Tulsi is scary, Donald dislodges delinquents, Ross rots in prison - News Bytes - 1-Dec-2019

Dem Establishment can’t control me and that scares the hell out of them - YouTube

As Heroes Like Assange Rot in Prison, Trump is Pardoning War Criminals Left and Right

The United States has a heinous record when it comes to committing war crimes. Even more heinous, however, is the fact that commander in chief after commander in chief continue to pardon those convicted of these unspeakable acts. As whistleblowers like Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning rot in prison, military personnel who’ve slaughtered civilians are receiving pardon after pardon.

Film Reveals Never-Before-Seen Information About the Silk Road Case - Activist Post

Since the Silk Road marketplace was seized and Ross Ulbricht incarcerated, many facets of the case have remained a mystery to this day. The video published on YouTube on November 26 by the nonprofit organization Freeross.org tries to unravel some of the riddles behind the Silk Road investigation. Silk Road Case: The Real, Untold Story contains information that has never been publicly released before as well as underreported information from sources derived from various subjects, court filings, transcripts, trial exhibits, and affidavits.

Empty Planet: The World's Shrinking Population - 21st Century Wire

In this fascinating and harrowing discussion on the reality of our population, guests Darrel Bricker and John Ibbitson co-authors of, “Empty Planet: The Shock of Global Population Decline,” explain why they believe that Malthusian predictions of over-population have been greatly exaggerated. In fact, the global population is approaching a ‘decline’ phase. The Agenda discusses our ‘shrinking planet’ and the myriad challenges it poses.

Ernst Zundel interviews David Cole 1994

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