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Exposed: Bill Ryan and Project Avalon

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The Mafia

There exists a Sicilian Mafia. There exists a Russian mafia. Speaking of these criminal organizations does not implicate the Italian or Russian people as a whole. Similarly, there are also Jewish criminal organizations and, as with any other organized criminal network, when i speak of the Jewish-Zionist criminal cabal, aka the Khazarian Mafia, i am not implicating the Jewish people as a whole any more than i would be implicating all Italians when speaking of the Sicilian Mafia.

While one can openly criticize the Sicilian or Russian mafias, despite the fact that many key members were Jews (Meyer Lansky, Jack Ruby, Hymie Weiss, Bugsy Siegel, Semion Mogilevich, Monya Elson, Marat Balagula, Vyacheslav Ivankov, Vladimir Ginsberg, Ludwig Fainberg, etc.), exposing the names and activities of the Jewish-Zionist criminal cabal is a very slippery slope laden with land mines. While using the words "Italian" or "Russian" to describe the criminal activities of a subset of Italians or Russians is acceptable, one must be extraordinarily cautious when using the words "Jew", "Jewish" or "Zionist" when associating a subset of Jewry with similar activities. Even when one chooses their words with the utmost care, there remains a very real risk of being targeted by powerful, pro-Jewish, pro-Zionist organizations, such as the Anti-Defamation League, the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee, the mainstream media and the U.S. government, any of which are eager to label anyone critical of Jewry, Israel or Zionism as being Jew-hating, Nazi-loving anti-Semites, unless it is a Jew doing the criticizing in which case they are subject to being labeled a "self-hating Jew".

The pressure applied by international Jewry upon the governments of many countries has resulted in legislation which has placed limits upon free speech. Once one is introduced to Jewish history and Zionist ideology, it becomes crystal clear why free speech is one of the most significant threats to the Jewish-Zionist criminal cabal who, in direct violation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, lobbies to suppress free speech under the guise of combating "hate speech". Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states:

Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.

I will close this section with the following quote from Kevin Alfred Strom (often incorrectly attributed to Voltaire):

To determine the true rulers of any society, all you must do is ask yourself this question: Who is it that I am not permitted to criticize?

The Forum

Project Avalon is a website run by Bill Ryan, the core of which is the Project Avalon Forum where a wide variety of topics are discussed, many related to the social and political problems we face today. Membership is restricted and involves submitting a lengthy application which asks for personally identifying information. This application is then reviewed by the moderator team and, i assume, Bill himself.

I once had a great deal of respect for Bill Ryan. He was a core member and, as i recall, co-founder of Project Camelot along with Kerry Cassidy, though they would later part ways. Project Camelot is rather well known among the alternative information and conspiracy research communities for its large collection of video interviews with various whistleblowers, many of which are highly interesting and provocative. The interviewees consist of wide array of people alleging to be extraterrestrial contactees, whistleblowers, those having connections to deep underground military bases (DUMBs), spiritual healers, intuitives, remote viewers, ex-government contractors, Illuminati insiders and many more. The list of names is long and includes Steven Greer, Bob Dean, Jordan Maxwell, David Wilcock, Pete Peterson and Jim Humble. While the credibility of some of these people cannot be questioned, it is not so clear in other cases and Kerry will often readily admit this, thus leaving the viewer to decide for themselves. Much to their credit, Project Camelot has never retracted an interview unless forced to do so, so far as i am aware.

Project Camelot was instrumental in the earlier years of my research into a variety of subjects, the study of which eventually resulted in an awakening of sorts or, more accurately, a radical transformation of my entire world view. From my perspective, Kerry represents the spiritual side of Camelot while Bill seemed to be more of an open-minded science-based guy. He seems to have gravitated more toward the spiritual end of the spectrum at some point, which i think is fine, except that he apparently left behind some basic principles of science and logic in the process, as we shall soon discover.

Together Bill and Kerry made a brilliant team in my opinion. They were able to extract more information from a witness than either could have done alone. I didn't know if there was a romantic element, but i thought they would have made a great couple; Kerry, the intuitive shamanic type who just might bare her teeth if provoked, and Bill, the rough, outdoorsy mountain climber and quintessential gentleman. Behind the scenes however, a tension brewed that would eventually result in their parting of ways. I was quite saddened when i learned of the split and, as i'm sure many others had, i wondered whether Camelot would survive the loss of Bill.

At some point Bill Ryan created the Project Avalon Forum where he began to take a somewhat different direction than the Project Camelot platform. In the latter part of May, 2015, i decided to submit an application to join the forum and, after the obligatory and somewhat invasive approval process, i was quite pleased to have been accepted. Two days later i terminated my membership, thus my stay at Avalon was possibly one of the shortest in the forums' history.

The Event

My demise at the Project Avalon Forum began in a thread which was started by Paul, apparently a senior forum moderator, which he titled 'The Protocols of the Elders of Zion' -- and a call for a more benevolent leadership. Paul's post referred to a paper written by Miles Mathis, The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. I thought it was an interesting post but Mathis' paper raised a few flags in my mind and so i wrote a reply to Paul's post (quoted at the end of this page) which pointed a finger at the Jewish-Zionist criminal cabal. I made it very clear, as i had done in an earlier post, that i was not targeting Jews in general:

were it just a history thing, i wouldn't care, but the history given to us by the victors of WW2 and the Jewish criminal cabal (and i am not saying Jews in general) has had, and continues to have an unbelievable (literally) impact upon our lives [...]

Because of my perceived quality of the forum, as well as the subjects covered, i had assumed that a), many Avalon members were probably aware of the enormous political and social influence wielded by international Jewry who, though they consist of only a tiny minority of Jews, occupy a significant portion of what many currently refer to as "the 1%", and b), that an Avalon moderator was likely of a higher caliber than other forum moderators in general and would thus be more likely to be fair and open minded. After all, topics in the forum include all sorts of conspiracy theories, chemtrails, eugenics, population control, mind control, the secret space program, etc..

My assumptions were grossly inaccurate.

My post prompted an immediate backlash from Paul who split the original thread, removing my post and isolating it in a new thread which was not available to the public (it is reproduced below) where he then proceeded to subject me to a verbal water-boarding. In addition, Paul sent me a rather ominous private message stating that i was probably not a good fit for the forum. While it was readily apparent that something very strange had just happened, i didn't understand why. Was Paul offended by my post because he may be Jewish? Or perhaps, like so many of us, he bought into the Jewish-Zionist-allied post World War II programming that we have been subjected to for nearly eight decades. Whatever the case, i was stunned and wrote a lengthy rebuttal (also quoted below) to Paul's nonsensical and baseless accusations in which he essentially pasted the infamous anti-Semite sticky-note square upon my forehead after twisting my words in a childish attempt to make it stick better. Considering the writing i have done regarding Germany's role in World War II, Hitler, and the holocaust, other than a minuscule number of one-liner hate mails, virtually all of the feedback regarding my work has been either neutral or positive, making Paul's attack the first real accusation of anti-Semitism that has ever been leveled against me. I suppose i've been christened. Paul's answer to my lengthy rebuttal was to ignore every question, point and plea i had made:

Your abilities to rationalize your actions, and to misinterpret my warnings, are both considerable.

This is unfortunate.

Paul's non-answer answer immediately reminded me of this quote:

“Care must be taken not to give a platform for deniers… or seek to disprove the deniers’ position through normal historical debate and rational argument" — Guidelines for Teaching about the Holocaust at the Stockholm International Forum, 2000

The Infiltration

So at this point it was pretty clear there was going to be a rift between Paul and myself and thus i started to question whether i wanted to remain a member of the Avalon community. Before reaching a decision however, i decided to write the following private message to Sierra, another moderator, who i had picked at random since, other than Bill (and i didn't see the need to bother him), i knew none of the other moderators:

do i fit here at avalon?

so i'm "the new guy" and already i have managed to get myself in some "hot water" it appears

my purpose in messaging you is to ask that you direct the other moderators to this thread which explains the situation:

i am NOT asking anyone to back me - my statement speaks for itself - what i would appreciate is knowing whether you folks think i fit in with this community, nothing more

is the subject matter which i addressed too controversial for this forum? i guess that is the decision i am asking you folks to make

thank you

Sierra's reply came a short time later. It was one of Impending Doom:

The moderator's have seen your thread (it has been reported) and no I don't think you fit. If you had replaced every single occurrence of the word "Jew" with "Zionist" you might have gained better traction in this moderated community, not to mention greater service to Truth.

Some of the very highest, and best people on Avalon are Jewish. We don't encourage the ancient and tiresome Blame the Jews Game.

We don't like the blame game period. Blame breeds hatred. Blame is the classic Illuminati tactic along with fear, to generate war, pain, suffering, and death. Blame is a complete (that's the entire point) waste of time. If you are busy dealing out blame, you are not working on your own spiritual evolution, now are you?

Regards, Sierra

Ah, so it's word games we must play; substitute "Jew" with "Zionist" since many people probably don't know what Zionism is, and point the finger at the illusive Illuminati, whoever they are, rather than the real criminals right under our noses who can be identified by name and who are negatively impacting our everyday lives and wallets, such as the international Bankers and their affiliates who are at the very center of the Jewish-Zionist criminal cabal. Unfortunately, pointing out the obvious, is obviously not always allowed regarding certain topics at Avalon since the Jewish community there is tired of the "tiresome Blame the Jews Game". I get it! Unfortunately i 'got it' a little too late. The writing was on the wall and, had i not asked to have my forum account terminated, there was no doubt it would only be a matter of time.

More importantly, i now had an answer as to why Paul attacked both myself and my post; the Project Avalon Forum is staffed, at least in part, by Jews who don't like people criticizing the element of Jewry who is partially, and perhaps largely, responsible for many of the social, political and financial problems we, including many Jews, face today. Bill Ryan was apparently fine with Paul's post because he later 'thanked' him for it.

One of the primary purposes of Project Avalon, allegedly, is to discuss solutions to some of the biggest problems facing the world today. These problems obviously include politics, finance and the media, all of which are all heavily influenced by Jewish-Zionist interests. Who would be in a better position to deflect attention away from the cabal than those who are sympathetic to Zionist ideology? This is precisely what Sierra attempted to do when she/he made a laughable effort to shift the blame for war, pain, suffering and death upon the "Illuminati". This tactic of redirecting blame toward invisible foes is also used by people such as Alex "Bullhorn" Jones and other key players in the so-called "alternative media" (and i am certainly not demonizing alternative media as a whole since it is clearly the only outlet for the truth in many cases). When Alex, who is either accidentally or willfully ignorant of historical fact, and i am quite certain it is the latter, is not busy demonizing Hitler and those "evil Nazis" for disarming the German population and putting fluoride in the public water supply to make them docile, or for slaughtering six million Jews, he's fingering the next best target; the ever-illusive Illuminati, a super-secret society that is often accused of running the world and which seems to morph into whatever demon best fits ones cause at any given moment. The issue i have with the Illuminati and secret societies in general is not one of their existence or influence, both of which are unquestionable. The problem is that the people who target these groups often neglect to separate fact from fiction and provide names, like Henry Kissinger and Klaus Schwab for example, the latter being the founder of the World Economic Forum, a tangible entity whose writings are published on the web.

There's something else of importance here that i failed to point out in the Avalon forum thread; Paul's original post was about a paper by Miles Mathis who Paul sees as "one of the best original thinkers of our time". The title of the paper is The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion and it was published in April, 2015. In it, Mathis attempts to make the case that the incriminating protocols were not authored by Jews at all, but rather by aristocrats, thereby absolving the Jewish elite of the dirty deed. Given what has already been revealed, i find that quite interesting. We have a forum where "Some of the very highest, and best people on Avalon are Jewish" in which a moderator who, at a minimum, is very protective of Jewry, is eager to shift the responsibility for authoring the protocols -- a document which has been a constant thorn in the side of Jewry since it was exposed -- to non-Jews. The irony is that the authenticity and author of the document are of no consequence because anyone who reads it with even a mediocre understanding of Jewish-Zionist influence, behavior and an understanding of what is happening in the world around them, will immediately realize that the protocols are disturbingly accurate. As far being "one of the best original thinkers of our time", consider Mathis' other writings:

4/17/15, Stephen Hawking died and has been replaced. I show lots of photographic evidence that Hawking died in 1985 and has been played by an impostor since then.

4/3/15, The Boston Marathon Bombing Trial. I show you that the trial, like the event itself, is fake. Included is a brief analysis of the Gabby Giffords shooting, which is related.

2/25/15, The Patty Hearst Kidnapping was Fake. Also related commentary on Clint Eastwood and Dirty Harry.

11/2/14, The O. J. Simpson Trial was Faked, and so were the murders. Lots of photographic and legal evidence.

8/26/14, The Zodiac Murders were Faked. And so were the Houston and Cottingham murders.

8/3/14, Proof John Lennon's Death was Faked. Also includes a short analysis of Michael Jackson's alleged death.

6/29/14, The Tate Murders were Faked. That's right. Manson is another creation of the MATRIX. Over 80 pages of photographic evidence.

6/19/14, The Bikini Atoll Nuclear Tests Were Faked. Easy photographic evidence.

1/6/13, The Alleged Sandy Hook Tragedy. Another staged event.

His titles read like covers of The Enquirer. While i will be the first to admit that many things are not at all what they seem, and that i have only skimmed through a few of his papers and have not checked into his background, i suspect his articles are intended to act as distractions and/or disinformation, just like The Enquirer, the Illuminati and, now, "the aristocrats". It looks to me as though Miles Mathis, in Alex Jones fashion, is yet another attention grabbing, fear-mongering windbag.

I think Bill Ryan and the members of Project Avalon have some important information to share, however it is blatantly obvious that there are limits on what information is allowable.

The Orbs

Perhaps my debunking of Bill's "Orbs" thread didn't exactly win me any friends either, but i'm the kind of man who doesn't hesitate to expose faults when i find them, nor do i care in the least where the chips may fall. Note that it is not Bill Ryan that i am singling out here, though admittedly i am casting a bit more light upon him since he is the Big Kahuna at Project Avalon and apparently has a background in math and science.

Bill's 'orbs' thread was 12 pages long when i last checked and full of... orbers? Orbers are also found all over the interwebs. Here i must clearly state that in no way, shape, or form am i positing that the provable explanation i provide here for a particular type of orb explains every photograph of an orb, however there is no doubt in my mind that it does indeed explain many of those found on the web and certainly the photographs provided Bill Ryan. Also i am not claiming to be the first to debunk this particular type of phenomenon as many others have already done so, including some in Bill's own forum thread, however logic and reason were ignored since, as humans, many of us prefer a mystery rather than simple explanations, even when the latter is backed by convincing evidence.

For those that don't know what orbs are, well, it depends on who you ask but basically, for many people, they are anything other than what the type addressed here actually are: tiny floating debris (dust) captured in photographs. Some insist they are spiritual beings, guardians, energetic entities, fairies, probes, etc.. Here's what Bill stated in his opening post regarding his "orb" experience:

Earlier this summer, I visited a grove of Giant Sequoia in Yosemite National Park with a good friend, another Avalonian. As the sun was setting, we were able to find one magnificent tree – a real beauty – which was not fenced off from the public.

We took a few photos… and were rewarded by a quite dazzling display of orbs. The high-resolution images are linked below (too large to post here)… and the detail is fascinating.

This was not pollen or dust. Immediately afterwards, I took another photo of the same tree without either of us in the picture – and the orbs had completely disappeared.

Here's one of the photographs Bill included in his post, showing him leaning against a tree, surrounded by what he calls "orbs":

Bill Ryan surrounded by orbs

And here is a crop of a 6 MP image i captured in a darkened hallway by sprinkling baking flour in front of the camera lens. Exposure, ISO and flash were set to 'auto'. Of particular importance is that the flash was triggered, as i intended it to be, just as it was in Bill's photograph:

Orbs created with baking flour

Many of us have probably seen dust floating through the air in our home during the early morning or late afternoon hours when a slice of bright sunlight is cutting through a room. Sometimes one can make out the actual fibers because your eye can focus on the dust which is illuminated by the sunlight. Many "orb" photographs are captured with cameras in low light conditions when the camera flash is triggered, as both Bill's' and my photographs were, or there is another light source illuminating (did i just say that?) an area directly in front of the lens. Because the particles are so close to the lens and so well lit, and because the lens is focused on something in the distance, the particles are extremely blurred which causes them to appear much larger and more spherical in shape than they actually are. If you refer to the image with Bill in it, you will notice that all of the "orbs" are in front of him, rather than some being partially behind him as one might expect if he were "surrounded" by them.

This next photograph is an enlargement of the brightest particle from my "orb" image. These particles can look quite interesting, even resembling a living cell, complete with an outer membrane and nucleus:

A baking flour orb

So much for "orbs", at least those of this particular type. And i was sort of becoming fond of the little guys until a 10 minute home science experiment revealed the truth. How a guy with a math and science background failed to question what he photographed is troubling.

The Disgruntled

While one may see this article as the result of a disgruntled forum member who was essentially given the boot, that is not accurate for a few reasons: 1), i was a member for only two days, so it's not like i had a lot of time invested in the forum. 2), i was the the victim of a moderator's wrath and because of the tension which resulted, i wasn't overly anxious to remain there. 3), i wasn't banned; i requested that my account be deleted:

Request to be banned from Project Avalon Forum

The Post

This is Paul's post which i would later comment on. Paul seems to be a key moderator at the Project Avalon Forum:

"The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" -- and a call for a more benevolent leadership

Miles Mathis, in my view one of the best original thinkers of our time, has a new paper out on THE PROTOCOLS of the Learned Elders of Zion (pdf).

Miles (as he usually does) takes a fresh look at his chosen topic. He finds evidence within this renowned document that it was written at the behest of European royalty, in the late 1800's, who were finding themselves on what would prove to be the losing end of an epic struggle with the Banksters (financially most powerful families). He reads the document as a defense of the benefits of rule by royalty, and an attack on the dangers of rule by financiers.

But then, after spending the first half of this modest (just 12 pages of quite readable prose) paper analyzing the protocols, Miles then takes a surprising (to me) and delightful twist, and proposes a way out of this mess ... the first such proposal that I've seen that I find persuasive and plausible (sorry Wade F and Dennis L <grin> <hugs>.)

I recommend the above paper to your consideration.

You can find more such fine work at Miles' website: The personal art and counter-criticism site of MILES WILLIAMS MATHIS. See especially his Updates page to get links to his latest papers and commentary.

This is my reply to Paul's post which prompted the backlash:

"The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" -- and a call for a more benevolent leadership

i like this guy - he seems pretty sharp - thanks for the post Paul

ok, so some feedback on this paper ...

Mathis thinks that the the Jewish elites would not use the blunt language that is used in the protocols...

"In the same way, the title “WE SHALL DESTROY GOD" is overplayed. Although I think the financiers have long been trying to destroy organized religion, I do not think they would put it this way in their own documents. They don't need to “destroy God," since they don't believe in him. They might talk about destroying Christianity, or destroying belief in God, but not about destroying God. For them, that would be like saying WE SHALL DESTROY SANTA CLAUS."

not sure it's at all important to argue the point, but i would argue the point

here are some quotes from various Jewish-Zionist elites - i have not verified some of these to the n'th degree, but i believe them to be authentic...

“The killing by a Jew of a non-Jew, i.e. a Palestinian, is considered essentially a good deed, and Jews should therefore have no compunction about it." — Yitzhak Ginsburg ‘Five General Religious Duties Which Lie Behind the Act of the Saintly’, Rabbi Baruch Goldstein, ‘May his Blood be Avenged’

“There is only one power which really counts. The power of political pressure. We Jews are the most powerful people on earth, because we have this power, and we know how to apply it." — Vladimir Jabotinsky, Jewish Daily Bulletin, July 27, 1935

“Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world – only to serve the People of Israel. Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi and eat. That is why gentiles were created." — Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, head of Shas Council of Torah Sages during a sermon delivered Oct. 2010 in Jerusalem

“We Jews, we, the destroyers, will remain the destroyers for ever. Nothing that you will do will meet our needs and demands. We will for ever destroy because we need a world of our own…" — Maurice Samuels, You Gentiles, 1942

then he gets into more into who wrote the document and the blame game...

"they are trying to pin everything on the Jews, but we know that all the top financiers are not Jews. So why would the aristocrats imply they are? Because some of the top financiers are Gentiles who ditched the aristocracy and put their cards in with the new money. But since the aristocrats are all about blood, they don't wish to attack their own."

i just think that's an important point to remember for those that rail against the Jews, forgetting about everyone else, however there is something more interesting about this statement...

in spite of what i said about putting too much focus on the Jewish elites, they happen to be a very hot topic for me at this particular time - i don't know where Mathis is from, but in the U.S. there is no doubt the Jewish elite enjoy an extreme degree of control and influence in all major areas, especially politics and finance - no way will one ever win a presidency without the approval and media coverage and financial contributions provided by Jewish lobby groups, period, and this goes back to, and includes, J. Kennedy who made deals with Israel to become pres, which was by a very slim margin as i recall - all went south when he started putting pressure on Ben-Gurion, Dimona and one of the Jewish lobby groups according to Michael C. Piper who wrote a very good book on the assassination which makes a strong, well referenced case for Israeli/Mossad involvement in the killing.

Mathis seems to be saying that the aristocrats are existentially using the Jews as a tool to divert blame, and given the overwhelming influence of the the Jewish cabal in the U.S. and elsewhere, i would have to question that, though, admittedly, i have sometimes wondered if what Mathis is implying is exactly correct, but how can he be correct given the blatantly obvious influence of the Jews in the U.S.?

continuing with the same paragraph...

"In this way, they are like the Jews they criticize. For all of them, blood is blood, even after it has committed treason."

not sure i'm understanding this correctly, but if he's implying that Jews stick together, rather than the aristocrats, he's dead wrong according to my understanding - for example, there are a lot of anti-Zionist Jews, even in Israel, and many factions of Jews (actually, apparently 80-85% of the Jews calling themselves Jews in Israel aren't Jews at all, but rather descendants of the Khazars)

"If aliens are watching us—as some think—and if they were given permission to break the non-interference clause, they would change human society most quickly by targeting a few dozen people. If they replaced the right 50 people, say, with benevolent look-alikes, human history would reverse overnight."

well, something's going to have to happen 'cause we ain't gonna vote our way out

so then he continues with how to speed-up the inevitable by working with and educating (or re-educating) the elites - great, i'm all for it. here's another solution: ignore them - plant a garden, don't buy garbage, dump the boob-tube, take your shoes off and go play with the kids outside - the machine will grind itself to death without any assistance

either way, education is key; how can we educate the masses before the whole house goes up in flames?


are we doing EXACTLY what we are SUPPOSED TO BE DOING?

maybe we're supposed to be killing and polluting and acting like idiots - maybe that is the entire reason for the human experience - maybe it's true that there must be balance and you must have evil to have good

personally i think that's a relevant question, however i also think that it is extremely dangerous to not know the correct answer and since i don't know the answer, i have to do what feels right and it sure as hell doesn't feel right so sit back and watch the world burn

Paul's reply to my post:

Re: Split thread from "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion"

My reasons for splitting the above three posts off from the original thread where they were posted, "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" -- and a call for a more benevolent leadership, are as follows.

That original thread presented a paper by Miles Mathis: THE PROTOCOLS of the Learned Elders of Zion (pdf).

Miles' paper discusses a well known historical document entitled "THE PROTOCOLS of the Learned Elders of Zion" (which I will term "The Protocols", below.) In Miles' paper, he presents the position that The Protocols were commissioned by the European aristocrats who were at the time (late 1800's) being defeated by some very powerful financial families, some of whom were Jewish. As Miles documents, The Protocols present these aristocrats in a favorable light, and these Jewish (some of them were Jewish) financiers in a dreadful light.

As Miles documents in his paper, The Protocols are (in his words) "a strange mixture of truth and propaganda, and you have to enter the bog with a pretty good map to make it to the other side."

  • The opening post of this split thread confused a paragraph very specifically discussing whether Zionists would want to DESTROY GOD, with discussing whether Zionists would want to use strong language in general. There is no basis for that confusion in Miles' paper - even the very paragraph quoted from Miles on this, in the opening post above, makes that very, very clear. Nonetheless, the opening post of this split thread did confuse the two, using the confusion to justify including several incendiary Zionist supremacist quotations. Such a flimsy excuse for such a blatant distraction is not appropriate in my book.
  • The PROTOCOLS of the Elders of the Zion were clearly written during and discussing events over a century ago in Europe, but the opening post of this split thread takes Miles' paper to task for its lack of a more detailed discussion of Zionist influence on the US in recent decades, saying "how can he [Miles] be correct given the blatantly obvious influence of the Jews in the U.S.?".The opening post of this thread then uses that confusion to justify introducing several hot button topics, such as JFK's assassination, Jewish lobby groups, and a book by Michael C. Piper, that have in a time long after The Protocols were written. Such blatant confounding of the historical time line is not appropriate in my book.(Note also the opening post of this thread drops all qualifications such as "financiers" or "Zionists", and out right targets "the blatantly obvious influence of the Jews in the U.S.". I am not optimistic that such careless use of language was accidental.)
  • The opening post of this split thread presents the following quote from Miles' paper:"In this way, they are like the Jews they criticize. For all of them, blood is blood, even after it has committed treason."It (the opening post) then goes on to wonder whether the quote refers to the aristocrats or the Jews as sticking together "blood is blood". An even slightly larger variant of that quote would make it transparently clear that Miles was saying that for the aristocrats, blood is blood:"But since the aristocrats are all about blood, they don't wish to attack their own. In this way, they are like the Jews they criticize. For all of them, blood is blood, even after it has committed treason. Maybe they hope to turn these treasonous Gentile bluebloods back to the true path."However, the opening post of this split thread uses the excuse that perhaps Miles means is "implying that Jews stick together" to take stabs at the lack of solidarity amongst Jews. Such blatant inability to read is not appropriate in my book.

This topic, perhaps as much as any is both (1) important to understanding our human predicament, and (2) a bog filled (quite deliberately) with numerous landmines.

Accurate reading and historical perspective are vital to these discussions, and to improving our human predicament.

Perhaps the opening poster said it best: "in spite of what i said about putting too much focus on the Jewish elites, they happen to be a very hot topic for me at this particular time".

Please do not allow the heat of the topic to short circuit logic or discernment, especially on such important topics.

I will endeavor to keep discussions of important topics on this forum productive, and to keep out, by whatever measures are necessary, disruptions that are more driven by heat than by logic or discernment. Thread splitting, as I have done here, is just one of the several tools that we have available to us.

My rebuttal to Paul's attack:

Re: Split thread from "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion"

wow-wee - the iron hammer falls squarely upon e.Man's head - have to say that i didn't see that one coming

It seems to me however that your beef with my post is not about *what* i wrote or the several "infractions", if you will, that you have pointed out, but rather *who* i wrote about. Please, allow me to elaborate...

Were we talking about the Italian mafia, and i said "Italian elites", would you have taken such drastic action as to isolate my posts, chastise me publicly and send a rather threatening PM?

But the Jewish mafia, well that's a whole new ball-game, isn't it? As soon as the word "Jew" or "Jewish" comes into play, it is automatically hate speech and it seems pretty clear to me that this is essentially what i am being accused of, under the guise of not following protocol and straying off topic. There can be criticism of an Italian criminal cabal, but not of a Jewish criminal cabal, is that it? That is surely the sense i am getting here, as i think i can make clear.

Let me begin my defense by expanding upon a statement i made earlier, emphasis added this time...

"were it just a history thing, i wouldn't care, but the history given to us by the victors of WW2 and the Jewish criminal cabal (and i am not saying Jews in general) has had, and continues to have an unbelievable (literally) impact upon our lives, politics, the media, finance, etc., and i personally think that that it is important to understand the real history and motives in order to better access and develop solutions for the many problems we face"

Let there be no mistake whatsoever regarding my overall position regarding Jews...

1. I am not racist, nor do i hate people based on their religion, color, history, beliefs, appearance, etc., nor am i currently, or have i ever been a member of any race-centric organization, which includes the nazis, neo-nazis, skin-heads, kkk, white supremacists, or any other hate-based or race-based org, nor do i view my race as superior to another, nor do i view me as superior to others.

2. Although i made it clear earlier, i think i'd better expand upon my statement "and i am not saying Jews in general". Again, had the discussion been about any people other than the Jews, i would seriously question such a backlash would have occurred. Nevertheless, there are criminal organizations that are centered around races, religions and ideologies (the Italian mafia for example, right?). So what's wrong with "the Jewish mafia"? Or the "Jewish criminal cabal"? Or the Jewish elites? Does speaking of the Italian mafia/cabal/elites imply all Italians? Of course not; it implies a tiny subset of Italians who happen to be criminals. There is no difference when i refer to the Jewish cabal/mafia. It is not the Jewish people at large that are remotely responsible for many of the problems we face today - quite the opposite - they themselves are perhaps the biggest victims of the Jewish-Zionist elite! I have no more of a beef with Jews or those who call themselves Jews or those who are Jewish anymore than i have with Italians or those who call themselves Italians or Christians.

We have problems in our social and political systems - lots of problems - and knowing who is responsible and why is, in my opinion, necessary to developing relevant solutions to those problems, not that the Jewish-Zionist elites are responsible for all the worlds problems by any stretch, but the fact is that they are responsible for a lot of the most significant problems (if you want to look at it that way - another way to look at is is that we, the 99%, allowed these problems to manifest).

Now if you want to accuse me of being critical of the Jews, fine; i stand absolutely guilty! But understand that i am not singling out the Jews; i am singling out the "1%", Jewish or otherwise, who are the unethical criminals driving policy. Many, but certainly not all Jews, have been brainwashed into accepting the philosophy of their criminal leaders, just as many, but not all non-Jews have been brainwashed in a similar manner. In that vain, yes, i am critical of the Jews - and of all of the rest of us - for swallowing the poison doled out by the 1%.

You then go on to quote me:

"Perhaps the opening poster said it best: "in spite of what i said about putting too much focus on the Jewish elites, they happen to be a very hot topic for me at this particular time"."

You criticize me as though focusing on a single topic is... what? bad? Or is it because Jewry is the topic? Should one be criticized for focusing your attention on your passion because of the subject matter? Or admitting that they are interested in a particular topic? I think your statement is based upon semantics and i think there is little doubt that it is the sensitive subject matter that is the core issue.

Here you state that i misinterpreted something written by Mathis. Again, semantics. My first question is whether my alleged misinterpretation is grounds for the rather brutal flogging i have been subjected to? Am i, or anyone, expected to interpret things as you interpret them? Of course not, but again, i don't think the issue is my interpretation at all.

Emphasis added...

"The opening post of this split thread confused a paragraph very specifically discussing whether Zionists would want to DESTROY GOD, with discussing whether Zionists would want to use strong language in general."

Did i really misinterpret what Mathis said? Well, let's have a look - he states:

"Why do I think the Protocols are fiction? Because they taste like fiction. They don't read like the real minutes of a meeting, nor like a game plan, nor like a white paper. The psychology is all wrong. People don't talk about themselves this way. Jewish leaders would whitewash their own actions far better than this, even talking amongst themselves. Despots never call themselves despots, for example. No matter how Machiavellian leaders are, they always try to sugarcoat their actions, especially to themselves. As an example, we can study Protocol 4:


It is blatantly clear to me that Mathis is using this protocol to make a point regarding the language used in the protocols. The content of the protocol he quotes is completely irreverent.

My rebuttal to Mathis was to demonstrate that some Jewish-Zionist elites do, in fact, use such brutal and blunt language and therefore the accuracy of his statement is somewhat questionable in my mind.

Continuing with your opinions...

"The PROTOCOLS of the Elders of the Zion were clearly written during and discussing events over a century ago in Europe, but the opening post of this split thread takes Miles' paper to task for its lack of a more detailed discussion of Zionist influence on the US in recent decades, saying "how can he [Miles] be correct given the blatantly obvious influence of the Jews in the U.S.?"."

You're reading into my statements something that simply isn't there and, again, is staggeringly trivial. I never criticized Mathis for not writing more regarding the Jewish-Zionist influence - i simply asked a question. My full quote ( i see that "existentially" should have been "essentially"):

"Mathis seems to be saying that the aristocrats are existentially using the Jews as a tool to divert blame, and given the overwhelming influence of the the Jewish cabal in the U.S. and elsewhere, i would have to question that, though, admittedly, i have sometimes wondered if what Mathis is implying is exactly correct, but how can he be correct given the blatantly obvious influence of the Jews in the U.S.?"

As for your critique of my indiscriminate "influence of the Jews in the U.S." statement, granted, i could have been more specific, however i would also argue that the Jews in general, because of this criminal cabal, enjoy some benefits in the U.S. that they may not otherwise have. It's like being the white person on the bus; you may not hate blacks or agree that Rosa should be restricted to a particular seat, but nevertheless you benefit because you're white in that you can sit wherever you wish.

This is really quite amazing to me - i can't imagine anyone being targeted for the utterly trivial things i am being targeted for here. Your criticism of me is based almost entirely on semantics. Again, this strongly indicates to me that it is not the overall subject matter that i am being water-boarded for, but rather it is because you simply don't like what i have to say. Were this thread about anything other than Jews and Zionism, would i really be taken to task over asking a simple question that is quite obviously very relevant to the topic? And what is wrong with taking Mathis to task, as you put it? Am i not allowed to challenge the statements people make? Or might it be that i am not allowed to question those for which you apparently have a great deal of respect for? I don't [think] any of these is the issue. I think it's my challenging a criminal cabal -- the 1%, a healthy portion of which happens to be Jewish -- and pointing out that they're Jewish.

This is not about straying off-topic or criticizing people or my alleged misunderstanding of what Mathis wrote or minor infractions which are being blown way out of proportion; it is about me criticizing people who you do not wish to see criticized. Since you do not seem to have the hutzpa to admit this (and i'm sorry, i don't know how else to out it), you are twisting what i have said to make it appear that i am antisemitic and, in turn, using that invented assumption against me in what is an obvious effort to have me ejected from this forum.

I understand why that is and i suspect it isn't personal, but i had hoped that the moderators of this particular forum, even if they do not agree with someone, would not try to vilify and threaten those they do not agree with and do so under false pretenses.

This is a perfect example of what i mean (emphasis added):

"The opening post of this thread then uses that confusion to justify introducing several hot button topics, such as JFK's assassination, Jewish lobby groups, and a book by Michael C. Piper, that have in a time long after The Protocols were written. Such blatant confounding of the historical time line is not appropriate in my book."

Here it is glaringly obvious that you are attacking me for the reason that you perceive your knowledge of history to be accurate, while mine is not. Have you read Piper's book? Have you seriously studied the history you claim i am blatantly confounding? Do you deny the overwhelming power that Jewish lobby groups posses in the U.S. political sphere? Really? Am i not allowed an opinion that you find objectionable?

Since my membership is apparently on the line here because "Such blatant confounding of the historical time line is not appropriate in my book" and other statements, i think it is only fair that i be permitted to request that you provide evidence that reinforces your opinion that my knowledge of the historical and current facts i have discussed in my original post are in error, including the power of the Jewish lobby groups in the U.S. and Zionist philosophy in general. Or that i be permitted to make my case.

I think the rest of your concerns with my post were pretty much addressed in what i have said thus far, so i won't bother to comment upon them unless requested.

Lastly, i would welcome any and all moderators to read this post and make a decision as to whether i fit in here. If not, that is fine, but i prefer to know now rather than 6 months or a year down the road.

One of the primary purposes of this forum, according to my understanding, is to find ways to dig us out of the immense hole we have excavated for ourselves through complicity, politics, pollution, broken social, education and monetary systems, etc.. It is my opinion that, in order to best do that, it might be a good idea to have a clear understanding of the specifics that led to this mess in the first place. I am not saying that this is the only way or even the right way to solve our problems, but i think it is a possibly way and all i can do is what i think is right.

If we cannot discuss who caused these problems and name names, than it is my opinion that the effectiveness of any given solution may be compromised. If you get bit by a dog, there are all kinds of solutions that can be developed to avoid a future attack; you can stay indoors; you can avoid the area where you were bit; you can kill all the dogs, etc., but wouldn't knowing which dog bit you be of great value in developing a relevant solution? How do you know that all dogs will act in the same way?

In this silly geo-political game today, there's a lot of dogs. I happen to be focused on one of them at this particular time, more or less, and that dog happens to be the Jewish-Zionist criminal cabal that is, provably, blatantly and factually influencing our lives - your life. When we speak of the 1%, it is Jewish elites that make up a large portion of that 1%. Are we to assume there is no organization among them? It isn't my fault - that's the way it is. And avoiding taboo subject matter is not, to me, how you solve problems.

I am sorry, but i am not at all afraid to point out the obvious, i don't give a rats ass who gets implicated. Let the chips fall where they may.

So i'm sure some will be wondering what my solutions might be? Simple; EDUCATION!

I don't want to put the Bush's, the Cheney's, the Wolfiwitz's or the Netanyahu's in prison ... well, ok, i sorta do, but i'd rather change their way of thinking. Karma, you know? What comes around, goes around, and violence (and i see imprisonment as violent) is not the best answer in my opinion.

The Jews as a whole are not the problem, but when there is a blatantly obvious effort by a Jewish-Zionist criminal cabal to screw the rest of us and the Earth for their own self-serving benefit, INCLUDING THE JEWISH PEOPLE, i'll be damned if i'm going to refrain from pointing that out because it's not politically correct to criticize Jews. How can you talk about the Italian mafia without mentioning "Italian"? And when you do talk of this, there are probably very few people that assume you are talking about the Italian people as a whole. But the Jewish mafia? Whole different story, isn't it? Swap out ONE WORD and all of a sudden you're an anti-Semitic, Jew-bashing neo-nazi skin-head who hates every Jew that was ever born, not that i'm accusing you personally of going that far in your written critique of me, but that does seem to be the implication, at least to some degree.

I'm not asking or expecting anyone to agree with me. I know full well the programming that we all have been subjected to for nearly 7 decades regarding Germany's role in WW2 and the Jews. All i am asking is that you allow me the opportunity to make a case and, if i am not welcome to do that, then, by all means, dump me because i defiantly do not belong here.

I will close with this quote:

“To determine the true rulers of any society, all you must do is ask yourself this question: Who is it that I am not permitted to criticize?" — Kevin Alfred Strom

Paul would counter my lengthy plea by ignoring it entirely:

Re: Split thread from "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion"

Your abilities to rationalize your actions, and to misinterpret my warnings, are both considerable.

This is unfortunate.

75 thoughts on “Exposed: Bill Ryan and Project Avalon”

  1. You’re right of course re Alex Jones. Apologies for the strong feelings but watching what’s happening to my own country, Australia and then whats happening to you guys in the US, is difficult to deal with. Australians haven’t forgotten that if it wasn’t for the US, we’d have been invaded by Japan in WW2. Both countries have enjoyed stability and prosperity over the last 75 years but the communists have never gone away and we’ve been lulled into a false sense of security. We’re now seeing just how easily, a highly motivated and organised enemy – Globalism – can destroy a “democratic” nation state system. Your web site has some good research. I’ll stay across it and contribute if I can.

    1. you mentioned Australia in your last comment but i didn’t realize you were *from* Australia – wow, you people really have it rough

      regarding your view of the U.S., realize that anything “we” have done as far as wars are concerned has been at the whim of Israel, not ‘we the people’ – we are essentially owned by Israel

      > We’re now seeing just how easily, a highly motivated and organised enemy – Globalism – can destroy a “democratic” nation …

      we’re all seeing that – same here in the U.S. – the riots caused by the BLM/Antifa idiots are an integral part of that as is the “dreaded COVID-19 virus” non-pandemic, and that seems to be to be where you guys are really taking a licking – this is all part of globalism as you call it, but really it’s technocracy – i’m not religious, but god all mighty are you guys are taking a hell of beating over this virus crap, even more than us it seems

      > I’ll stay across it and contribute if I can.

      please do – i’d be happy to publish anything that you contribute as long as it’s factual – really, i mean that – stay in touch

  2. I’m coming to this discussion late in the peace, but I believe that Bill Ryan’s Scientology background definitely affects his persona. Scientologists are technocratic fascists and Bill appears to maintained their ideology, at least in part. The author of the piece re the Jewish / Zionist mafia is 110% correct. Another contributor spoke of Zionism being a relatively new Jewish ideology. There’s some good info around about Zionism being a creation of the British Rothschilds and the UK monarchy / aristocracy, as part of a combined effort to keep the British empire going. I wonder how that’s working out for the Queen now? The Jewish organised crime family and their Talmudic Rothschild financiers don’t want alliances, they want a Jewish police state controlled from Israel. Another covert Jewish group, are the Chabad Lubavitch, who appear to have a gold pass to the president’s office…any / every president. There’s a US Airforce briefing, that states that nuclear blackmail – by Israel – is considered an extremely serious threat to the US and its people. Miles Mathis is an interesting character and could well be a Mossad or ADL troll. His website basically claims that 99% of violent events are staged. That becomes ludicrous and is more likely designed to discredit the work of patriots who’ve uncovered the rampant Gladio style false flag and state sponsored terrorism. It would be interesting to know the extent to which the FBI and CIA have enabled and managed the BLM Antifa riots in 2020. The Jewish mafia won’t be happy until any criticism of their evil, is met with immediate arrest and jail along the lines of Holocaust revisionists. Trump betrayed the US when he signed an executive order that makes anti semtism anything the Jewish lobby decides it is.

    1. > There’s a US Airforce briefing, that states that nuclear blackmail – by Israel – is considered an extremely serious threat to the US and its people.

      i don’t know if you’re aware, but there was a behind-the-scenes battle occurring between the John Kennedy and David Ben-Gurion, the 1st PM of Israel, over the Dimona facility where nuclear material was being enriched – Kennedy tried to force inspections of the facility and Israel was having nothing of it – he also tried to force the Israeli lobby in the U.S. to register as a foreign agent – Ben-Gurion resigned as a result and, possibly, to absolve himself of any role in the assassination

      i *highly* recommend the book Final Judgement: The Missing Link in the JFK Assassination by Mike Piper – you can find the latest PDF version for free on the web (i might have a link to it on this site) – here’s a lecture he gave on the book

      > It would be interesting to know the extent to which the FBI and CIA have enabled and managed the BLM Antifa riots in 2020.

      someone was dropping off pallets of bricks for the rioters and delivering super expensive fireworks in the big cities – of course you’re referring to a much more sophisticated role i suspect and, yeah, i wonder about that too

      thanks for your comment

      1. Yes the book on Israel’s involvement in the assasination of Kennedy, is an eye opener. Even if the Mossad weren’t directly involved, does anyone seriously believe that the Zionist banksters, wouldn’t have “signed off” on, or at least known about it? The CIA and the Mossad are the same organisation. On a completely different, but related topic. Australia’s Victorian commie premier has deployed foreign riot police, brought in under the Soros “Strong Cities Network” agreement. The umbrella organisation is the ISD which has to be a Jewish controlled NGO, that pretends to care about “terrorism”, but is really about squashing anyone who opposes the NWO Globalist coup. A quick search through the various menus, shows numerous refs to “far right extremism” but suprisingly nothing about BLM or Antifa!! A look under “publications” brings up – “Hosting the Holohoax”. Now who funds this website again?

        Strong Cities has been signed off on by the fascist piece of crap Victorian premier
        There have been unmarked police squads, in all black with no ID, other than red, green or blue back patches with numbers like 301 or 401. There have been a number of protestors who’ve reported whole squads, comprising all Asian members, possibly Chinese and others where the white police thugs, have US flags velcro’d to their collar. A picture of this posted on Fakebook, was taken down, in 15mins. This is the very scenario that Alex Jones has talked about, where UN style police/troops are deployed, to assault the locals, without any remorse or loyalty.
        These thugs are kitted up for a full on BLM (Burn Loot and Murder) Antifa style riot, but Victorians are still to dumb and cowardly, to realise what’s happening. 10,000 morons attended a woke BLM protest and the cops stood back and watched, while 1500 anti lockdown protestors were beaten, run over, stomped on, dragged down by the throat and also had home visits to intimidate and threaten them with $5000 to $10000 fines or six months jail. David Icke was going to Australia last year and it took one phone call from a Jewish lawyer, and his visa was revoked 4 hrs before he boarded his flight. The PM Morrison is and the Treasurer Frydenburg (Judenburg) were both “appointed” by the IMF.

        1. > This is the very scenario that Alex Jones has talked about, where UN style police/troops are deployed, to assault the locals, without any remorse or loyalty.

          i don’t have a lot of knowledge on some of the subjects you mention in your comment (which i thank you for BTW), but be *very* careful of anything coming out of the Alex Jones bullshit machine – he is a bonafide Israeli shill and liar and that’s right from the fat hole in his own face

          when that POS says “China” or “Saudi Arabia”, think ‘Israel’

          > There have been unmarked police squads, in all black with no ID, other than red, green or blue back patches with numbers like 301 or 401. There have been a number of protestors who’ve reported whole squads, comprising all Asian members, possibly Chinese and others where the white police thugs, have US flags velcro’d to their collar. A picture of this posted on Fakebook, was taken down, in 15mins.

          as soon as you see something like that, SAVE IT and upload to or – i have well over 9000 links on this site and i’ve learned my lesson many times over; DO NOT depend on any site other than an archive, and you can’t always depend on (the idiots obey robots.txt and will happily remove archived content)

          > BLM (Burn Loot and Murder)

          first i heard that one – i think probably a lot of them are well intentioned but, yeah, at the top, you got it right with that one

  3. It is no coincidence that I stumbled upon this today & read it, I’ve always been a strong intuitive & this is a perfect example. I’m an individual who whenever looking at a subject regardless of my proximity to it research from history what we have gathered for information on something related to today’s time & our current scenario. I also step outside myself, I have a strong ability to understand the viewpoint of another and to look at situations through their view even those I know to be completely at odds with my view but I want to see why? Is it a blatant lie by the individual whose view I’m looking through or have they been ingrained with their mindset throughout life by others. Lastly my intuition comes into play & as I’m disseminating what I’ve learned within days the answer presents itself to me & this is very lucky for me & I believe I was specifically to find this posting because I have very strong information to help bolster that you’re stating simple fact & as you point out you’re not attacking all you’re attacking a very small percentage.

    First off that you specifically made the comparison of those committing these actions to the traditional Italian Mafia. I’m a true Mafia historian & the fact is even concerning the Italian Mafia in America though during prohibition there was a large contingent of Jewish gangsters working hand in hand with the Mafia. I say large not meaning the percentage of Jewish people were criminals that it so happens during prohibition Italians, Jewish, and Irish gangsters were predominant though there were Welsh, German, Asian etc.

    As to percentage of those committing crime at that time the Irish & Jewish were very much equal partners working together with the Italians. A major reason was at that time many Jewish, Italian, & Irish had just had large exoduses out of their own countries & being the newcomers at that time they were looked at suspiciously even looked down on that they struggled greatly as most foreign to a new land everything is new.

    The Irish had been coming over in large #’s since the famine in their homeland. Also southern Italians & Sicilians in particular came in droves from a devastating earthquake in the south also the Italian leadership was in Northern Italy & they very much looked down on their Southern neighbors so there was little to no government support. The Bolsheviks had taken control of Russia creating the Soviet Union & the new government forced a large population of Jewish out of their homeland. If you are new to a foreign land with less means than others where if there are times you can barely feed & shelter your family you’re more likely to commit crime in order to survive.

    While the percentage of criminals of a certain heritage was miniscule less than 1% including the Italian Mafia at times even that tiny percentage is significant based on the number of your people which was larger in the US in the early to mid 1900’s than any other nationalities. Example before the 1890’s or so there were maybe about 5000 Italians migrating to the states in some years but after the Earthquake & horrible drought conditions in the South receiving no government assistance # if Italians per year jumped to between 50,000 to 70,000 (large spike.)

    To the point that directly proves you are correct & I’m not exaggerating when I say I’m a true historian on this subject. After prohibition all groups including the Italians who are primarily recognized as the biggest gangster threat really had meshed into their new home & were making decent lives for their families & better futures for their children.

    Before coming to America the only people who had a real criminal element were the Italians & this is based on the geography of in particular Sicily. They were sitting in an area that was a point directly in the middle of the sea that warring armies would constantly cross their land in the process their people had suffered in their original homeland for 100’s of yrs atleast as foreign ruler after another would seize control. The original Sicilian Mafia which migrated much later to America is believed to have formed under the dictatorship of the foreign Bourbon dynasty around the 1600’s. This formed as a secret organization that was to help their fellow Sicilians they would be the more powerful men in Sicily with influence to arbitrate and settle differences between their people they were not a criminal group. Over time they became highly organized & a part splintered off to commit crime against their countrymen as they now wielded great power. Eventually through the income they made the criminals dominated the Mafia & made it their own. In America after prohibition their wasn’t going to be as much money to go around & being an organized group for so long truly forming a framework the Italians pushed the Irish out almost completely as they had been in America longer than the other groups they were more assimilated so their were few Irish gangsters left at that point. Their was however a significant Jewish force with the Italians however and this is where I show you Zionism in the US. The Italians as a group were the strongest & through decades of settling their own disputes through vendetta they became the predominant gangsters.

    This left the Jewish and during prohibition I’m not stereotyping anyone I just know how they were viewed. The Italians admired the acumen of intelligence to make money through other means than prohibition that the Jewish gangster’s had shown so with the help of Italian muscle the criminals infiltrated all sorts of legitimate industries and the Italians felt if the Jewish were in a position within a large legit industry that working together they would be able to hijack certain industries and the other big consideration for placing the Jewish in these positions that they would really come to dominate they would be able to take their ill gotten gains & wash it through legit industry. This way they make out on both ends while their taking over segments of industry extorting huge money from this they had so many ways to make their illegitimate money appear legit.

    This is where the Zionist’s took control eventually becoming stronger than the Mafia while everyone still talked about organized crime & related it to Italians. No one realized Jewish criminals who have no smell of criminality being within these large legitimate industries easily sheltering their activity. Meanwhile they’re more powerful than ever & while they may no longer be gun wielding gangsters as during the 20’s they are still criminals.

    More than anywhere else they were placed in strategic positions throughout the entertainment industry as we know this isn’t a fabrication there are Jewish moguls who control Hollywood, in huge positions within music. Unfortunately now we’re hearing all kinds of charges & accusations of not only Jewish moguls but of the industry & some of this seems to connect directly to the moguls I’m referring to the pedophilia scandals coming out there’s others actually being accused to the point of actual arrest of child trafficking this is one horror that connects to a small segment of the Jewish people. The other horror is within our financial infrastructure as again with the Italian Mafia’s assistance & backing this move was a given to launder all their ill gotten gains.

    Unfortunately this doesn’t relate only to Jewish it relates to all including our mostly wasp government. Power corrupts absolute power corrupts absolutely. As you gain more power & influence especially if you’re a criminal to begin with that is going to only make you feel more bold & indulge more & more in whatever pleasures w/o much fear of reprisal. The other very real threat which is happening with the Zionist’s it happens that Jewish people were primarily placed in these positions long ago but it could have been any group. With power many times as is & wealth you become almost intoxicated with yourself. Your own vanity will bubble w/o regard for others as you’ll view them as pawns not on your level as you have wealth & power which can accomplish all. It’s likely as the power & wealth esp through virtual takeover of banking places you in position where you have created a monopoly on a commodity that you can use to manipulate the masses and build your strength.

    Many times this is the nature of man we gain to much of something we’ll want to indulge in greater & greater amounts. Also for a terrific very accurate read on what I wrote refer to I believe the title is Super Mob it’s written by Gus Russo who is an organized crime expert & he completely lays out my reply.

    I hope that helps shore up your view that read certainly will. As for me I yesterday for the 1st time saw a video on YouTube from Avalon I knew nothing of it til yesterday. It was a 2 hour documentary with a member interviewed about extraterrestrials & much of what I heard seemed plausible yet in some instances it seemed pretty far fetched from logic & just what I know on the subject which I’m very interested in with more knowledge than your avg citizen. Which even then how far can a person’s true knowledge on this subject go as I’ve never encountered an extraterrestrial as most haven’t. Also the last 20 minutes or so your friend Bill Ryan joined the discussion via phone & I admit hearing him I was less certain that I was right as he seemed very sincere which he maybe I don’t know the man. Even with him swaying me a bit it still didn’t fit with me what the speaker was saying but still I was thinking of if today & went online for a bit & came upon this site. That’s my intuition leading me to my answer so with that regardless of how understanding & sincere the founder seemed I have no more interest.

    I completely understood you weren’t casting a net of an entire group of people & know the percentage is very small yet the fact is it’s very powerful. The fact that the people monitoring what’s written for a group that claims complete compassion for mankind with a great wisdom as to the truth. Your post showed me that’s not so if we’re not open to something pretty small as speaking about Jewish Zionist’s when we have 0 issue with speaking about our wasp government that’s a bit of hypocrisy.

    1. as i was reading your comment i had Russos book on my mind – i’m reading it now (almost done)

      regarding the meshing of the Italians and the Jews in organized crime, i see the Jews as essentially the brains and the Italians as the muscle – this view is very much reinforced by Russo

      The other very real threat which is happening with the Zionist’s it happens that Jewish people were primarily placed in these positions long ago but it could have been any group.

      i would agree completely that any group is capable of organized crime, however i think that a portion of Jewry has an advantage that perhaps no other group has and that is the cohesiveness they share by way of their background and religious teachings and i think this is spelled out well in the protocols – whether the document is authentic or not doesn’t matter since we can see the protocols playing out in real life

      i think the fact that Jews have been expelled from approx. 67 countries and persecuted in other ways in as many more is further evidence that there is a uniqueness to a faction of Jewry that is not seen in any other group – nobody wanted them and they refuse to assimilate, though they are certainly adept at infiltrating, and i think this hclped drive their hatred for non-Jews

      “You have not begun to appreciate the real depth of our guilt. We are intruders. We are disturbers. We are subverters. We have taken your natural world, your ideals, your destiny, and played havoc with them. We have been at the bottom not merely of the latest great war but of nearly all your wars, not only of the Russian but of every other major revolution in your history. We have brought discord and confusion and frustration into your personal and public life. We are still doing it. No one can tell how long we shall go on doing it.” — Marcus Eli Ravage, A Real Case Against the Jews, The Century Magazine, Jan. 1928, pp. 346-350

      “But as the Jew assimilates, acquires your languages, cultivates a certain intimacy, penetrates into your life, begins to handle your instruments, you are aware that his nature, once confined safely to his own life, now threatens yours.”— Maurice Samuel, You Gentiles, 1924, p. 144

      “Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world – only to serve the People of Israel. Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi and eat. That is why gentiles were created.” — Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, head of Shas Council of Torah Sages during a sermon delivered Oct. 2010 in Jerusalem

      “We Jews, we, the destroyers, will remain the destroyers for ever. Nothing that you will do will meet our needs and demands. We will for ever destroy because we need a world of our own, a God-world, which it is not in your nature to build.” — Maurice Samuels in You Gentiles by Maurice Samuels, 1942, p. 155

  4. I’m so glad I found this. Yes, Bill & his followers are idiots. I’ve seen time & again nice people posting innocent things in the spirit of sharing only to get ganged up on (and I mean nasty & way out of proportion) because Bill didn’t like the way they posted something. I’ve had my own posts get rewritten, retitled and moved to obscurity. That kind of controlling policy made it feel like a cult to me.

    1. Why do I have the EXACT same experience with him as you describe?

      Not only have I gotten ganged up on (nasty and way out of proportion just like you said), I have also had my thread moved to obscurity. And that is not all, today Bill himself has actually BANNED me for my long thread! My thread was 300 posts long when he banned me.

      I posted something innocent in the spirit of sharing in the same way that you have described. I had shared a youtube channel that I have watched, and

      What is funny is that Bill and his crony followers have accused the youtube channel that I shared as being a cult, when now I see others are calling his forum a cult, which says a lot to me.

          1. PC allegedly interviewed an unidentified person who provided the info that Bill comments on – how does that prove Bill to be right?

            granted such scenarios have been planned and are being carried out, but Bill isn’t proved right by commenting on them

            i also find his mention of the ‘4th Reich’ off-putting given neither he nor Kerry seem to know much at all about the truth of Germany’s role in WW2

            he also believes dust particles are “orbs”

            1. Lol, Thats true, I have seen that. And well checking my comments, now I do look like a fanatic weirdo. But I do see your point with everyhting else, specially the dust particles “orbiting”

              Now, you worked with them? right?

              What are your toughts on everything is going on?

              1. > Now, you worked with them? right?

                if you mean orbs, yes, i did a photo experiment where i blew a little baking flour into the air and photographed the result using a flash – i saw the same “orbs” Bill did

                > What are your toughts on everything is going on?

                i think we might be screwed :)

                as long as people submit to government authority and fail to think for themselves and research for themselves, i don’t see the situation getting any better in the short term – yeah, a lot of people are waking up and gaining a better sense of how the world actually works, but i have to wonder if it too little too late

                this whole COVID-19 crap appears to be nothing more than a vehicle for various dark agendas, none of which will benefit us humans – loss of (more) liberties, increased surveillance, normalizing (medical) martial law, making big pharma richer with forced vaccinations, more centralized control, microchip implants, globalization, etc., etc…

    2. It didn’t happen unless Bill Ryan said it happen. No wonder Kerry got the shits . Project Avalon , it’s hard to call a forum when there are less than 20 current threads , some only a few posts in . So Paul departed Avalon over Qanon , and Bill called Q a larp. I was reading a Q thread there and Bill was thanking everyone in the posts . Has Bill Ryan jumped on the Q bandwagon ? After ridiculing many ex forum members a few years ago to now thanking the members in the latest thread . Same goes for any talk of flat earth , Mandela effect , mudfloods and Tartaria

  5. I have just been banned by Bill Ryan from his site with a Return Date of , Never . I was given no prior warning and
    was there for almost two months but quickly saw how essentially it was indeed a Bill Ryan Cult Project .
    Fortunately membership is falling and the average age could now be in the sixties . Once Bill passes on ,I see little prospect for its continuation other than by a small shrine team in his memory .
    In a large part it is now a meeting place for lonely and out of balance people and many are obviously fragile characters inside of a very narrow type of topic remit .
    Bill mentally flaps around in an ocean of very strange beliefs with the Mantis, Draco and Reptilian non human entities competing for and affecting the control of this planet and its human and hybrid population . Secret underground tunnels and bases exist in profusion and almost any abduction story is embraced along with the sad life stories of those subjected to Mind Control Programmes from any number of possible source suspects — human , part human , alien .
    Anybody deciding to skip visiting the site is doing themselves a favour .

    1. Bill mentally flaps around in an ocean of very strange beliefs with the Mantis, Draco and Reptilian non human entities competing for and affecting the control of this planet and its human and hybrid population .

      yes, i have noticed this among several alt-info people and websites; always blaming alleged entities completely outside our control rather than naming the earthly beings (humans) which are actually responsible – it all appears to me to a classic ploy to deflect criticism and shift the blame to entities for which there is no substantial proof they even exist (Draco’s for instance), much less what their actual motives are even if they do exist – it’s all what anybody wants to say – you can make up anything and no one can prove you wrong – this is classic CIA-like stuff where, for example, the CIA creates many false paths to nowhere when people start poking around

      the Jewish-Zionist mafia, on the other hand, do exist and they do have names – i’m just using this group as an example because they provably control or influence our society and our systems very heavily, from finance to education, entertainment to social behavior, medicine to government and on, and yet it seems one is not permitted to discuss such blatantly tangible topics on Avalon

      regarding Jewry, i feel i should be clear, once again, that i am not speaking of Jews in general, but rather a very small, evil, self-centered, psychopathic portion of mostly Zionist Jews in positions of power – i see the vast remainder of Jews and non-Jews as victims – of course blame can be distributed among humans in general, but this group in particular seems to be incredibly powerful and prevalent throughout at least the west

      thanks for your comment

      1. A far bigger problem than being banned from a web forum like Avalon is this fact:
        that for at least the last 18 months, various pieces of legislation have been floating along in Congress, that would offer serious penalties to any American citizen who criticizes Israel, or criticizes our positive involvements with Israel, for instance our Fed government just this week giving Israel another 38 billions of dollars, or who boycotts Israel. I was at first worried, but the bills kept failing to be passed. However it seems like it is only a matter of time before one of these pieces of legislation will indeed pass.

        1. However it seems like it is only a matter of time before one of these pieces of legislation will indeed pass.

          no doubt – if they don’t get their way they will probably tack the bill on to another that is likely to pass as they have done so many times in the past

  6. I think your response is excellent, I read it with keen interest and admiration for its structure and presentation and of course its content. I don’t know about much of this in any real depth at all – But I am learning, slowly!

    I just had to discuss the orb picture. At present I’m not convinced orbs are entities. I don’t feel them and I don’t connect with them. I think they are dust particles (if I were a scientist though, I’d be more interested in the image they create when photographed, I find this really interesting). But I do believe in spirits and I see one in the tree behind Bill Ryan. Do you see it? Does anyone else see it? The tree is marvelous isn’t it?, I do love trees. At first (and in the image you used) there are 3 distinct things I’m getting about this spirit in the image – answers on a postcard… ha ha. Then I looked at the original post on the Avalon site and the other images – oh my word. Well there’s not just one, there’s three, 2 of which are not separate, one and the same, entwined and none of them are happy! There is a lot of negative disturbance.

    I’ve never actually seen a spirit, in a photograph or otherwise, normally I feel the energy and don’t see it. I think this is because they know I’d probably shit myself and be completely useless to them. I’ve learned to say no too, and sadly for the most part I shut them out completely.

    Well anyway, I had to share this because it was so strong. I enjoyed the read. Thank you.

  7. As it seems to have caused some confusion, Yukon Jack was saying the obvious fact being ignored by Bill and Kerry is that of Jewish control, and that the word ‘Jews’ has basically been replaced by ‘aliens’ in terms of who they think controls the world. In the sasme way ‘Sierra’ would replace “Zionist Jews” with the word “Illuminati”. And I think he was pretty much correct in his assessment. And Jewish control IS very obvious, for those brave enough to bring themselves to examine it. His following statements, that Bill and /or Kerry may even be Jewish or working for Mossad, the CIA, etc, I think made his stance clear enough.

    Ray is the one who got it wrong, with all due respect. Zionism is a word which pertains to affairs regarding the state of Israel, and compared to the historical Jewish crimes against humanity by Talmudic Jews, going back several centuries, political Zionism is a relatively new ‘ism’. The religious concept of Zionism is old but the political affairs regarding the state of Israel is what the Zionism of today is, and that is not very old at all. Not as old as Jewish Talmudic supremacism, and not as old as the atrocities commited by its EVIL ideology.

    The Jewish International Bankers might think it should be made Israeli policy to give out free donuts every Sunday morning to people wearing orange shoes for all I care, they are in OUR nations, keeping us as their wage slaves, subverting OUR governments, brainwashing OUR children with their monopoly on mainstream media corporations and making OUR lives considerably more difficult, miserable, unhealthy and unnatural than they should be. They are here and all over Europe and most of the rest of the world, not confining themselves to Israel.

    It is beyond Zionism. The problem is, as it has been for many centuries, International Talmudic Judaism. Zionism is just another extension of that, as is Marxism and the deranged daughter of Marxism known as Feminism.

    Great site, by the way.

    1. very well said Andy – it almost amazes me that mainstream media can get away with labeling those who point out Jewish/Zionist dominance in the west as loony conspiracy theorists when all one has to do is look at Wikipedia to get a glimpse of the truth.

  8. I am a member of project Avalon, Have been a member since 2011 when Bill was proven gullible by a Person calling himself Charles, Bill cut and chopped at any Avalon member/moderator who spoke out against Charles only to look like a fool when it was proven Charles was a fake trying to get money and members for his own forum. Since then Bill has done very little on the site proving he is anything other than a gullible old man. Project Avalon is nothing more than people taking others work and re-posting it there to gain likes from Bill. It is a very go with the flow or else forum, my queries usually go unanswered when I ask questions about their subject matter, I know how to play the game which is why I still have access. Bill and project Avalon make no difference to the world today, it provides no new information or anything relevant, you can find all of Avalons information on the web and You Tube with a simple search.

  9. Jews? Who are they? The answer may come as a surprise to you – WE ALL ARE JEWS! Because we are all decendants of Noah and his three sons. I draw this conclusion based entirely on the accuracy of the accounts found in Scripture (translated version, the KJV).

    Why the noise? Why the sound and the fury? The root of our problems has always been the majority of us has gone out of our way to become unprofitable. We have been fed, continue to feed on, and sadly feed ourselves lies we manufacture ourselves!

    Planet Earth will be a better place … if only we will find our way back to God of the Bible and do His commandments. And there are only 10 of them!

    Peace to all.

    1. ewoon, I was taught by means of other Scriptures versions that Jews have descended from Judah, one of 12 children of Jakob/Israel’. Every one of those founded their respective tribe. If I’m correct, at the time of Noah they were called Hebrews. I sometimes bitterly say to myself that Kane/Cain had more descendants than Abel. Peace.

  10. Project Avalon is a joke. Bill Ryan is a wanker. Those people are so stupid it’s painful.

    Cult. Yes. That is exactly what it is. If they don’t like what you are saying they make a point of showing it. I was attacked within the first couple hours of being there.

    THEY SPREAD DISINFORMATION. THEY SHEEP HERD THE MORONS INTO BOXES. Nobody thinks for themselves there. They use youtube Wikipedia and MSM for sited sources. The will argue anything that doesn’t fall under what Bill claims as truth and his moderators. They censor people all day.

    The rudest and worst of alt media all congregate on that little forum.


    1. EXACTLY!! they really do kill me

      In my opinion, and this is not something I grant without diligence, they take the world’s numero uno fugazi of the 21st century award. What cemented their spot in comparison with others even Jones, is simply their lack of respect for people’s intelligence for pushing boundaries of what the sheeple v2 believe, then way over stepping them in a way, L Ron would be proud.

  11. i noticed you dont base your hate on religion, race, color creed etc,,,so i figure you base it on another reason,,possibly judgemental decision making. basically the elites arent even jewish so why such a huge problem ommitting that one single term rather than save face, to advoid an arguement? then stood your ground, defended your hate speech cried for ten pages about getting kicked off the team,,,and posted this ten page hate speech. i read almost half way through then just skimmed the rest,,because it was just the same hate speech like a broken record paragraph after paragraph. there goes thirty minutes of my life im never gonna get back from reading this gee thanks a lot.

    1. i noticed you dont base your hate on religion, race, color creed etc,,,so i figure you base it on another reason,,possibly judgemental decision making.

      “judgemental decision making”? aren’t all decisions based on judgment?

      basically the elites arent even jewish …

      you may be more correct than you know – i’m not sure that Ashkenazi Jews, which apparently make up 80%+ of Jewry, are actually Jews at all according to some the DNA studies i glanced at – they may have descended from the Khazars

      that said, i wonder when was the last time you looked at who owns/influences every major institution in the west and especially in the U.S., including finance, government (AIPAC), publishing, media, entertainment, etc.? who founded Google, one of the most powerful and influential corporations in the tech industry? or how about Facebook? or Wikipedia? or any number of other popular services? when was the last time you read the credits of a Hollywood film?

      to say that the so-called “elites” are basically not Jewish is as simply and factually incorrect as saying that they are all Jewish

      … defended your hate speech cried for ten pages about getting kicked off the team …

      funny, isn’t it; how any criticism of Jewry or Israel or Zionism gets auto-stamped with the “hate speech” label while the arguments themselves are completely ignored

      and i wasn’t banned from the forum – i left voluntarily

      there goes thirty minutes of my life im never gonna get back from reading this

      given your attitude, i’m glad to have wasted your time – maybe reading my article saved someone else from being exposed to your wrath

      1. “judgemental decision making”? aren’t all decisions based on judgment?
        Yes they certainly are…but this does not mean that all the decisions we make are the right ones.
        ALL judgement is limited and clouded by our individual level of consciousness…the more conscious we become, the less harshly we judge because we become more aware of the reality of life and what the position is, in life, of those who act in a way which we do not believe is right, according to our individual beliefs. Until belief becomes truth no one can judge correctly…and very very few humans know the reality of life. We are all living in our own little worlds, created by our own belief structure…despite the fact that there is a common reality which we all strive to know.
        Peace to all.

  12. Here is Ryan and Atticus (Charles) behind the scenes discussing the set up of a forum that Bill would later deny knowledge of.

    Things turn sour when Bill snidely begins to try interviewing Charles without his consent and the beforehand request that now wasn’t the right time as the Skype meeting was to discuss the new forum.

    From Serpo to the controlled dialectic between Ryan/Dark Journalist vs. Corey Goode/Wilcock, he has been responsible for steering the UFOlogy narrative down fruitless cul-du-sacs again and again. Has been the person whom tainted it’s credibility with turd upon turd in the form of poxed ‘whistle blowers’ that only the credulous folk who are so easily parted from their money could stomach due to their religious devotion to a concept of ‘Lightworkers’ ‘Ground Crew’ ‘Ultra-Betterthanyou-Empaths’ and ‘Ascension’. Another narrative born on Avalon whose progeny we can now witness on YouTube in the solipsistic millennials uploading testimony of their ‘awakening’ smugly vlogging their world tours financed by the old and new breed of witless but abused dreamers whose wonder and hope is being taxed by a new generation of narcissistic sociopaths who have learnt the trade of Ryan/Cassidy/Wilcock et al.

    Like Worzel Gummidge wearing his ‘Wangling Head’ I suspect there is a ‘Crowman’ who created this many faced Scarecrow to shoo away the potentially curious investigations of intelligent people who will simply dismiss the rank tripe served up by this dubious character.

    1. What is the whole deal with Charles? I remember on the forum when that whole thing went down and even though I was never 100% behind the forum, I kinda was with Bill, of course I didn’t know a lot of the stuff that had gone on in the background, It came across very awkward. I do remember Bill giving the impression he was in London so I guess at that time he was able to come to the UK but he just answered while Charles talked and it didn’t seem like a regular conversation, he was like a little boy answering an adult and in that link you posted it comes across the same way.

      I can understand some whistle blowers watching every word they say and the interviewer watching every word the say and the interviewer responding but this Charles guy seems to talk constantly, I would have thought Bill would have kept it going as a conversation. I think at one point Charles said he could read Bill’s mind and Bill didn’t deny it. I don’t know if I quite believe people can read minds.

      One of the reasons I was booted from Avalon was to do with Bob Dean and the very last interview he did with Camelot, It was just Kerry that did the interviewing on that one and I couldn’t believe that someone who has been to other planets wouldn’t describe the sky or the people living on it. If someone mentioned that to me, the first thing I would ask is what is the sky like? Is there planets and moons visible? What colour is it? Are there humans? Cars? Houses? What’s the food like? Bob Dean along with others claim this and not once was any of those questions asked.

      The one that really was the final straw and saw me taken away was the famous James Gilliland Ranch and the UFO activity that goes on there. I know many famous sightings have happened there, I also know many people camp out there and I know James allows people to stay in his ranch and it’s big thing there. Richard Dolan who is famous for his UFO books and his approach to the UFO phenomena had just announced a new book that was coming out and I had made comments about why Richard had never visited there and for that matter neither Bill or Kerry. Now maybe they did and it was never documented or captured on video or audio but I would have thought that for a place that has constant sightings Bill and Kerry would have loved that, seeing a real life UFO in front of your eyes and with Richard Dolan writing all those books, my goodness, why ask the questions if this place has real ones and they fly around at amazing speeds and they light up different colours and fly over head and fly into the mountains and they do all these amazing things. Wouldn’t that answer your question once and for all?

      I was wished well and told my account was terminated, my thoughts and feelings were not welcome there and they wish me well on my journey.

  13. I have seen the comments of similar articles chastising those who question the holocaust as its reported in history books on the site and your post has reaffirmed my original thoughts of the bias and also the fakery of cast and crew. For what its worth, Thanks for sharing

  14. It is far worse than you can imagine at Project Avalon. Bill Ryan is a con-artist extraordinaire, with legal judgments against him in Switzerland, the U.K., and the USA. That’s why he’s holed up in Ecuador. He keeps the truth from his cult members by censorship and outright lies. The forum is a source of income for him (he’s a parasite), as well as a place to prey on gullible women (he’s a sexual predator). The forum has imploded multiple times due to Bill’s hypocrisy, but he knows how to quietly purge the troublesome truthers, put on a happy face, and spin a convincing yarn to calm down the faithful. The moderators are carefully selected from the most faithful and are so starry-eyed with their new-found favor and desire to please Bill that they will always perform as Bill would wish without even being told to. I have observed that place for six years, been a member three times, written hundreds of well-received posts, and been banned forever three times. At no time did I misbehave, disrespect others, or break a single published forum regulation. Now that I know how bad the deception is there, I mostly stay away, having been thoroughly disgusted by the place and its charming leader.

    1. Over a period of 7 years I have had inside experience as a PA forum member, as a moderator and as a person privy to stories from his ex wife, therefore I can vouch for all that you have stated regards the brittle facade and the Grand hypocrisies of Mr Bill Ryan.

    2. Do you have anymore info on this at all? It must have been maybe 2010/2011 when Bill was talking about users holding their own conferences. I think he did something similar in Ecuador and he did mention the UK and LA and if people could pay for his flights he would come over and do the seminars for free. He talked about how hard it was to rent rooms or a hall or a hotel like most conferences are held in because of the subject matter but he really did make it clear he would appear for any workshops or seminars as long as his flights were paid and he had somewhere to sleep.

      Of course the reason for this was there was a lot of people asking why him and Kerry no longer worked together and many had chosen Bill over Kerry and they wanted Bill on video more. Now that I’ve read your post I’m starting to think this was Bill’s way of appeasing those people, in other words maybe he knew all along he was never gonna come over and apart from one video, he never did anymore interviews, not even on Skype but again due to your post, maybe that’s because he can’t leave Ecuador but he could do stuff online if he really wanted.

      In another reply I gave my story as to why I was removed from Project Avalon. I don’t miss it one bit.

      I know they used to ask for donations to pay for servers and one point to move servers and this was a lot of money and the people running the servers need paid but how much does the forum realistically make for him?

      Did you see what happened recently? All that trouble about a radio show and the host HINTING about a certain forum owner and others giving the UFO community a bad name. I wish I could remember all the names but if you look on the forum you will find it. Bill didn’t like this at all and said if they were talking about him or his forum they would regret it and basically hinted at bad things would happen to them lol. You might not want Bill to see this page in case he gets angry lol. I had to laugh because he’s not gonna leave Ecuador is he? It might have just been a big show for the forum members and moderators.

      What is the deal with Bill and women? I remember when Inelia Benz was the new project and the big thing about Inelia was that she can read minds, she was reading Bill’s mind too, just like Charles was and he had to pick his answers carefully because of course……Inelia knew what his answer was before he said it. And she too can visit planets and she can make remote controls explode with her mind and a lot of us thought maybe they were romantically involved. Then again a lot of us thought maybe Bill and Kerry were involved too but that seemed to not be the case either. Does he have a girlfriend or had any during the Project Camelot/Avalon days? What has he done to prey on gullible women?

      And i know this article has nothing to do with her but I have to mention her. Kerry Cassidy. I know they did videos explaining why they split up and their differences of opinion and they are still friends as far as I know but did more go on there? She seems to have kept things going from her end doing appearances and filming interviews and doing conferences when she can but is there anything else to their friendship/relationship? I guess what I’m asking is Bill guilty of anything there?

    3. Have you listened to this tripe? More like “comic” backlash.

      Am a bit surprised to see this con man rearing his bald head again. Bill Ryan needs to slither back under another rock on his Ecuadorian finca which I’m guessing is still up for sale.

      The only slightly interesting information Ryan divulged in this 2nd “comic” episode, because he simply can’t help himself, begins at 5m 25s, however that enlightening bit of data seems to have been missed by “The Dark Journalist”, most laypeople listening, or those unfamiliar with Bill Ryan the practicing Scientologist.

      At 5m25s and ending at 6m26s: cued Bill Ryan comments about a “world class” teacher who “trained” Stephanie Relfe, the author and facilitator of “The Mars Records”.

      In this 2nd interview, Bill Ryan claims that Stephanie Relfe, who in 1996 penned the Mars Records in Sydney Australia, was expertly trained in regression therapy by a man named Allen Wright.

      In researching the name, I discovered that an Allen Wright, a native of New Zealand, was a well known Scientology practitioner in Sydney during that timeline. During the 80’s to mid 90’s, Allen Wright lived, owned a business, and worked in the Sydney “Org”. A high level Scientologist, Alken apparently had an irreparable falling out with “management” and left the CoS.

      Allen Wright left Sydney, his business, as well as a wife and 2 Scientologist children behind to join “Captain Bill” and his merry band of “Freezoners” aka “Ron’s Org” in Germany.

      This L.Ron Scientology (schism) cult was founded by Bill Robertson in 1984 according to this wiki page. (Who might have written that Wiki page I wonder? Scroll down to find out.)

      I’m presuming it was in Europe that Allen Wright crossed paths with Bill Ryan, also a practicing L.Ron Scientologist and member of Ron’s Org. Like Bill Ryan, Allen Wright would later be based in Switzerland, up until his untimely death in February of 2011. Coincidentally, Bill Ryan fled Switzerland at around the same time Allen Wright left this veil of tears to join LRH “Over the Bridge”.

      In February of 2011, Bill had been communicating with an enigmatic entity going by the human name of Inelia Benz, a woman who had joined his Project Avalon forum in early January of 2011. Bill seemed thoroughly smitten by this persona.

      Having not done his due diligence, research or any type of real background vetting, Ms. Benz and her fantastical bullshit story proved to be Bill Ryan’s ultimate undoing. Inelia Benz was a Scientologist too. Go figure,

      Meanwhile, by February of 2011, Bill’s Swiss girlfriend Ruth, whose house he’d been a (freerolling) guest in whilst living in Switzerland, had a slight problem with the new “Bill and Inelia” platform being built, and she kicked him out in the cold. The timing was decent, as Bill had arranged to meet Inelia in the flesh at a woo woo conference in Arizona. They made future plans, and those plans were soon unveiled on Project Avalon Forum.

      Whilst conducting the Bill and Inelia Summit in Vilcabamba Ecuador however, in late June of 2011, serious poop hit the fan on the internet for both Inelia and Bill. Inelia Benz, the 10th Dimensional Being, was being credibly destroyed. She was outed as a liar and a fraud.

      At the same time, Bill Ryan was outed as a fool, a liar and a fraudulent Picasso Picture Peddler. Court documents from a woman scorned surfaced as evidence. Very messy indeed.

      Bill Ryan found himself alone again, a stranger in another strange land, with scrambled egg yolks all over his face, so he made the decision to put his head down in Ecuador, on Christine Anderson’s lap at Madre Y Tierra, and ride out the shit storm. He’s been living in Ecuador ever since. Christine Anderson, whom he quickly married, has long left Bill. She’s currently holed up somewhere in Mexico I hear, living off Bill’s stolen gold wafers.

      To my knowledge, Bill Ryan has not returned to the UK, Switzerland, or the USA since approximately June of 2011.

      Perhaps he fears being arrested if he does.

      It’s only coincidental that both Allen Wright and Brian O’Leary, the prominent scientist and astronaut who hosted Inelia Benz and Bill Ryan’s Vilcabamba Summit, both died suddenly and very quickly, of extremely aggressive cancers. Allen went to meet LRH over the Bridge in February 2011, just about the time Bill was kicked out by his girlfriend in Switzerland and flew to the States to hook up with Inelia Benz at an Alien Conference in Arizona.

      Then Brian O’Leary died within about a month of hosting Inelia and Bill at his estate in Vilcabamba.

      Just coincidences though. Not connecting dots or drawing any pictures.

      Perhaps Bill Ryan was led in the direction of the Mars Records and his massive Mensa brain added 2 + 2 based on data contained therein. Just as I tend to do. Just as anyone can do. We like to connect dots and see the big picture.

      Meet the late Allen Wright, Bill’s highly respected world class recession therapy trainer, the man who he claims taught Stephanie Relfe to perform the impeccably conducted and recorded Mars Record “regression therapy sessions” on her first test subject, a man whom she married the following year.

      This type of regression therapy would, in Bill’s own words, make Corey Goode “a lotta money ok?”

      It’s clear enough to me, after processing the entirety of the data I researched, that Stephanie Relfe received her training in specific “biofeedback” techniques from Bill Ryan’s friend and Ron’s Org associate Allen Wright, who was a Sydney based Scientologist during the same time line. Just connecting dots too.

      “The Mars Records” is the result of those sessions.

      Corey Goode has been accused, by Bill Ryan, of plagiarizing Michael and Stephanie’s Mars storyline.

      This is their story. Yes. Free to download, as Bill mentioned, but Stephanie is pushing other stuff down your throat, at a price. People have to eat you know.

    4. You described PA perfectly! also you cant mention the word ‘Jesus’ on there without a caustic backlash, and you have to be a hard core trump supporter to curry favour with the majority.

  15. Came across this page from a web search. Interesting points and I agree with much of what you said. However, you should give Miles a second reading. He would certainly agree with you about the role of a Jewish elite. He also digs into genealogies to show that many people we are told are not Jewish do in fact have Jewish roots (crypto-Jews). He holds them responsible for most of the hoaxing that’s been going on. And before you dismiss the hoaxing argument as some kind of tabloid fare, you should examine the evidence.

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