Update: user-overrides.js for Firefox

I updated my user-overrides.js for Firefox. Many changes were made, however most of them were to instructions and preference descriptions.

Also i had been using the [SAFE=(value)] tag to mark preferences values that weren't necessarily "safe" regarding privacy and so i added a new tag, [UNBREAK=(value)], which accompanies or replaces the 'safe' tag in order to make things clearer. The current tags used are:

* [SET]..............the value must be checked!!!
* [UNBREAK=(value)]..least likely to cause web breakage but more likely to compromise privacy
* [SAFE=(value)].....a safe value
* [PRIV=(value)].....a value which is more protective of privacy but may cause web breakage

Regarding changes in instructions and pref descriptions, i think i made several items more clear for users.

You can grab the file here (direct link) and the change logs here and here. There's 2 change logs because i made a booboo on the first update. Remember to run both the 'ghacks' updater and prefsCleanr scripts.

If you're lost, see one of my Firefox configuration guides here.

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