Iran, Israel, guns - News Bytes - 15-Jan-2020

Watch Highlights of Iran Discussion Over 2020 Democratic Debate in Iowa for More Substance - YouTube

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, Congressman Dennis Kucinich, historian and Middle East expert, Stephen Kinzer substantive discussion in New Hampshire moderated by Professor Lawrence Lessig on foreing policy and Iran and the role of America on the day of 2020 Democratic Debate in Iowa.

Israel & Saudi Arabia Unite to Destroy Iran - Part 1

To understand current developments between Donald Trump and Iran, we must look at the history of the Israeli-Saudi alliance & their common goal of overthrowing #Iran.

Virginia Senate Judiciary Committee Advances 4 Anti-Gun Bills - Activist Post

It appears that the Virginia State Congress hasn’t been taking enraged citizens very seriously. In today’s meeting of the Virginia Senate Judiciary Committee, four of the recently proposed anti-gun bills were advanced to the Senate for a vote which could take place any day now.

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