'ghacks' user.js and my user-overrides.js updates for Firefox

The fellas over at the 'ghacks' user.js repo updated their prefs file for Firefox and i in turn updated my user-overrides.js. Run the 'ghacks' updater script to grab theirs and you can grab mine here (direct link). Changes since the last version of my user-overrides.js can be seen here. Remember to kill the fox and run the 'ghacks' prefsCleaner script after updating the files.

3 thoughts on “'ghacks' user.js and my user-overrides.js updates for Firefox”

  1. Hello,
    After Thunderbird I am now hardening my Firefox. A question, each time I run the updater.sh script (ghacks user.js) I then have to run the prefsCleaner.sh?
    Am I right?
    I already asked you the same question for Thunderbird but prefer to be sure again.
    Thank you.

    1. yes because each new version of ‘ghacks’ user.js may have added prefs to the deleted/obsolete section (commented out) and those will remain in prefs.js if you don’t run the cleaner script – note that any prefs that are NOT in user.js which you added to user-overrides.js, and then later removed, will not be cleaned by the cleaner script UNLESS you just comment them out

      make sense?

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