Content update: MP3 Factory: 'De-borking' MP3s on Linux

Version 0.5a of MP3 Factory is released and the manual, MP3 Factory: 'De-borking' MP3s on Linux, has been updated (link to the file is in the manual). This is alpha software so beware.

This version brings *many* changes, both large and small. On the larger side it is now possible to preview the music file both before and after trimming excess silence with Mp3splt and, if the trim didn't go as expected, you can quickly adjust the silence detection threshold for Mp3splt and run the file again, and again, and... until you're satisfied with the result. The preview function plays only the first and last few seconds of the file by default since that's all that is needed to determine whether Mp3splt did its job. FFplay is used to preview the audio and by default it will display a waveform to make it even easier to determine whether Mp3splt performed as you wanted.

I also added a preview function that allows to play music files in full.

Also added to the mix is a more complete tagging function that allows the user to write any of the more common ID3v2 tags. FFmpeg is no longer used to tag files. FFmpeg was slower, more difficult to work with, and far more disk intensive in this regard. The down side is that only MP3 files can be tagged which i'm fine with, but others may not be.

I had hoped to rely on as few dependencies as possible and didn't want to include anything that may not be available in the repositories of the major Linux distributions, however i've found that FFmpeg either can't do all that i want, or can't do the job efficiently, especially with regard to writing metadata, and so i've added id3ted to do the tagging work.

Once again this version is not thoroughly tested, however i did perform a quick test for all the major functions and everything is working assuming there's nothing abnormal to deal with.

Lastly i'm thinking about changing the name since most functions of MP3 Factory can process several more formats other than just MP3.

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