Chlorine Dioxide: MMS, The Master Mineral Solution

Jim Humble


Chlorine dioxide, known also as the Master Mineral Solution (MMS), may be one of the most powerful pathogen killers around. This powerful and inexpensive product that has, in some cases, cured several so-called "terminal" diseases, and thus has saved many lives.

I can't accurately describe how chlorine dioxide works in great scientific detail, but i do know -- know, mind you -- that it does work. I've taken it many times and the results are often quite dramatic. Those experiencing life threatening diseases, such as cancer and AIDS, have reported very positive results. (i would categorize surviving "terminal" cancer as a positive result).

Video: Malignant Melanoma

Many other video testimonials can be found here.

How chlorine dioxide works

When mixed with an acid, such as citric acid, the chlorine dioxide solution, which consists of sodium chlorite (not sodium chloride, which is salt) and water, begins producing chlorine dioxide and it is this gas which is responsible for slaughtering the bad guys. For the uninformed, chlorine dioxide may sound a lot like chlorine, however chemically they are not the same. Chlorine is Cl2, whereas chlorine dioxide is Clo2, having an extra oxygen molecule. Chlorine dioxide is therefore an oxidizer and though it is a very weak oxidizer, it is powerful enough to wipe out pathogens by rupturing their cells, which are then eliminated through normal bodily waste.

In short, it is my understanding that chlorine dioxide is an oxidant that sort of super-charges your immune system by giving it an extremely powerful tool with which to hunt down the bad guys. The good cells, on the other hand, are not affected and so it is quite different than highly toxic and indiscriminate "treatments" such as radiation and chemotherapy which can kill any cell they come into contact with, healthy or otherwise.

To my knowledge, chlorine dioxide has a 100% success rate in the elimination of malaria with well over 700,000 people treated the last time i checked and that was years ago. MMS has been used by an estimated 20,000,000 people around the world to treat a plethora of health issues, many of which one may not immediately associate with a pathogen, including certain types of arthritis, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer's, epilepsy, hyperglycemia, osteoporosis and a pile more.

Industry and government suppression

Recently chlorine dioxide became a blip on the radar of the Food and Drug Administration in the U.S. which has since issued warnings regarding its use. Apparently it has become well known enough that it presents a threat to the pharmaceutical industry who profits immensely from the toxic and often deadly chemical cocktails they sell.

While the FDA warning may raise a red flag for some, to those who have a better understanding of how the health care industry functions ("industry" being the key word here), and are aware of the massive amounts of money pharmaceutical companies spend on lobbying congress to facilitate the peddling of their toxic garbage, the only flag it raises is colored in money green. While pharmaceuticals have, and continue to sicken, cripple and kill millions upon millions, MMS has neither hurt nor killed anyone who has used it properly to my knowledge.

Following is an interview regarding chlorine dioxide with Dr. John Humiston, MD, at the William Hitt Center in Tijuana, Mexico.

Video: Interview with Dr. John Humiston

Sometime around 1012 the Red Cross c

onducted a field test in Uganda where they treated 154 malaria patients with chlorine dioxide, all of which were tested to be malaria free within 48 hours. So far the Red Cross has not released the test results and, incredibly, has gone so far as to deny that the test even took place. Unfortunately for them the experiment was recorded by several witnesses:

Video: Red Cross 4 Day Trial in Uganda in Dec. 2012 Proved Chlorine Dioxde Is a 100% Cure for Malaria

Personal experience

I didn't have any life-threatening diseases that would really put chlorine dioxide to the test, but i did have several minor health issues including an almost constant, mild pain in my neck that would sometimes flare up to the point where i was unable to turn my head to the left. This was the result of a chiropractor-gone-wild where he, an ex-football player, apparently applied too much force while adjusting my neck. I lived with this pain for approximately 25 years and was certain it was the result of permanent mechanical damage to the vertebra. It wasn't.

After just six hours of taking chlorine dioxide, i noticed the slight pain in my neck was greatly diminished and after only two days it was virtually eliminated. I knew chlorine dioxide obviously cannot repair a mechanical problem, so i did some research to learn why it had such a positive and almost immediate effect. It appears that when the body is injured, a protective layer can build up around the injured area to the point that it can block your immune system from being able to heal. All the chlorine dioxide did apparently was to remove this barrier and, once it was out of the way, my immune system took only hours to do its job. The pain, which could be triggered by something as trivial as washing my forehead in the shower, returned infrequently, however after having taken chlorine dioxide very occasionally to combat other issues, the neck pain has never returned.

Chlorine dioxide pretty much wiped out any feeling of tiredness while i was taking it on a regular basis. I'm sure that several other benefits were a direct result of that, such as my attitude being better and my new found willingness to say more than two words to people. My ambition to write this and other articles are a direct result of feeling good again. At the time i originally wrote this article I was a hobby software developer who had coded an application that i used almost daily. It had long standing bugs in it and i knew it needed to be rewritten, but for more than a year i had no ambition to do so. Shortly after i started taking chlorine dioxide i dove back into my project with a vengeance and re-wrote the 2500+ lines of code which, for me, was a substantial undertaking.

What was actually causing the tiredness, laziness and lack of ambition? I can't say for sure, but i suspect that my body was using energy to fight something that could have been better spent simply living my life. Getting rid of the tiredness was a huge boost, but that's a relatively minor problem to what you or someone you know may be experiencing.

You do not need to take chlorine dioxide regularly, though you may if you wish. Personally i only use it when i'm feeling very ill, which is rare. Most of the time i turn to high-dose vitamin C because.

Instead of treating symptoms with expensive, dangerous and sometimes deadly chemicals which often have piles of side effects, learn about the chlorine dioxide and treat the problem.

Chlorine dioxide alternatives

I don't wish to pimp chlorine dioxide as though it was the only solution for any given health issue as there are many other alternatives. More recently i started studying vitamin C which, when taken in high doses, is also a powerful anti-pathogen, and by 'high dose', i don't mean a couple of 1000 MG tablets a day, i mean several grams per hour (1000 MG = 1 gram). The synthetic form of vitamin C is ascorbic acid and it works well enough, and it's cheap if you buy it in bulk, though there are other forms that are said to work better. As with chlorine dioxide, or any other non-pharmaceutical alternatives, you must do your own research to confirm safety and protocols.

Where to get chlorine dioxide

Chlorine dioxide is available in several different forms and costs roughly U.S. $30 for a 4 oz. kit, regardless of where you buy it. This is enough to last one person quite a long time if taken at a maintenance dosage. You can purchase it from several different suppliers, but the one i recommend, trust and buy from myself is KVLab - Keavy's Corner, the owner of which is Steve Pardee. I trust both Steve and their product and i particularly like the HDPE bottles they use which eliminate leakage and make measuring out the liquids very easy.

In the interest of full disclosure, the link i provided to KVLab is an affiliate link for which i would receive 10% of your purchase, however i have linked to KVLab for years without any financial incentive before Steve implemented an affiliate program because, again, i like and trust the company and i know chlorine dioxide is effective in treating many health issues.

My 25-ish year update

It is only rarely that i use chlorine dioxide any more so i'm afraid i'm not a great source if you're looking for long term, consistent use results. That said, i am no less confidant in it than i was when i originally wrote this article. The neck pain issue i describe herein has never once returned and i would say that if i were facing a significant health issue such as cancer, etc., chlorine dioxide would very likely be one of the first product i would turn to.

Study resources

25 thoughts on “Chlorine Dioxide: MMS, The Master Mineral Solution”

  1. Jim Humble:
    There is a difference between sodium chlorite, with an ‘i’ and sodium chlorate, with an ‘a’. Which one is used in the MMS? I t seems that some writers are using them interchangeably.

  2. Do you have any pharmacy which sell MMS in Uganda? if yes;direct me where its location is found,if no how can i order if from your company and how long can it take me to receive it in Uganda.

    Do you have MMS for typhoid or malaria only?

    1. for whatever reason, Jim has removed the protocols from the wiki and has published them in a book instead: MMS Health Recovery Guidebook

      i have to say that i’m disappointed by this, but there may be a reason for it that i’m not aware of

      i would suggest buying the book, but if you don’t want to do that, then you can find protocols on the web if you look around

      you didn’t say what kit you bought, but most of them are a 1:1 mix, so for every drop of MMS you would use an equal number of drops of the activator (50/50 citric acid solution) – you put the drops in a non-metallic drinking glass, swish them around to mix, then wait 30 seconds, then fill the glass with water and drink

      how many drops you want to use depends on what you’re trying to cure, but you should start small – the link i gave suggests starting with 1/4 drop which is new to me – i started with about 2 or 3 drops as i recall, then kept increasing the number every couple of hours or so up to about 16 drops as i recall, but the newer protocols call for lower doses more often

      i wouldn’t think that anyone would suffer a reaction to such a low dose as 1/4 or even 1-3 drops, but i personally have almost made the mistake of mixing it incorrectly where i put some drops of MMS in a glass and then, instead of adding the activator, grabbed the MMS bottle by mistake and started to add more MMS :) this of course will not hurt you however

      just remember that MMS is an oxidant and vitamin C is an anti-oxidant, so if you make a mistake like i almost did and have any symptoms of nausea or a loose stool, just take a few grams of vitamin C and it will neutralize the MMS (and yes, i did say GRAMS, not milligrams – there are 1000 milligrams in a gram)

      also i would suggest researching vitamin C as it, all by it self when taken in large quantities, seems to be a very powerful pathogen killer – i plan on writing about it one of these days but i need to do more research

        1. yes, that gets mixed 1:1

          as far as how much and how often, you really need to do your own research – it depends on what problem it is that you’re wanting to solve

          again, i would highly suggest getting the book i linked to earlier – before taking MMS you should know what protocol you want to follow and be very comfortable with the mixing procedure

          personally, i rarely use MMS anymore – it isn’t my preferred ‘go-to’ medicine for a couple of reasons; 1) it tastes absolutely horrible and 2) although it has apparently harmed no one when used even remotely responsibly, i just don’t feel it’s as safe as vitamin C (ascorbic acid is the synthetic form) or silver hydrosol

          the problem with silver is that most of the co-called ‘colloidal silver’ sold is not a silver collide (particle silver) and is therefore not effective when taken internally, at least according to my research which indicates it simply turns to salt as soon as it enters the blood

          that said, if i had something really wrong with me, such as cancer or something like that, i would readily turn to MMS without hesitation

          i’m not suggesting you not take it, but certainly you need to do some research beforehand

            1. it sure wouldn’t hurt to try C – i get mine from Bronson

              as far as dosage, again, it depends what you’re trying to cure so you’ll want to do some research regarding HPV, but i can tell you that you can take a lot of this stuff without any problem according to my research and personal experience (i’ve taken up to about 9 grams a day and could probably take a lot more)

              approaching “bowel saturation” is what some people (including some doctors) recommend – this where you take enough C that you begin to have a slight bit of gas and/or a loose stool

              as for health maintenance, i think somewhere around 2 grams per day seems about right – a gram in the morning and another in the evening

              you could probably start with a gram (1000 mg) several times a day – i think it’s probably better to take a lot of small doses rather than just a few large ones, so you could try 1 gram every hour or so if you wanted, but dig around and see what you can find – here’s a couple things i found just really quickly…

              Natural cure for HPV? (Ascorbic acid) | Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust

              A happy story for all of you fighting HPV

              Vitamin C home-remedie : HPV

            2. if you research high dosage vitamin C, you’ll inevitably run into Andrew Saul and you can learn a lot on his site – here’s one of his lectures…

              Andrew Saul – High Dose Vitamin C Therapy for Major Diseases – YouTube

              i had some joint problems – pain in my left elbow and knee that was pretty much crippling at one point for several days – i had the problem on and off for years and during that time i tried a bunch of different things including calcium supplements (big mistake), glucosamine chondroitin, MMS, silver, cat’s claw bark, turmeric and probably several other things i can’t remember and none of them seemed to have any effect whatsoever … and then i started taking large doses of C – problem solved :)

        1. hi Julia – i’m not sure experimenting lightly would be the best way to go with something that severe – if it were me, i’d be all-in, but that’s because i trust MMS and know that it works, but of course you have to feel comfortable with it and so there’s that

          while MMS would absolutely be at or near the top of my list if i were facing a life threatening problem, there are many other alternatives out there, from baking soda (no joke) to diet and beyond, so feel free to research

          the best of luck and please do post back if there are any developments – i would love to hear 6 months from now that your loved one is doing spectacular

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