More weapons more war, more vaccines more consequences - News Bytes - 16-Jan 2020

The US Space Force Just Swore in Its First "Chief of Space Operations"

This week, Air Force Gen. John “Jay” Raymond was sworn in as the chief of Space Operations for the new United States Space Force. While it was initially reported as somewhat of a joke when Donald Trump first announced it, the U.S. Space Force is a very real thing and is now the seventh military branch of the Pentagon.

12bytes: And again, for the 3rd time today, i'll post this video:

Corbyn Cordingley Dead 14 Hrs After Flu Shot - YouTube

Krystle Cordingley mourns her son Corbyn who died 14 hours after a flu shot. The hospital tried to cover up what happened, and doctors said his death following vaccination was a coincidence. Finally one honest MD said, yes, it was the vaccine that caused the severe damage to Corbyn's brain stem. This candlelight vigil was held on the sidewalk outside a Mormon Temple as it was to remember Corbyn and two other LDS boys who died from fatal vaccine reactions.

My daughter has autism from vaccines - YouTube

Look WHO’s Talking! Vaccine Scientists Confirm Major Safety Problems • Children's Health Defense

Rarely does the general public get to hear what vaccine scientists and public health officials really think about vaccines. Instead, the simplistic (and propagandistic) mantra aired ad infinitum for public consumption is that vaccines are “safe and effective”—full stop. As the transcripts from the secret Simpsonwood meeting revealed two decades ago, however, when the experts are among themselves, they tell a different story—and, as a new behind-closed-doors video powerfully reveals, they are still far from convinced of their own safety message.

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