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5 yr. anniversary: Firefox Configuration Guide for Privacy Freaks and Performance Buffs

I just happened to notice that it's been just over FIVE YEARS since i first published the Firefox Configuration Guide for Privacy Freaks and Performance Buffs.

Averaging roughly 2000 visits per month, the guide has also been the most trafficked page on pretty much since it was first published i believe. Coming in at #2 at just a few hundred visits less is The Firefox Privacy Guide For Dummies! which i kind of expected to surpass the 'Privacy Freaks' guide in popularity, but that hasn't been the case.

The irony regarding these Firefox configuration guides is that i shouldn't be the one writing them. I really don't feel qualified, at least not to the extent that i think would be optimal. I'm not hugely technically inclined and the only programming languages i'm somewhat familiar with in regard to software are AutoIt (Windows only, and i don't do Windows) and Bash scripting. This shortcoming cripples my ability to dig into both the Firefox source code and the extensions. I also know little about current web technologies. That being fully admitted, i believe, so far as i'm aware, that these guides are some of the most comprehensive out there and i think that's kind of sad. Certainly there's a ton of excellent and detailed info floating around regarding specific browser technologies and components and privacy issues and such that is authored by geeks who are orders of magnitude geekier than i am, but i have yet to come across a single, comprehensive Firefox guide that covers privacy, security, speed and extensions in an all-in-one package which i feel is better than my own. And frankly, i couldn't have done it on my own.

The folks running and contributing to the 'ghacks' user js project have been super valuable to me in this endeavor, as have many other people whose work i've referred to in order to build and maintain these guides. I also give my thanks to the many people who have left comments on the guides. Such comments have been very helpful in correcting errors and pointing out new ideas, shortcuts, etc.. I am especially grateful to those who help me keep the guides up to date since this removes some of the weight from my back.

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