Content update: MP3 Factory

I uploaded version 0.10a of the MP3 Factory bash script. The link is in the MP3 Factory: 'De-borking' MP3s on Linux page.

Once again *many* changes and improvements were made, mostly small, others more important. The way the script works in general has been largely improved.

  • The script no longer exits if its dependencies aren't satisfied, with the exception of zenity. Instead dependencies are checked as each operation is run and the user is presented with a notice if there's a missing dependency
  • Logs are now kept by default instead of the last one being overwritten and they are stored in a /logs directory.
  • There are fewer messages printed when running in batch mode.
  • mp3sum was added to calc a CRC checksum of the audio streams of MP3s and compare it to the those stored in the LAME headers. So far this seems to be a great way to weed out a lot of junk files where the audio stream is damaged, truncated, or otherwise altered, such as by people running MP3Gain on their files.
  • Files are handled in a safer way in that copies are now always made for processing.
  • Lots of code optimization.

This version was also tested more thoroughly.

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