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Another point in Firefox's favor

I tend to beat the hell out of Mozilla and then recommend their web browser, Firefox, because it's still better suited to privacy enhancements than any other mainstream browser in my opinion.

This is old news (2019), but i just became aware of it...

Major Browsers to Prevent Disabling of Click Tracking Privacy Risk

Of all the browsers I tested, only Brave and Firefox currently disable it by default and do not appear to have any plans on enabling it in the future.

Click-tracking is controlled in Firefox with the browser.send_pings preference and, as of v97, it is still disabled by default.

On one hand i'm glad that Firefox's market share continues to plummet because it puts a dent in the piggy banks of the corporate clowns at Mozilla, but on the other i'm glad it's still around. How much longer it will remain so, i don't know. Perhaps quite a long time should the "woke", inclusive jackasses at the corporate level ever decide to return to their earthly senses.

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