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  1. That is true. But I think that the difference is the coronavirus seems to be much more contagious than the flu. And because of that it frightens people, including me. The other point is that when sbdy is sick hospitals have to treat him/her and if a lot of people get sick at the same time a country has to have enough hospitals to treat a lot of sick people at the same time. If not it is when things can go bad. Not enough beds or equipments for sick people… That is the situation now in Italy and maybe France (my country). The other thing is that it is the first time in history we have social medias during an epidemic (or war or any catastrophic event) so it amplifies everything, it amplifies our emotions, our fears, etc.

    1. hello Damien from France! – given your comment i’m wondering if you watched the video – if not, i suggest listening to what Ben has to say because he addresses some of your fears

      in addition to Ben’s comments, and the data he provides from the WHO, i’ll add the following…

      it is my educated opinion that you have absolutely *nothing* to worry about

      the people in the U.S., and maybe in France and elsewhere, are cleaning the store shelves of toilet paper – why? because they don’t know what the hell they’re doing and because they listen to the fear-porn being spread globally on the mainstream media and social media – they don’t think for themselves and they don’t do any research

      instead of buying all the bloody toilet paper in existence, they ought to be buying vitamin C and researching the anti-viral benefits of *high-dose* C – this advice comes from quite a few doctors as well as myself

      if you even think you’re getting sick, start taking about 4 grams (4 1000 mg. tablets) PER HOUR until you feel better and then keep taking it for a while – problem solved because there has never been a virus tested that can survive coming into contact with C and, unlike antibiotics, vaccines and doctors, C won’t compromise the immune system or cause all sorts of other problems

      the real threat is NOT the virus – the virus is nothing more than a vehicle to carry out political agendas

      listen to what Ben has to say and go to corbettreport.com and listen to what James has put out

      research high-dose C and where you can buy it in bulk – i get the synthetic form (ascorbic acid) from Bronson but i don’t know if they ship international – ascorbic acid isn’t the best form but it’s very cheap and it works

    2. Good Coronavirus News: High Dose Vitamin C Shows Good Results In China Hospital

      Unfortunately in the West, this option is still being denied by much of mainstream media and governments are not talking about it. Instead, it’s fear and chaos […]

      he’s treating with 10,000 – 20,000 mg. (10 – 20 grams) / day (IV) – given this is IV, i don’t know how to compare it with oral, however this would be a very small dose for oral treatment which should be at least 4 grams / hr. (48 grams / 12 hrs.) for the average adult

      Dr. Mao also discussed one particularly severe case where the patient was deteriorating rapidly. An extra of 50,000 mg IVC dosage was given over a period of 4 hours and it caused the patient’s pulmonary (oxygenation index) status to stabilize and improve as the critical care team watched in real time.

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