Prince 'Dindo' Andrew, Epstein banker dead, world less 'crabby' - News Bytes - 5-Dec-2019

Prince Andrew Must Testify in Epstein Court Cases, Says Accusers' Lawyer

During a recent interview for 60 Minutes Australia that took her to the steps of Epstein’s $56 million Manhattan mansion, Giuffre, who now lives in Australia, insisted Prince Andrew “should go to jail.” Giuffre says that she “was trafficked to other billionaires” and “to other politicians,” including the prince.

The bank executive who handled the finances of pedophile Jeffrey Epstein was found dead in his home |

In November, corporate banker Thomas Bowers, who worked for the U.S. wealth management division of Deutsche Bank AG, and who was close to sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, was found lifeless in his home in Los Angeles, California.

According to the forensic report, Bowers committed suicide by hanging himself in his house before Thanksgiving.

Biased Media Coverage of Iranian Unrest and Protest Movement - Global Research

The Mainstream Media is pushing forth the weaponized narrative that the Iranian government is carrying out a cover-up of mass killings that supposedly occurred during its recent unrest, though this is nothing more than an infowar conspiracy designed to make the majority of the non-violent citizens that participated in the large-scale protests suspicious of the state as well as further discredit the country’s international reputation.

Arbitrary Law Enforcement in the US - Global Research

It is true that the US President can imprison for life, or execute, any individual in any country with a complete absence of evidence, charges, lawyers or courts, simply on his whim, without any recourse. But it goes much deeper and farther than this, well beyond matters of national security or terrorism, extending to the daily actions of life, and most especially directed against those who are critical of the government, who investigate government malfeasance and who publish revelations of official crimes. But perhaps the real danger is not that the elected Congress has been omitted from the loop, but it is those of secret government rather than the President who are making these decisions.

Trump Sends 14,000 Troops For War on Iran. Will it be Enough? - YouTube

So much for getting out of endless wars! President Trump has announced that he is sending 14,000 more US troops to the Middle East and may even send more. The reason is the manufactured "Iran threat" that Trump continues to delude himself over. Neocons are thrilled. So are Saudi Arabia and Israel, who would love nothing more than to have the US fight and die in their wars. But what about America first?

World's First "Magic Mushroom" Microdosing Nasal Spray Announced

Psilocybin was first designated as a “breakthrough therapy” by the FDA last year.

And now, one company has an interesting psilocybin-based medicine for depression that they hope will soon be on the market. Silo Wellness‘ new product is a psilocybin nasal spray intended to be used for microdosing.

Half-Million Hermit Crabs Killed by Plastic Waste on Remote Islands

The discovery of 570,000 dead hermit crabs in the Indian Ocean’s Cocos (Keeling) Islands and the Pacific Ocean’s Henderson Island is just the latest sign of the growing crisis of plastic waste polluting our oceans, posing a grave threat to wildlife.

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