FBI releases pix from camera of ‘Dancing Israeli’s’

The Dancing Israeli's - 11-Sep-2001 - FBI (5)

On the morning of 11 September, 2001, five Israeli nationals traveling through New York City in a company van were arrested in connection with the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center towers. According to police, traces of explosives were detected in the van and the men were detained and questioned for 72 days before being deported to Israel without having been charged with a crime.

Prior to their arrest the Israeli’s were seen by witnesses photographing and celebrating the destruction of the twin towers from multiple vantage points including a parking lot at Doric Towers and the roof of Urban Moving Systems, the company for which some or all of them worked. One of the men would later state during a T.V. interview in Israel that their stated purpose was “to document the event”. According to some witnesses the men or their van was seen in position at 8:00 AM eastern time, prior to the first plane striking the north tower which leads one to question how they knew there was going to be an event to document.

Urban Moving Systems appears to have been a Mossad front company. Within four days after the attack owner Dominik Suter fled to Israel thus avoiding a confrontation with the FBI who apparently visited the company only to discover that the building had been abandoned. It appears little or no cleanup effort was made prior to the sudden closure as there were multiple computers and furniture left behind. There is an Urban Moving Systems company currently operating at the same address, 3 W 18th St., Weehawken, NJ, however it is unknown whether this is the same company.

Of the five Israeli’s who were detained by police, at least two were found to have Mossad connections and all of them had plane tickets for immediate departure to various foreign countries. One of the men had several thousand dollars stuffed in his sock. The men were all in their twenties. The five Israeli men were among approximately 200 other Israeli’s arrested after the 11 September attack as part of a massive Israeli spy ring operating in the U.S., most of which were apparently deported.

The so-called ‘Dancing Israeli’s apparently captured 76 images that day, including several of themselves celebrating the destruction of the towers. At least one of the men was photographed holding up a cigarette lighter against the backdrop of the burning towers. One eyewitness, a woman named Maria who saw the men from her apartment window, stated that they appeared to be celebrating, that “they were like happy” and that “they didn’t look shocked to me”.

Following are a few heavily redacted and cropped photocopies of the 76 photographs released by the FBI as a result of a FOIA request. A more complete story is available at 21st Century Wire.

Interestingly, the file name of the last photograph is file://H:\Twin Towers Bombing[REDACTED]photo\photo5.jpg.

Ryan Dawson of ANC Report has apparently identified the men in the photograph below. From left to right they are, Oded Ellner, Yaron Shmuel, Paul Kurzberg and his brother, Sivan Kurzberg. Brothers Paul and Sivan were apparently known Mossad agents at the time of their arrest and the others are suspected of having connections to the Mossad.

The Dancing Israeli's - 11-Sep-2001 - FBI (7)

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