Sick and stupid - News Bytes - 18-Jan-2020

B.C. Judge Orders Vaccinations for 2 Boys Over Their Mother's Objections

DRB introduced two binding decisions by the B.C. Supreme Court in which judges concluded that the benefits of vaccination outweighed the risks of not being immunized, along with excerpts from reports about the value of immunization from a series of medical and research organizations.

12bytes: Whether the benefits outweigh the risks is irrelevant. The fact is, no one has the right to forcibly subject another to any medical treatment. That aside, my research indicates that the benefits certainly do not outweigh the risks, one reason being that the connection between vaccines and adverse health issues is generally unknown and ignored.

Is a Bill Requiring Your Children to Get Every CDC Recommended Vaccination Coming to Your State? - The Vaccine Reaction

As vaccine-related bills are being introduced into state legislatures this month, a bill (HB1090) has been proposed in the Virginia legislature to require school children to receive every dose of all current and future vaccines added to the recommended childhood vaccine schedule by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) appointed by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC). It removes legal authority from the state Board of Health to make recommendations to the General Assembly, the Joint Commission on Health Care and the Governor for revision of the list of vaccines required for school children and effectively transfers that authority to an unelected federal advisory committee.

New Technology to Store Vaccination History in the Body - The Vaccine Reaction

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) News reported that researchers at the university have developed a way to record a person’s vaccination history and store the data in a pattern of dye, invisible to the naked eye, by infusing it under the skin at the same time the vaccine is given.

2020: Both Sides All In, As Vaccine Legislation Revs Up - The Vaccine Reaction

Will freedom be protected? Or, will America descend further down the dark path of mandating medical products with, at best, questionable safety profiles—dictated by government bureaucrats?

Certainly the latter was attempted by many state government in 2019. The prevailing trend saw attempts by state governments to all but eliminate medical exemptions for vaccinations, absent very narrow criteria. California set a precedent with SB 276 in 2019, rammed through amidst massive protests, to investigate doctors in the state for writing more than a handful of vaccine exemptions. Bills were proposed that would allow minor children to be vaccinated without the knowledge or prior informed consent from the parents.

Big Pharma Companies are Exploiting the World's Poor - The Vaccine Reaction

Medicines are not evolving as fast as the multinational companies would like them to. Many drugs which have been around for a while don’t generate any more income because the costs of the patents have already been written off. So in order to make money, big companies nowadays are constantly looking for new opportunities and new drugs. And they are prepared to go to any extreme to make money.

Toxic Chemicals Are Stealing Millions of IQ Points From Kids in the US

The latest research out of New York University’s (NYU) Grossman School of Medicine is anything but encouraging.


Lead exposure resulted in a loss of 78 million IQ points among U.S. children, pesticides accounted for a loss of 27 million points, and mercury came in last with a loss of 2.5 million IQ points.

12bytes: Note that there is a form of mercury contained in at least several vaccines.

Exposure to Fluoride Can Affect IQ of Infants, Sleep Patterns: New Studies

Fluoride exposure may be associated with changes in the pineal gland which affect sleep cycle regulation among older adolescents, according to new research from the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. Another study published in the journal Environment International found that exposing infants to increasing levels of fluoride in tap water may result in diminished non-verbal intellectual abilities, with a stronger effect found among formula-fed children.

FDA-Created Monopoly on IV Vitamin C Threatens Consumer Access to Popular Therapy

New information has come to light that poses a threat for continued consumer access to intravenous vitamin C (IVC), a potent, safe, and natural treatment for viral and bacterial infections and some cancers. It is a blatant example of our crony medical system.

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