Alternative 3 by Leslie Watkins

Although i began this website in February of 2011, its origins go back several decades. It's difficult to say exactly when i began to see the world in a more accurate light than that cast by our mainstream institutions, but one memorable moment dates back more than four decades when i read the book Alternative 3  by Leslie Watkins.

Alternative 3 was written as science fiction but it read more like a script for a documentary film. I remember checking the first pages of the book several times to verify whether it was actually a work of fiction and wondering whether it was published as such in order to circumvent the censorship the book may have incurred had it been published as non-fiction, a compromise which many authors have been forced to make in order to ensure their story saw the light of day. Whether the book is largely based in fact or not is irrelevant. The more important take-a-way is that it instilled in me a sense that the world is not as it seems; that secretive people in positions of power and influence might be doing extremely nefarious things behind our backs which ultimately alter the course of our human experience.

I recall my father mentioning more than once during my upbringing that i should "never believe anything you read or hear and only half of what you see". It took me too long to fully appreciate what he meant by that. Our world, and the universe in which it exists, bares little or no resemblance to that which most people imagine. Our societies, rooted in governments and borders and mass media and technology, are wildly ass-backwards and upside down. Much of what we have been impregnated with in government schools and "private" universities is simply untrue at best and fabricated at worst. If you find fault with that statement then you simply haven't probed the world around you beyond that presented in "official" textbooks, or whatever it is that's "trending" on social media, or what has been burned into your mind through staring at a television screen.

This website is largely a product of my curiosity about such things, the intention being to share what i have learned since reading Alternative 3 so many years ago. I think that exposing people and organizations engaged in criminal and unethical activity is an honorable task, but i also like to write about technical subjects, to the extent i'm capable. More than anything, i think my goal is to challenge mainstream beliefs and narratives in many regards, be they political, technical, historical or otherwise.

Our potential as human beings has been robbed from us by influential psychopaths and self-haters only because we have allowed them to steal our destiny. Will we ever, as a species, regain what has been lost before we self-destruct? I'm unsure, nor am i sure it matters, but i am sure that such a feat is indeed achievable at the individual level, and isn't that where all change starts?