Your social credit score, racist state at it again, Greta's a real gas - News Bytes - 2-Dec-2019

Coming soon to the US (actually it's already here): China: Man Interrogated For Criticizing Police on Social Media – Summit News

Under its social credit score system, China punishes people who criticize the government, as well as numerous other behaviors, including;

– Bad driving.
– Smoking on trains.
– Buying too many video games.
– Buying too much junk food.
– Buying too much alcohol.
– Calling a friend who has a low credit score .
– Having a friend online who has a low credit score.
– Posting “fake news” online.
– Visiting unauthorized websites.
– Walking your dog without a leash.
– Letting your dog bark too much.

Washington's Grand Design: Draw NATO into Confronting Russia and China - Global Research

The US-led military build-up against Russia and China will be on display in two big exercises next year codenamed ‘Defender 2020 in Europe’ and ‘Defender 2020 in the Pacific’.

How Israel Became One of the World's Worst Rogue States - Global Research

Propaganda guides and tool kits, such as the “global language dictionary”, offer ready-made arguments and counter-arguments to sell Israel to journalists and critics. Such talking points come with tips on what tone and rhetorical tactics to use, what words and formulas “work”, and how to discuss “sensitive” issues, such as Israel’s illegal colonisation and annexation of Palestinian land, Jewish settlements and the killing of civilians.

All of which are now set to get worse since US President Donald Trump has both rewarded and emboldened Israel by recognising its illegal and brutal colonisation (its “settlements”). By the same token he has offered yet another spectacular demonstration of the complete contempt of the United States for the rule of international law.

New Freedom Flotilla will sail for Gaza in summer 2020 – Middle East Monitor

The International Coalition of the Freedom Flotilla has announced that it will sail again to the Gaza Strip in the summer of 2020 to try to break the siege and silence towards the continuation of collective punishment imposed on the more than two million Palestinian people in Gaza.

ICC under pressure to open investigation into Israel war crimes – Middle East Monitor

“As the preliminary investigation drags on, the crimes continue. The Israeli colonization of occupied lands – a war crime under the Rome Statute – comes with the systemic violation and abuse of the human rights of millions of Palestinians,” the group added in the letter which also raised the ICC’s expressed concerns over Gaza.

Madrid Opens With "Point Of No Return" Climate Scaremongering... But Where's Greta? | Zero Hedge

Nikki Henderson, 26, flew to the US from Britain to sail 48-foot catamaran the La Vagabonde... The journey was meant to save approximately two or three tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

But Ms Henderson's flight from Britain to the US likely produced the same amount of emissions the journey hoped to save, countering Ms Thunberg's mission, The Times reports.

“What They Haven’t Told You About Climate Change.” – According To The Co-Founder of Greenpeace – Collective Evolution

Furthermore, anybody who seems to question the official narrative of this issue that’s constantly pushed by mainstream media is made out to be a fool, and ridicule shortly ensues. Climate scientists have been ridiculed for even sharing their research and opinions suggesting that a doom and gloom scenario is not real, and that the issue of climate change is quite complex, and that man’s CO2 output is not playing the role that most have been made to believe it plays.

MoA - As The OPCW Is Accused Of False Reporting U.S. Propaganda Jumps To Its Help

Under U.S. pressure the OPCW management modified or suppressed the findings of its own scientists to make it look as if the Syrian government had been responsible for the alleged chemical incident in April 2018 in Douma.

Regenerating Islamic Terrorism - American Herald Tribune

As has been observed before however, the agencies who appear to be responsible for staging and coordinating such “provocations” or “false flags” have discovered that they can now get away with almost anything - presented appropriately in the mainstream media. The public has been trained to respond to diversionary and emotive material much as Pavlov’s dog, bypassing any intellectual curiosity that would see them ask even basic questions – such as “why would he do that?”

Psilocybin Designated As A “Breakthrough Therapy” For Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) – Collective Evolution

This new designation of psilocybin as a Breakthrough Therapy for MDD recognizes the hugely unmet medical need in the large population of those who suffer as well as the potential for improvements to the current treatments and therapies. This is being coordinated by a non-profit research organization, the Usona Institue.

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