how you came to your conclusions?

Dennis: There is no evidence to suggest that the National Socialists themselves set fire to the Reichstag only allied speculation. Following the fire certain measures or restrictions were put into practice but that is not proof. It would be just as easy to make a case for a communist plot. The National Socialists finally gained power after years of struggle. When Hitler first joined the NSDAP with not much more than a roomful of members, there were 6 million Communists in Germany who saw Hitler as a joke. Once he gained power, there were plenty capable of burning down the Reichstag out of hatred, frustration and anger.

12bytes: My research strongly indicates that there was no policy, written or otherwise, regarding the alleged mass extermination of the Jews and that there were no homicidal gas chambers in any of the camps. What i have not yet researched was whether there were a significant number of illegal killings of Jews by other means and, if so, to what extent. Do you have any knowledge in this area?

Dennis: I think in any war there are atrocities on both sides. War is horrible and brutal. Emotions run high when family and friends are being killed and revenge is part of human make up. To say one side only committed atrocities and the other side didn't is being naïve. I have no doubt some Jews may have been killed illegally just like I have no doubts that many Germans were also.

12bytes: Much like the rest of us, i see the majority of the Jewish people as being victims of a historical fantasy (holocaust) that is continually leveraged to drastically alter government policy on a global scale, to the detriment of all mankind. What are your thoughts on this?

Dennis: Yes, in keep pushing the Holocaust as they do it helps them in being portrayed as victims. When today they are actually the most powerful and aggressive country in the region.

12bytes: My awakening began in earnest about 15 years ago when i began studying what i call the "child torture for fun and profit industry" which is about highly abusive behavioral modification programs for troubled teens (just search for "WWASPS" and "Robert Lichfield"). Then 9/11 occurred and my investigation into that event led everywhere else, literally. I soon realized that everything i thought i knew was stripped from me, leaving an uncomfortable void that took a lot of research to re-fill with the truth. What has your "trip" been like and what subjects other than World War II interest you?

Dennis: Yes the Kennedy assassination and 9/11 shows us just how governments can cover up without too much trouble. Some of the government line on 9/11 is pure fantasy world and yet millions still believe them. My favorite is that in all the plane crashes never before in all of history has the black box not been found, whether at the bottom of an ocean or high up in the mountains.

According to the US government not one of the black boxes from the supposedly four planes had been found. Now what are the odds on that?

12bytes: From both a positive and negative perspective, what feedback has the film generated? Has it met your expectations thus far?

Dennis: The film has had a really positive reaction and I have been informed by viewers as even life changing on how they view the world today. The film was set out to show a more balanced and truthful account of World war Two. So yes it has passed all expectations.

12bytes: What message might you have for the white supremacists/neo-Nazis/Skinheads of the world?

Dennis: That their view of Hitler is wrong. The Hitler they admire never existed. He would never have been a member of the Klu Klux Klan.

12bytes: Now that your famous, what's next?

Dennis: I am not sure but World War Two does fascinate me. The series has taken a huge amount of my time, so I will probably take a break before deciding.

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    1. this was a great and inspiring movie for me, also it makes me sad how others around me cannot take the truth as thy have been plagued so badly by the propaganda of the education system that they cant even consider alternate information. thanks so much for making this film.

  1. This is a video made by a pro-nazi brainwashed piece of s..t. He claims there is no proof of the holocaust. He claims Hitler is not involved in the holocaust. Yet officially we have seen german footages of Hitler proclaiming his “final solution” to wipe out the Jews. I have also seen real footages of Jewish prisoners in detention camp looking like skeletons, and testimonial from American soldiers how some Jewish prisoners ripped apart the SS Nazi soldiers at the camp after the Americans freed the camp.

    The writer spends a lot of time blaming Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt for EVERYTHING.
    Japan attacked Asia Pacific and committed a lot of war crimes there, yet he mentions nothing about it. All he mentions is how Churchill is to blame for the mysterious defeat of HK and Singapore to the Japs.
    This guy is a nutcase. He should be locked up!

    1. I totally agree…..Pro-Nazi all the way. He suggests researching history yourself (like he has done for most of his life)….in other words, he has no higher education, and he calls searching the web ‘researching.’ Really? One of those people “I found it online….it must be true.” Ever travel to do your research??? Like Auschwitz? Dachau? Treblinka? It’s all fake, right? What documentation do you have 12b? Are you a trained historian? By someone other than yourself, I mean.

      1. The Dachau staff tell the people on their tours, that the crematorium, designed to keep people alive, was the blueprint for all of the ‘other gas chambers’ (which, incidentally, and coincidentally, all fell on the Communist (Jew) Soviet side post WWII). At one end, there are several cremation ovens. In the middle there is a so called gas chamber (a cold concrete room). At the other end, there are 4 hermetically sealing rooms/chambers. The staff rush people straight past these into the bigger central room (the morgue! (gas chamber. Pah!)) to bemoan, oh very, THE GAS CHAMBER!!! The 4 hermetically sealing chambers at the end are approx. 1.5 * 2 metres Sq. They are hung with heavy iron, rebated doors, lined with asbestos. Inside, on the left, there are quality German engineered, heavy duty, cast iron heat, air and zyclon-b intake and exhast extraction systems to manage the spent zyclon-b pallets and the gas they gave off, at the required, constant temperature of 30 degrees or so. Like at Auchwitz (10,000 killed per day within flimsy wooen doors, etc, Pah! Nonsense. Look up David Cole (an honest Jew!) and Auschwitz. The evidence of the lies is there for all to see should they only open their eyes and think for themselves. [personal attack removed by 12Bytes Admin]

        And BTW, thanks for your efforts 12b*.

      2. A trained historian is the last thing you should want. Trained to lie. It’s a happier world where you are but some of us choose to wake up even though we sacrifice the loss of respect, family and friends. God Bless

    2. You do realize that the “starving jews” photos that you have seen were from the wars end when the allies had blocked all food from getting to the work camps & that up until this point the Germans were feeding the jews since they were the labor force. Stop Believing the establishment propaganda you have been fed…..

    3. You: I don’t agree with what you said! Your right to free speech should be stifled, and you should be thrown in prison!

      Me: Boy, considering you seem to be sooo against Nazism, you sure seem to think like one.

      Or at least like we’ve been taught how they thought. Lol. Oh, the irony.

  2. Well said. Look at the recent economic meltdown and see who has profited most, the banks. They have and will continue to make obscene profits. Look at the Iraq war and the lead up to it and who benefited. Bush, Cheney, the banks and of course the massive defence industry in the US.

    I thought this film was astonishing and enlightening. I am no advocate of Hitler but when one takes an impartial view of his achievement one sees the fear and jealousy of the US?Britain and of course the zionists who were determined that many european jews (if indeed they are Jews) should die and suffer so the state of Israel could be created.

    Science, common sense and the internet has caught the holocaust liars out. Apart from there being no bodies, no gas chambers and no intention to murder the jews the story is a belter, As they say, of the four million jews under German control six million died and alas five million survived.

    I say well done to Dennis Wise and what was it like to play for Chelsea?

  3. Very good.

    ‘As a teenager I would get bored watching war movies as the script was always the same and even today rarely give the modern ones a second glance the propaganda is so bad.’

    That is spot on.


  4. Looks like “someone” has crawled away. Got confused with a few facts. Well handled 12b. Just watched the Dennis Wise film. It has left me emotionally raw to say the least. A fantastic effort. My prayers for God’s protection for you all. Churchill called Hitler a “corporal”. Does that not say it all about an arrogant public school boy. How could a corporal get where he got? Well Mr Churchill it is not a big deal in the scheme of things. In Mark 6;3 it says……. Is not this the carpenter, the son of Mary and brother of James and Joses and Judas and Simon? And are not his sisters here with us?” And they took offense at him…..Political elites always behave in this way. The German National Socialists did something unheard of; they removed the parasites from power…no wonder the world declared war on them.

  5. If being from a Semitic tribe is the link to Abraham then Palestinians are in fact Semitic as are Muslims in Iraq too…….so who is really being “anti”-semitic (?) or is this exclusivity also straight out of the Talmud?

    Real Jews are “anyone” who can keep the laws of God given to Moses so we are not laws unto ourselves (voting for a fake Jew to sit in westminster to think up laws for us is prohibited……..Google John Anthony Hill defence ).

    Another thing worth putting into your next vid would be the links to how the people in England are unwittingly (or apathetically knowing to) nourishing these obligate parasites via the monarchy endorsed Tax system and Parliament (organized theft) and are the biggest contributors to ALL WAR via the sowing/ labouring efforts of the people. Thats the hards truth and what it always boils down to, EVERYONE has to eat and your chances of eating are lessened if you are not paying tax.

  6. Although I do enjoy a little light historical fiction before bedtime, I find this scarily insidious as a soft-sell gateway video for holocaust denial. Boo hoo, poor Hitler, he was so misunderstood by his hench-people, who were way over-zealous with his recommendations on how to treat the Jews. They weren’t death camps, it was more like Butlins, okay? That’s what this documentary tries to convince you anyway, using faux science forwarded by well-known (and prosecuted) Holocaust ‘revisionists’, intercut with some kind of Hitler biography starring the guy from the Full Monty. Was alerted to this series on Facebook, by some teenager who likes guns and Illuminati theories, so yeah, while I don’t see this philosophy sweeping the world in the hands of evil geniuses, it does worry me the mind-set/education of the people who take this kind of thing seriously. It all seems so familiar, some kind of deja vu…For those who are still mildly convinced by it, any half hearted exploration of the internet and particularly the backgrounds of the gentlemen on whom most of this ‘evidence’ rests should find enough information to refute their flimsy assertions. I believe in freedom of speech, sometimes just so you know what strange ideas are out there, and this is one of the wackiest.

      1. and you probably believe the bible is the inerrant word of god too.

        not religious

        religion so corrupts the minds of humankind


        you also probably believe all the bs handed out by governments too?

        laughable – the content on this site is absolutely in contrast to government propaganda

        rather than attempting to attack me and compromising your own credibility, why not try debunking the film, or any other content on this site

        1. 12Bytes, somehow my reply went to you and it was supposed to go to the TheBluebirdOfCrappiness for his outlandish comments. But you are correct and furthermore, just for the record, I totally agree with your research and all of Dennis Wise’s video – awesome work, kudos to both of you. I have absolutely no debunking comments to the jewish holocaust fraud, as far as I am concerned it is the greatest fraud perpetrated against mankind after the Christian religion.

  7. As interesting or as controversial as perspectives on history (as ‘recorded’) may be, reforming ‘currency’ is ineffectual when ignorance or denial of fundamentals is prevalent….. ….IMHO the repair-works to be done by humanity will begin with a more serious curiosity for understanding and the sharing of the relevant questions and answers…. ….a few points that may help justify the endeavors of the ‘writers’ and the ‘readers’ for greater truth are included in a few provocative quips and comments (that I believe to be relevant to the author and some ‘comments’ to this site):

    1) History is a very slow teacher when we fail to study ‘currency’. (pun intended)

    2) By its very instability, money, empowers ‘speculation’ more than it empowers ‘investment’.

    3) Constancy (alias: consistency) is the calm (confidence) that we reply upon to have ‘faith’ and plan a better evolution in the knowledge that our ‘evolution’ and ‘invention~creations’ will not be corrupted~compromised by greed.

    4) Without a stable means of exchange, worthy goods and services (as a ‘value’ for work) can not be fairly traded.

    5) The primary laws of physics (specifically the laws of conservation of energy) suggest that energy can neither be created nor destroyed but transfers from one state of matter to another…. ….contrary to such principles, under the present economically and socially compromised World, we pretend that work done or power/energy-expended can be ‘re-created’ and/or it can be destroyed/controlled just by ‘money’. The UTILITY of money, as effecting our world, is the tool whereby human endeavor is captivated by others (speculators and many lender-thieves).

    6) In contempt of the 1st laws of survival, we need to be aware that; enough money out of control, can destroy the World? Economics must be founded upon sustainable 1st principles within our monetary-systematic and not more than potential energy managed (controlled/released) for good purpose rather than selfish speculation…. …..history has warned us several times and yet in our conceited (emancipated) denials we pretend that now is different (and/or history will not repeat itself in our lifetime).

    7) In respect of the rights of others-to-live we need to be ‘aware’ of others and the ‘rights’ we all ‘share’ and the inherent responsibilities that come with better/greater ‘awareness’.

    So I am moved to suggest (conclude this brief post) – IMHO:

    Regarding history, currency and our future, progress will be slow while we patronise systematics that deny fundamental laws of sustainability (monetarily, sociologically, environmentally etc.).

    Reform begins with the individual, as reflected in thinking and life-style, and evolving a consciousness and motive (desire) for ‘better’ thinking and better action. As with the laws of physics/nature, we need to conform or by indulging our follies and by suffering, learn the consequences to self (and/or others) and adjust our action through evolving human understanding.

    Perhaps the first reform begins with a fundamental consensus about who we are individually and collectively. Till this is acquired our differences are our nemesis?

    Who, what and why, are the eternal questions that humanity tends to avoid answering while we indulge ‘discovery’ in our current lifestyles.

  8. It’s quite obvious by the victors’ actions AFTER WW2, including the slaughter of millions of German POWs by Jew Eisenhower, and the TOTAL DESTRUCTION and RAPE of Germany and it’s citizens that the WRONG side won the war. Even Patton said ” We fought the wrong people, and he was going to reveal his findings, but had an ‘accident’. Ike was rewarded by being installed as President. Only the stupidest of the stupid still beLIEve the LAMEstream version of WW2.

  9. Those like ‘Someone” and “Someone Else” (The same person?) are usually paid shills that troll the internet with scripts in hand to try to ridicule anyone who gets close to the truth like 12 Bytes has. I have done my share of research, and luckily I have no “higher education” like the shills have, meaning I have not been completely INDOCTRINATED by the HollowHOAX Religion. Education is a GRADUAL EROSION OF THE INTUITION, and when one GRADUATES, that initial erosion is complete, and they even have rituals to celebrate it. David Cole did a great job debunking Auschwitz, so good, his life was threatened by the ADL. The TRUTH HAS NO NEED OF LAWS TO PROTECT IT.

  10. I am currently nearly 60% through this movie and must say that it seems to have filled in a few questionable historical gaps. I’ve listened to a 2 hour academic study on the topic of WWI, starting with the Judaism – Christianity conflicts beginning approx. 50 AD. In later years, the success of Judaism was because of their determination to instill upon each other, the learning of fundamental literacy skills during the mid-late 19th Century. This allowed their religion to progress faster than all of the remaining religions and that of the non-religious, as well. Henceforth, making them a wealthier part of the world’s social fabric leading up to WWII and resulting in jealousy and unbridled resentment. There is no doubt of Hitler’s resentment of the Jews during his first visit to Vienna – as written in his autobiography, “Mein Kamph”. He stated that he had never seen an Hasidic Jew before, so all of the stereotypes that he’d heard previously were (to him) validated, causing him to curiously seek a higher level of unjustified scrutiny of them by claiming that they “stunk and were a filthy people”. Certainly, this does not mean that he sought out a manner of exterminating them after attaining political power, but reasonably some can assume that repatriating them to Palestine would be a humane way of ridding Germany of such undesirables. Prejudices against the Jews from 1919 and throughout the later years was no different than that of the prejudices of southern black-Americans, but extermination camps? Most Germans during Hitler’s rise and fall, were Christians and national pride was at its peak after he ridded the country of labor unions and communists. I can understand the director’s logic and reasoning throughout this movie, but when he questions what occurred on 9/11/01 – that’s when I have to question his objective veracity. Regardless of any black boxes having never been found, there is the greater possibility of them being melted down from such intense heat. Yet, even if there were black boxes, what would they prove or disprove? Nearly every America was aware that the fundamentalist Islamist were trying to destroy the WTC, and what better way than to destroy the center of our financial capitalist HQ? Not only that, but the terrorist threats were never much of a secret. Lastly, I witnessed the destruction of the second WTC tower as it occurred on national television. In closing and after all of my blather – yes, Roosevelt held America’s industrial enterprise hostage nearly throughout his term seemingly for self gain, presidential tenure and by intentionally keeping the nation from overcoming the Great Depression with its never-ending high unemployment rates. Stalin? His ambitions were inexplicable.

  11. Mr. Wise has put together a great documentary and I commend him for that. I however take issue with one response of his in the interview, “That their view of Hitler is wrong. The Hitler they admire never existed. He would never have been a member of the Klu Klux Klan.”
    I have been a Skinhead (what that means to me and what it means to others may be two different things) for over twenty five years and this excellent piece of work offered me no new information that I was not well aware of before the age of the internet, the information was available to those of us who sought it out, many of us Skinheads and Klansmen, and I have never heard anyone suppose that Hitler would be a Klansmen. Also, these two groups of people are likely the largest segment of buyers and watchers of this excellent work. So for someone aware of the medias power to shape opinion, I find it odd that Mr. Wise would so readily take up the media image of the hateful Master Racists, note that they will always pick the worst possible examples of anything or group they wish to demonize and are certainly not above outright deception. Mr. Wise may also be surprised to know who operates some of the websites he credits and suggests in the credits. All and all I wish to say cheers to Mr. Wise for a job well done , this information needed badly to be put together in one place and in this format, great job and thank you for taking up this important work.

  12. This film is an eye opener to me and many other people. Unfortunately it has been forbidden in Germany, cause the Government, which obviously knows the truth, dont want the get Germans infuriated and inflamed with it.
    It is so funny that always when Israeli or Ashkenazi Jews are criticized, they always appeal to the ”Anti-Semitism”.
    First of all, what is ”anti semite”? The Palestinians are also Semite people!
    If we were to look define it under the explanation that anti-semitism is a form of racism, what about the huge racism in Israel, where they don’t even recognize Black Jews in their society? They are against any other race: Asians, Blacks, Palestinians, Arabs and white Christians.
    They believe themselves to be the ”chosen people’. I doubt God would ever chose such evil class of people. One visit to Israel, makes anyone sick to see how dirty Tel Aviv and Jerusalem are. They made a total mess out of that country. There’s dog poo everywhere and no democracy nor quality of life. They plan world domination and Armagedon is for them the only way to exterminate 2/3 of the world population, so that whoever is left over will serve as their slaves. I am so glad that this film exposes the truth and I only wished that you would make a German subtitled version of it and find a way to distribute everywhere in Germany. We have the rights to know our true history! Consequently I hope the German Government will start a new international law forbidding Anti-Germanism!

  13. I came across this site through diligent searching for an honest review of this documentary, it wasn’t easy finding it. You can readily find half a dozen reviews of myriad claptrap of movies, but something like this, because it disagrees with what is being taught as “history”, not so prevalent. The topic is social pariah, the very THOUGHT that Hitler could’ve been maligned by historians, anathema. Truth is sacrosant to me; not MY truth or YOUR truth, but THE truth. Good luck finding it, you’ll have to do double the work.

    For those having trouble getting over the holocaust hurdle, let me point you in a direction that helped ME, and that would be David Cole appearing on the show DONAHUE in the 80’s? I believe. First, David is Jewish and traveled to Auschwitz, camcorder in hand, and interviewed the person that gives the tours. Shot & discussed the “shower rooms” , the ovens & even the outside of the building.

    The FACTS are, logistically, is that it was IMPOSSIBLE, (not improbable, I know the difference) for Hitler’s Germany to kill that many ppl in the time involved, with the methods history professors say he did it. Example? In Cole’s film, he said ppl said that Jews were stacked 3-5 bodies high in brick ovens and were cremated roughly every 20-30 minutes? (I’m typing from memory here, I may be slightly off on the timing) Using MODERN machinery it takes 90 minutes for ONE body, so this account is a fallacy, a flat out lie.

    There are NO blue stains on the “shower rooms” WHERE Cyklon-B was used, none. And its important to note that Cyklon B is so strong it can penetrate brick in it’s staining power! (Hence the outside shots of the building.)

    When you add the fact that in the New York Times, before WW1 even started, there were reports of “Six million Jews dead or dying” by starvation in Russia, and just so happens that the same number died in WW2?

    Really? Kabbalistic number perhaps? I dunno, but the coincidence strains credibility.

    I would suggest however, that the filmmaker do away with the music to the degree that he did in this film, IMO it’s borderline propaganda itself, b/c music illicits an emotional response, and I’m sure some ppl caught that. (Not to mention after the fifth time hearing the same score it became annoying).

    Best wishes to fellow truth=seekers. When trying to educate or free “sheeple” have an abundance of documented facts on your side, or be prepared to be labelled anti-semitic, racist, etc etc,

  14. Great documentary, truth will always be a hard pill to swallow though, especially when a nations leaders go to such extreme lengths to have us believe the opposite, a great example is Bush, how many innocent people have died because of his effort to save the world from weapons of mass destruction? Or should I say personal greed, na…..weapons of mass destruction sounds more convincing!

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