No sex Dershowitz, DNC haters, all your kids are belong to us – News Bytes – 1-Dec-2019

Epstein Tapes? Sordid Case Takes A Bizarre Turn After Mystery ‘Hacker’ Emerges | Zero Hedge

Going by the pseudonym Patrick Kessler, self-described ‘hacker’ said he had “thousands of hours of footage from hidden cameras” from Epstein’s multiple properties, which included former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, lawyer Alan Dershowitz, and Prince Andrew, along with three billionaires and a prominent CEO, according to the Times.

Gabbard Accuses ‘Arbitrary’ DNC of Rejecting Poll From Accepted Pollster

The Democratic National Committee is refusing to accept a poll that shows Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) at six percent, according to the Democratic presidential contender.

The committee, known as the DNC, has recognized Suffolk University as one of the accepted pollsters for debate qualifying purposes when it carried out a poll for USA Today, but the committee declined to accept a Suffolk poll conducted for the Boston Globe, Gabbard’s campaign said.

New York Vaccine Police State: Proposed Mandatory Gardasil Vaccine to Target Homeschoolers?

Parents who no longer can enroll their children in schools, whether public or private, due to the loss of religious and medical exemptions to vaccines, are apparently turning to homeschool education as their only option left to educate their children.

But a lawmaker from Warsaw, Assemblyman David DiPietro, has stated that lawmakers are planning on outlawing homeschooling, because they want to be able to vaccinate the children in the schools, without parental approval or knowledge.

Holocaust Liars exposed during the Ernst Zundel Trial

Defense Lawyer Doug Christie exposes Holocaust Liars during the trial of Ernst Zundel.

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