Content update: MP3 Factory: 'De-borking' MP3s on Linux

The manual/guide, MP3 Factory: 'De-borking' MP3s on Linux, was updated slightly and i uploaded the next version of MP3 Factory, v0.9a (link is in the guide).

This version is largely untested, however it is both ShellCheck and Shellharden compliant. I also added the ability to pass a couple of arguments to the script, mainly -d n to enable developer mode and set the level (only '1' is supported at the moment) and -h to read the new and very bare help file. Developer mode does nothing at the moment other than to prevent the clearing of the terminal which can be helpful for troubleshooting and testing.

Lastly, much code cleanup was done to make the script Shellharden compliant, a few bugs were fixed, and the code is better optimized.

I think the feature set is fairly concrete, so i plan on doing lots of testing and release a beta version soon hopefully.

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