Run a WordPress site and want to auto-notify subscribers of updates?

I very much like the idea of offering the option for readers to be automatically notified when i post new content and while there are many plugins in the WordPress repository that can handle this, there was only one which met my requirements and the developer pulled the plug on it.

The plugin i used was Post Notif and it had several key features no other notification plugin had. For starters, it was entirely self-hosted without any reliance upon 3rd party data harvesting scumbags in order to do its job. Post Notif also allowed people to subscribe to content update notifications without having to create an account on your WordPress site, an email address being all that was necessary. Lastly, the developer, Devon, is a great guy. He coded a bunch of good features and functionality into Post Notif, including lots of options and nice management pages for WordPress administrators.

I stopped using Post Notif a couple months ago because it kept getting older while WordPress kept getting newer and so i started to worry about security and compatibility. I racked up quite a few hours over the course of weeks sifting through the WordPress plugin repo trying to find a replacement for Post Notif and came up empty every time, and then i found this dude by the name of Jeff Starr who is apparently well known in the WordPress community and an accomplished developer. You might want to check out his website, Perishable Press, where he posts a lot of good information regarding WordPress. I use one or two of his plugins here, plus his firewall.

This is all tentative at the moment, but when i contacted Jeff about the possibility of taking over the development of Post Notif, he didn't hesitate and Devon, the former developer, seems happy that his plugin won't be forgotten. Not only am i happy about all this, but i suspect quite a few WordPress admins will also be happy when they see Post Notif return to the WordPress plugin repository, though possibly under a new name.

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