Syria pullout back in, the commies are coming, migrant mayhem - News Bytes - 29-Nov-2019

US redeploys forces around Syria oil fields – Middle East Monitor

The US has redeployed forces in eastern Syria in the area around oil-rich ​​Rumaila with trucks loaded with tanks seen heading towards the petrol fields in the region yesterday.

Israel to build 11,000 new illegal housing units in Jerusalem – Middle East Monitor

The Israeli newspaper pointed out that the plan was drawn up several years ago, adding that it had been put on hold due to “international political pressure against the settlement in the occupied Palestinian territories,” including an objection by the former US president Barak Obama.

Poll Finds That 42% Of Young Americans Would Elect A Socialist President | Zero Hedge

Senator Rand Paul issued a Thanksgiving message Thursday, with a telling reminder that the first Thanksgiving “only happened when the pilgrims rejected socialism.”

End Monopolies & Censorship - YouTube

Everyone deserves the peace of mind knowing their personal privacy is protected. As president I will break up big tech monopolies and provide the oversight/accountability to ensure your rights to free speech, civil liberties, and personal privacy are never compromised.

Stockholm: 51 Per Cent of Women Feel Unsafe Going Out at Night – Summit News

34 per cent of county residents now say they have ceased almost all outdoor activity due to fear of crime, compared to 20 per cent who gave the corresponding answer in 2011.

Sweden continues to experience huge problems with violent crime, shootings, explosions and grenade attacks, mostly as a result of turf warfare between rival migrant gangs. The country has accepted hundreds of thousands of new migrants, mainly from Africa and the Middle East, since 2015.

Here Are More US Tech Giants Propping Up China's Vast Surveillance State | Zero Hedge

China’s multibillion-dollar surveillance industry being used to impose a total electronic police state on the communist country. And it's not just Google and IBM, but a growing list of recognizable names.

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