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A VPN service that was recommended

I don't think there are many VPN providers that actually own and secure their hardware. Most of them just provision (rent) servers on an as-needed basis. Currently i use AzireVPN which claims they own, secure and maintain their own hardware in trusted data-centers, but Michael Horowitz has told me about another one, OVPN, which supports both the OpenVPN protocol and the newer, more efficient WireGuard protocol. They make some interesting claims on their website...

OVPN has been in court fighting a two-month long information injunction as user information was requested from us. OVPN emerged victorious due to our no-logging policy.

We have an insurance that covers legal fees. OVPN has never given any information about our customers to a third party.


All the hardware used to operate our service is owned by us and locked into isolated racks. All servers operate without any hard drives as the operating system only resides in the RAM memory.


Our VPN servers don't support physical access via console, keyboard or USB ports. Critical security updates are installed on daily basis.

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