The universe is one giant hologram says CIA document

Project Star Gate

"The total number of minds in the Universe is one." -- Erwin Schrödinger, Nobel Prize winning physicist

Following are some excerpts from a document titled ANALYSIS AND ASSESSMENT OF GATEWAY PROCESS on the CIA (Cocaine Import Agency) website, document identifier CIA-RDP96-00788R001700210016-5. The paper attempts to make the case that our universe, including ourselves, are holographic in nature which implies there is no physical matter in the why that we imagine it. The theory is not a new one and it is quite disturbing since it contradicts everything we think we know about ourselves and the universe in which we exist.

The document seems to correlate with both Simulation Theory (the theory that the universe is essentially a computer simulation) and the technique of Remote Viewing (RV) for which it provides much evidence as to why the technique is a practical one.

The study of Remote Viewing in the U.S. dates back to at least the 1970's during which time it was closely studied at the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) in Menlo Park, California, with funding provided by the U.S. intelligence community at large. Later Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) and the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) became involved.

We are told that the study of RV failed to produce significant results and therefore the project was terminated. Personally i find this to be complete horse shit given the stunning accuracy that was demonstrated at SRI by many talented remote viewers and the potential applications of the technique in the intelligence community. One of the key people in the SRI study was Ingo Swann who remote viewed the ring around Jupiter and was laughed at by scientists who were certain no such ring existed. Even Swann himself was skeptical having thought he viewed Saturn by mistake. The existence of the ring around Jupiter was confirmed shortly afterward when a probe photographed it.

Given the massive deviation from the mainstream science we are taught in government schools, even now, i think it's interesting that the document was originally authored 39 years ago in 1983 and declassified 20 years later in 2003. It is part of the CIA's STARGATE collection.

I copied the text from another page on the CIA website where it appears a rather crude form of optical character recognition was used to digitize the physical pages and therefore there were many errors which i attempted to correct by comparing the glaringly obvious ones with the actual copy of the document.


11. Consciousness and Energy. Before our explanation can proceed any further, it is essential to define the mechanism by which the human mind exercises the function known as consciousness, and to describe the way in which that consciousness operates to deduce meaning from the stimuli which it receives. To do this, we will first consider the fundamental character of the material world in which we have our physical existence in order to accurately perceive the raw stuff with which our consciousness must work. The first point which needs to be made is that the two terms, matter and energy tend to be misleading if taken to indicate two distinctly different states of existence in the physical world that we know it. Indeed, if the term matter is taken to mean solid substance as opposed to energy which is understood to mean a force of some sort, then the use of the former is entirely misleading. Science now knows that both the electrons_which spin in the energy field located around the nucleus of the atom and the nucleus itself are made up of nothing more than oscillating energy grids. Solid matter, in the strict construction of the term, simply does not exist. Rather, atomic structure is composed of oscillating energy grids surrounded by other oscillating energy grids which orbit at extraordinarily high speeds. In his book, Stalking the Wild Pendulum, Itzhak Bentov gives the following figures. The energy grid which composes the nucleus of the atom vibrates at approximately 1022 Hertz(which means 10 followed by 22 zeros). At 70 degrees Fahrenheit an atom oscillates at the rate of 1015 Hertz. An entire molecule, composed of a number of atoms bound together in a single energy field vibrates in the range of 109 Hertz. A live human cell vibrates at approximately 103 Hertz. The point to be made is that the entire human being, brain, consciousness and all is, like the universe which surrounds him, nothing more or less than an extraordinarily complex system of energy fields. The so called states of matter are actually variances in the state of energy, and human consciousness is a function of the interaction of energy in two opposite states(motion vs rest) in a manner described in the following paragraph.

14. The Consciousness Matrix. The universe is composed of interacting energy fields, some at rest and some in motion. It is, in and of itself, one gigantic hologram of unbelievable complexity. According to the theories of Karl Pribram, a neuroscientist at Stanford University and David Bohm, a physicist at the University of London, the human mind is also a hologram which attunes itself to the universal hologram by the medium of energy exchange thereby deducing meaning and achieving the state which we call consciousness. With respect to states of expanded or altered consciousness such as Gateway uses, the process operates in the following way. As energy passes through various aspects of the universal hologram and is perceived by the electrostatic fields which comprise the human mind, the holographic images being conveyed are projected upon those electrostatic fields of the mind and are perceived or understood to the extent that the electrostatic field is operating at a frequency and amplitude that can harmonize with and therefore "read" the energy carrier wave pattern passing through it. Changes in the frequency and amplitude of the electrostatic field which comprises the human mind determines the configuration and hence the character of the holographic energy matrix which the mind projects to intercept meaning directly from the holographic transmissions of the universe. Then, to make sense of what the holographic image is "saying" to it, the mind proceeds to compare the image just received with itself. Specifically, it does this by comparing the image received with that part of its own hologram which constitutes memory. By registering differences in geometric form and in energy frequency, the consciousness perceives(see Exhibit 2, next page). As psychologist Keith Floyd puts it:

"Contrary to what everyone knows is so, it may not be the brain that produces consciousness--but rather, consciousness that creates the appearance of the brain..."

15. Brain in phase: The consciousness process is most easily envisaged if we picture the holographic input with a three dimensional grid system superimposed over it such that all of the energy patterns contained within can be described in terms of three dimensional geometry using mathmatics to reduce the data to two dimensional form. Bentov states that scientists suspect that the human mind operates on a simple binary "go/no go" system as do all digital computers. Therefore, once it superimposes a three dimensional matrix over holographic information it wishes to interpret and reduces that information mathmatically to two dimensional form, it can completely process it using its fundamental binary system just as any computer made by the hand of man can process volumes of data and make various comparisons between the data and information stored in its digital memory. Our minds operate in the same way, perceiving by comparison only. Bentov states the proposition this way: "Our whole reality is constructed by constantly making such comparisons .... Whenever we perceive something, we always perceive differences only." In states of expanded consciousness, the right hemisphere of the human brain in its holistic, nonlinear and nonverbal mode of functioning acts as the primary matrix or receptor for this holographic input while, by operating in phase or coherence with the right brain, the left hemisphere provides the secondary matrix through its binary, computer-like method of functioning to screen further the data by comparison and reduce it to a discreet, two dimensional form.


18. Time-Space Dimension. Up to this point our discussion of the Gateway process has been relatively simple and easy to follow. Now the fun begins. Gateway involves more than just perception of those aspects of the universal hologram which can be accessed in the dimension of space-time as we know it. To explain how and why human consciousness can be brought to transcend the limitations of time-space is the next task which must be addressed. To do this we must first appreciate what time and space are in order to understand how the dimension they constitute can be transcended. Physicists define time as a measurement of energy or force in motion. In other words, it is a measurement of change. However, in order for energy to be in motion it must first be limited in some way within the confines of some sort of vibratory pattern so that its confinement gives it the capacity for being contained at a specific location which is distinguishable from other locations (space). Energy which is not confined is force without limit, without dimension, without the limits of form. It is infinity, cannot move because there is nothing beyond infinity, and is therefore outside the dimension of time. It is also beyond space because that concept implies that a specific energy form is limited to a specific location, and is absent from all other locations. But if energy is in the state of infinity, there are no boundaries, no "here" to differentiate from "there", no sense of area. Energy in infinity means energy uniformly extend without limit. It has no beginning, no end, no location. It is conscious force, the fundamental, primal power of existence without form, a state of infinite being. Energy in infinity is said to be completely at rest and, therefore, cannot generate holograms so long as it remains utterly inactive. It retains inherent capacity for consciousness in that it can receive and passively perceive holograms generated by generated by energy in motion out in the various dimensions which make up the created universe but it cannot be perceived by consciousness operating in the active universe. Energy in this state of inactive infinity is termed by physicists as energy in its absolute state, or simply "the Absolute." Between the Absolute and the "material" universe in which we experience our physical existence are various intervening dimensions to which human consciousness in altered states of being may gain access. Theoretically, human consciousness may continue to expand the horizons of its perceptual capability until it reaches the dimension of the Absolute at which point perception stops because the Absolute generates no holograms of or about itself.

19. Intervening dimensions. Since the Absolute is conscious energy in infinity (i.e. without boundaries), it occupies every dimension to include the time-space dimension in which we have our physical existence but we cannot perceive it. It overlays everything as do many of the intervening gradients or dimensions through which the energies of the universe pass on their way to and from their home in the state of infinity (the Absolute). To enter these intervening dimensions, human consciousness must focus with with such intense coherence that the frequency of the energy pattern which comprises that consciousness (i.e. the brainwave output) can accelerate to the point where the resulting frequency pattern, if displayed on an oscilloscope, would look virtually like a solid line. Achievement of this state of altered consciousness sets the stage for perception of non-time-space dimensions because of the operation of a principle in physics known as Planck's Distance. This is an aspect of quantum mechanics which applies to the fact that any oscillating frequency(such as a brainwave) reaches two points of complete rest which constitute the boundaries of each individual oscillation(i.e. movement up or down). Without these points of rest, an oscillating wave pattern would be impossible since the points of rest are required to permit the energy to change direction and thus continue vibrating between rigid limits. But it is also true that when, for an infinitesimally brief instant, that energy reaches one of its two points of rest it "clicks out" of time-space and joins infinity(see Exhibit 3, next page). That critical step out of time-space occurs when the speed of the oscillation drops below 10-33 centimeters per second(Planck's Distance). To use the words of Bentov: "...quantum mechanics tell us that when distances go below Planck's Distance, which is 10-33 CM, we enter, in effect, a new world." To return to our case in point, the human consciousness wave pattern reaches such high frequency that the pattern of "clickouts" comes so close together that there is virtual continuity in it. Then, a portion of that consciousness is actually postulated to establish and maintain its information collection function in those dimensions located between time-space and the Absolute. Thus, as the almost continuous "clickout" pattern establishes itself in continuous phase at speeds below Planck's Distance but before reaching the state of total rest, human consciousness passes through the looking glass of time_-space after the fashion of Alice beginning her journey into wonderland. The Gateway experience, with its associated Hemi-Sync technique, is apparently designed, if used systematically and patiently, to enable human consciousness to establish a coherent pattern of perception in those dimensions where speeds below Planck's distance apply. This holds true irrespective of whether the individual is exercising his consciousness while in his physical body or whether he is doing so after having separated that consciousness from the physical body(i.e. the so called out-of-body state mentioned earlier).

20. Subatomic Particles. The behavior of subatomic particles provides an interesting example of the phenomenon of "clicking out" discussed in the preceding paragraphs. In an article prepared for Science Digest magazine, Dr. John Gliedman mentions the way in which subatomic particles communicate with each other once their energy fields become entrained as a result of colliding with each other. The communication concerned is, of course, postulated to be occurring during the "click out phase" in the oscillation of the energy fields comprising the subatomic particles concerned. It is this cause which accounts for the cross-communication at what in terms of time-space velocities, would seem to involve speeds in excess of light. In reality Einstein's Theory of Relativity is not being invalidated but, rather, the communication concerned is taking place outside the dimension of time-space to which the Theory of Relativity is strictly confined. Specifically, Dr. Gleidman tells us: "Quantum theory postulates a kind of long range Siamese twin effect whenever two subatomic particles collide and then go their different ways. Even when the particles are halfway across the universe from each other, it says, they instantaneously respond to each other's actions. And in so doing, they violate relativity's ban on faster than light velocities." Indeed, regarding attempts to quantify what is known about the behavior of energy in dimensions apparently outside of time-space, Bentov speaks about, "...courageous physicists who are working on hypothetical particles, called 'tachyons,' which can move at speeds higher than light. The speed of tachyons starts just above the speed of light and ranges all the way to infinite velocities."


22. Special Status, Out-of-Body Experience. Although human consciousness can, with enough practice, move beyond the dimension of time-space and interface with other energy systems in other dimensions, the entire process is appreciably enhanced if that consciousness can be detached in large measure from the physical body before such interface is attempted. Once an individual becomes proficient in the technique of out-of-body movement and then reaches the point where he is able to break out of time-space while out of his body, he gains the advantage of "clicking out" part of his enhanced consciousness while starting from a base located much closer to the dimensions with which he wishes to communicate. In other words, since he is starting from a point much "higher up", to use an analogy from the time-space context, that part of his consciousness involved in "clicking out" will have that much more time to interact in dimensions beyond time-space because less time is required to traverse the intervening layers. Moreover, once the individual is able to project his consciousness beyond time-space, that consciousness would logically tend to entrain its frequency output with the new energy environment to which it is exposed, therein greatly enhancing the extent to which the individual's altered consciousness may be further modified to achieve a much heightened point of focus and a much refined oscillating pattern. As a result, a self-reinforcing process should ensue whereby the farther consciousness in the out-of-body state can be projected beyond the time-space dimension, the more its level of energy output would be enhanced, thus promoting the potential for still further travel. The tentative conclusion to be drawn is that the out-of-body state may be regarded as an extremely effective way of accelerating the process of enhancing consciousness and of interfacing with dimensions beyond time-space. If the practitioner of the Gateway technique has a choice of concentrating on achieving and exploiting the out-of-body experience as opposed to concentrating his full efforts on expanding his consciousness exclusively from a physical base, the former would appear to promise much faster and more impressive successes than does the latter.


25. Our Place in Time. The observed distribution of galaxies suggests that our particular universe is located near the top of the egg at the point where matter begins to fall back on itself, thus explaining the reason why the galaxies to the north are seen to be moving away more rapidly as they are caught up in the downturn of the stream of matter towards the far end of the cosmic egg(see Exhibit 5, next page). Layered over this cosmic egg is the Absolute which sustains the radiating nucleus from which the original jet of matter issued forth. As the stream of matter moves around the ovoid towards its destination at the black hole where it will be reabsorbed into the radiating nucleus and then the Absolute, it generates the interference pattern within the cosmic egg which constitutes the universal hologram or Torus. Since the Torus is being simultaneously generated by matter in all the various phases of "time", it reflects the development of the universe in the past, present and future(as it would be seen from our particular perspective in one phase of time). By reflecting on this model, it becomes possible to "see" how human consciousness brought to a sufficiently altered(focused) state could obtain information concerning the past, present an future since they all exist in the universal hologram simultaneously(In the case of the future because all of the consequences of the past and present can be seen coming together in the hologram such that the future can be predicted or "seen" with total accuracy). Moreover, it is possible to see how the implosion of energy patterns would cross and recross to create an incredibly complex four dimensional hologram or Torus, in spiral shape in reflection of the multi-dimensional developing pattern of evolution. All of the movements of the energies which comprise the universe leave their mark and hence tell their story throughout time.

26. Quality of Consciousness. We noted earlier that the out-of-body state involves projection of a major portion of the energy pattern that represents human consciousness so that it may move either freely throughout the terrestrial sphere for purposes of information acquisition or into other dimensions outside of time-space, perhaps to interact with other forms of consciousness within the universe. Consciousness is the organizing and sustaining principle that provides the impetus and guidance to bring and keep energy in motion within a given set of parameters so that a specific reality will result. When consciousness reaches a state of sophistication in which it can perceive itself(its own hologram) it reaches the point of self cognition. Human beings have this form of elevated consciousness as does the Absolute but in case of the latter, it is a function of energy and its associated quality of consciousness in infinity(omniscience and omnipotence in perceptual unity). When energy returns to a state of total rest within the Absolute, it returns to the continuum of consciousness in the pool of limitless, timeless perception that resides there. Thus, the more complex an energy system in the "material" state, the more consciousness it possesses to maintain its reality. Our consciousness, therefore, is that differentiated aspect of the universal consciousness which resides within the Absolute. It accounts for the organization of the energy patterns which constitute our physical body but is distinctly separate from and superior to it. Since consciousness exists quite apart from and outside of reality, beyond the bounds of time-space, it, like the Absolute, has neither beginning nor end. Reality has both a beginning and an end because it is bounded within time-space, but the fundamental quantum of energy and its associated consciousness is eternal. When reality ends, its constituent energy simply returns to infinity in the Absolute.

27. Consciousness in Perspective. Having ascertained that human consciousness is able to separate from physical reality and interact with other intelligences in other dimensions within the universe, and that it is both eternal and destined for ultimate return to the Absolute we are faced with the question: "So what happens then?" Since memory is a function of consciousness and therefore enjoys the same eternal character as the consciousness which accounts for its existence it must be admitted that when consciousness returns to the Absolute it brings with it all the memories it has accumulated through experience in reality. The return of consciousness to the Absolute does not imply an extinction of the separate entity which the consciousness organized and sustained in reality. Rather, it suggests a differentiated consciousness which merges with and participates in the universal consciousness and infinity of the Absolute without losing the separate identity and accumulated self-knowledge which its memories confer upon it. What it does lose is the capability for generation of independent thought holograms, since that can be done only by energy in motion. In other words, it retains the power to perceive but loses the power of will or choice. In exchange, however, this consciousness participates in the all-knowing infinite continuum of consciousness which is a characteristic of energy in the ever present. Consequently, it is accurate to observe that when a person experiences the out-of- body state he is, in fact, projecting that eternal spark of consciousness and memory which constitutes the ultimate source of his identity to let it play in and learn from dimensions both inside and outside the time-space world in which his physical component currently enjoys a short period of reality.


B. Patterning. This technique involves use of the consciousness to achieve desired objectives in the physical, emotional, or intellectual sphere. It involves concentration on the desired objective while in a Focus 12 state, extension of the individual's perception of that objective into the whole expanded consciousness, and its projection into the universe with the intention that the desired objective is already a matter of established achievement which is destined to be realized within the time frame specified. This particular methodology is based on the belief that the thought patterns generated by our consciousness in a state of expanded awareness create holograms which represent the situation we desire to bring about and, in so doing, establish the basis for actual realization of that goal. Once the thought-generated hologram of the sought after objective is established in the universe it becomes an aspect of reality which interacts with the universal hologram to bring about the desired objective which might not, under other circumstances, ever occur. In other words, the technique of patterning recognizes the fact that since consciousness is the source of all reality, our thoughts have the power to influence the development of reality in time-space as it applies to us if those thoughts can be projected with adequate intensity. However, the more complicated the objective sought and the more radically it departs from our current reality, the more time the universal hologram will need to reorient our reality sphere to accommodate our desires. Monroe trainers caution against attempting to force the pace of this process because the individual could succeed in dislocating his existing reality with drastic consequences.


E. Remote Viewing. In addition, the energy bar tool is used as a portal for initiating a follow-on technique called "remote viewing." In this context, the participant turns his bar of energy into a whirling vortex through which he sends his imagination in search of new and illuminating insights. The apparent purpose of the symbolism involved in the vortex seems to be to cue the subconscious and convey to it instructions as to what the participant wishes to do but in terms of nonverbal symbols which the right hemisphere of the mind is capable of understanding.


G. Focus 15: Travel into the Past. All of the preceding techniques are conducted at the level of expanded awareness known as Focus 12. However, the technique of time travel into the past involves further expansion of consciousness through the inclusion of additional levels of sound on the Hemi-Sync tapes. Some of the sound is probably merely an intensification of the basic Hemi-Sync frequencies, being designed to further modify brainwave frequency and amplitude. Other aspects of the added sound patterns appear to be designed to provide subtle, almost subliminal suggestions to the mind as to what is desired by way of further expanded consciousness so as to support the verbal suggestions and instructions also contained on the tape. Even the instructions are highly symbolic, with time being visualized as a huge wheel in the universe with various spokes each of which gives access to a different part of the participant's past. Focus 15 is a very advanced state and is extremely difficult to achieve. Probably less than five percent of all participants in any given Gateway Experience actually fully achieve the Focus 15 state during the course of the approximately seven days of training. Nonetheless, Monroe Institute trainers affirm that with enough practice, eventually Focus 15 can be achieved. They also state that not only the individual's past history is available for examination by one who has achieved Focus 15 but other aspects of the past with which the individual himself has had no connection may also be accessed.

H. Focus 21: The Future. The last and most advanced of all the Focus states associated with the Gateway training program involves movement outside of the boundaries of time-space as in Focus 15 but with attention to discovering the future rather than the past. The individual who has achieved this state has reached a truly advanced level. Except in unusual circumstances, it is probably not attainable except by those who have conditioned themselves through long application of meditation or by those who have practiced long and hard through use of the Hemi-Sync tapes for a period of months if not years.


37. Motivational Aspect. It is a step by step procedure which involves repetitive practice of the techniques concerned, using each new insight as a means of penetrating farther during the next practice session. But the rate of progress is so much faster with the Gateway approach than it is with transcendental meditation or other forms of mental self-discipline and its horizons seem to be so much wider that the discipline needed to practice it would seem to be within the means of even the impatient, result oriented, skeptical pragmatist of our society. Unlike yoga and other forms of eastern mental discipline, Gateway does not require the infinite patience and total personal subservience to and faith in a system of discipline designed to absorb all the individual's energies over most of a lifetime. Rather, it will begin to produce at least minimal results within a relatively short time such that enough feedback is available to motivate and energize the individual to continue working with it. Indeed, the speed with which an individual may expect to progress seems less a function of the number of hours spent practicing than it is a question of the speed with which he or she is able to use the insights gained to release anxieties and stresses within both the mind and the body. These points of energy blockage seem to provide the principal barriers to achieving the enhanced energy states and focus of mind needed for rapid progression. The more compulsive, the more "uptight" the individual may be at the outset the more barriers he or she will initially encounter to achieving a deep or immediate experience, but as the insights begin to come and the blockages begin to dissolve, the way ahead becomes increasingly clear and the value of Gateway moves from the status of a matter of intellectual assessment to one of personal experience.

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