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Another 9/11 "truther" debunked: David Meiswinkle

The Last American Vagabond interviewed David Meiswinkle regarding the events of 9/11, particularly regarding the collapse of the buildings. I couldn't bare to watch the whole video because Meiswinkle, who is trying to get a grand jury to consider the evidence that the official narrative is a joke, which it is, is a joke himself. I sent this email to a couple people at The Last American Vagabond. Here i am correcting a few small typos and i added a few links.

re: David Meiswinkle Interview – Ongoing Suppression Of 9/11 Truth &
Proof Of Controlled Demolition

you folks do an incredible job overall and i appreciate your work so
very much, especially you Whitney, however no one gets it right every
time and this interview with Meiswinkle is particularly disappointing

whenever i see the word "proof" used in a headline, red flags are
raised and in this case, for good reason

Meiswinkle is not a dummy and i'm sure his intentions are good,
however he is ignorant of many facts regarding 9/11, as is the 'truther'
community at large, to the point where he destroys his own credibility

here are *some* of the problems with his statements...


WTC 7 and "small office fires":

that is provably and laughably false - 7 burned for ~8 hrs with little
or no effort to extinguish the fires for multiple reasons, such as the
fact that many firefighters died in the collapses of the towers and
little or no water pressure due to broken lines - 7 was raging with
fires, however the "truther" community only likes to show pix of the S
side of the building which wasn't visibly burning - they don't show the
images and videos of the N side from which a massive amount of
smoke was billowing and where several fires can be seen through the

the morons that did the Alaska study also parrot the same bullshit
(small fires, no fires above floor 30, etc.) while anyone with a
functioning eyeball can see the fires, including fires raging far above
the 30th floor

i talked personally with a senior FDNY fireman who i spent time with at
a camp and he confirms that the building was essentially engulfed and
adds that he wasn't at all surprised that it collapsed

does this mean the NIST study is accurate regarding 7? no, not
necessarily, but it sure as hell proves that the AL study is flawed and
that the "truther" community is made up of people who parrot
whatever source confirms their preconceived bias

i won't put links here because of the possibility of this mail being
flagged as spam, so just do a phrase search for "Possible problems
with the UAF WTC 7 collapse study" which is an article i wrote
regarding the AL study

like the NIST study, the AL study proves nothing - it is a theory and
one which is built on provably false pretenses


William Rodriguez - the last man out:

at least one other person exited after Rodriguez (i forget the name),
yet Rodriguez constantly promotes himself as being last which i think
raises doubts about his credibility (he was also a magician for a long
time, for whatever that's worth)

this of course does not disprove the possibility of explosions prior to
plane impact, but it is evidence that Rodriguez may not be all he
seems to be


credibility of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth:

Richard Gage and the Pentagon...

despite the mountains of evidence, such as the fact that HUNDREDS of
people saw a *plane* approach and/or hit the Pentagon, and no one
saw it fly away (not to mention recovered plane parts, DNA for every
passenger and crew except one baby), Gage promoted the missile
bullshit for *years*, stating that no plane could have penetrated 6
steel reinforced concrete rings of the building

he's right .... except the plane didn't penetrate 6 walls, it punched
through TWO walls

yes, this genius -- this professional architect -- NEVER BOTHERED TO
LOOK at the design of the building! (the rings are on top of the first
floor, not at ground level where the plane largely struck)

you may have noticed that he has very quietly given up on the missile

Gage promote that 'x' number of architects and engineers are fully on
board with A&E911, except many aren't - many have found themselves
added to their list *without their consent*


steel from WTC 1 & 2 was not studied, analyzed, photographed:

so the pictures of the samples collected by NIST and several other
groups and presented in their papers are.... fake? again, this is the
claim of an idiot

while we can certainly argue that the studies are flawed and that the
crime scene could have been better preserved and that there was a
massive amount of secrecy and corruption involved throughout the
cleanup and the studies, and that NIST won't release their computer
models, etc., etc., etc., no one in their right mind can claim that none
of the steel was studied

also the 'cuts' Meiswinkle refers to in the steel i suspect are the
diagonal cuts seen in photographs which are used by the "truther"
community to "prove" demolition - i worked in demolition and it's
blatantly obvious that the cuts in the ground level steel beams
standing generally upright are a) made by an oxy-accetelene torch
(not thermite) and b) are not consistent with cuts used to prepare the
steel for demolition - in other words, it appears the cuts were made
during cleanup


WTC 7 "simultaneous" collapse:

the beams in 7 did not all give way at the same time - again,
Meiswinkle and anyone else believing this nonsense has to be blind to
not see that the W end of the penthouse collapses first, followed by
the remainder of it, followed by the exterior walls


i stopped the video at 12:56 when this moron starts talking about the
collapses of 1 and 2 - i guess according to Meiswinkle, the steel
should've been pounded into the ground like a nail instead of ejecting
sideways, which was the only direction it could go!

whatever - you people need to quit parroting this f'n garbage

you want answers, look to the "intelligence" community and
particularly Israel

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