Exposed: The Guardian, The Intercept and Greenwald

The Guardian, originally known as The Manchester Guardian, began as a British publication in 1821. Today it's funded by, or has received funding from, a laundry list of "think tanks" and foundations such as the Skoll Foundation, founded by Canadian-born Jewish billionaire and eBay co-founder, Jeff Skoll, the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, the Ford Foundation, which funds the Marxist-terrorist organization Black Lives Matter, the Rockefeller Foundation and, yes, the ever present Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, as well as retarded billionaire assholes such as Pierre Omidyar, the founder of eBay. In 2019 The Guardian was featured in a video on The Corbett Report website titled Episode 329 – The First Annual REAL Fake News Awards where it was crowned king.

In 2013 The Guardian and its 'woke' columnist at the time, Glenn Greenwald, a far-left Jewish gay man who, along with his "husband", adopted two kids, was one of the several recipients of the avalanche of documents provided by former NSA contractor and Booz Allen Hamilton employee, Edward Snowden. The documents would later come under the control of the newly founded Intercept, co-founded by Greenwald and heavily financed by Omidyar. The Intercept was marketed as a fresh, anti-establishment, pro-press freedom, digital media outlet that would cut through the crap. It failed spectacularly.

In March of 2019, The Intercept, the bastion of ethical journalism it is, scrapped the Snowden archive project, along with their research team. The employees were canned and the documents destroyed after the digital paper exposed to the public only a thin sliver of the whole of the documents. During a phone call with Greenwald, Laura Poitras, another co-founder of The Intercept and producer of the documentary Citizenfour, expressed her disappointment regarding the shuttering of the research department:

On Tuesday March 12, on a phone call with Glenn and the CFO, I am told that Glenn and Betsy had decided to shut down the archive because it was no longer of value to The Intercept. This is the first time I am heard about the decision. On the call, Glenn says we should not make this decision public because it would look bad for him and The Intercept. I objected to the decision. I am confident the decision to shut the archive was made to pave to fire/eliminate the research team.

Source: Why The Intercept Really Closed the Snowden Archive

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