The Police State, Tulsi on Rogan, is earth mad? - News Bytes - 26-Nov-2019

Harassment, Surveillance, Intimidation: How America's Police State Deals with Dissent and Political Activism - Global Research

Most Americans proudly trumpet their famed civil liberties such as freedom of assembly, freedom of speech and of thought, freedom of the press, freedom from warrantless search, the treasuring of dissidents and dissident thought, but these freedoms and liberties have long since disappeared into the police state that is now the USA, though the repetition of these myths in the media and their indoctrination in the minds of Americans continue unabated.

Netanyahu's Real Crimes - Global Research

There is no doubt, that in all of these cases, Netanyahu’s behavior has been clearly criminal and reprehensible, and, as described by the Attorney General, a breach of the public’s trust. But what I find so striking and disturbing, is that these crimes pale in significance when compared to what Netanyahu has done to the Palestinian people and the prospect for Israeli-Palestinian peace – crimes for which he will not be called to account.

This is your wake-up call: You. Are. Not. The. Government! - YouTube

Beware this propagandistic political speech.

Joe Rogan Experience #1391- Tulsi Gabbard & Jocko Willink - YouTube

Tulsi Gabbard is a 2020 Presidential Candidate of the Democratic Party and is currently serving as the U.S. Representative for Hawaii’s 2nd congressional district since 2013. Jocko Willink is a decorated retired Navy SEAL officer, author of the book Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy SEALs Lead and Win, and co-founder of Echelon Front, where he is a leadership instructor, speaker, and executive coach. His new book "Leadership Strategies and Tactics" will be available in January 2020.

Chemtrails Exposed: The Research Corporation for Science Advancement and the Origins of the New Manhattan Project

In the early 1900s Frederick Gardner Cottrell pioneered the field of large-scale, electrostatic removal of coal fly ash from the emissions of coal-fired electrical power plants. This is relevant to the New Manhattan Project for a few reasons.

It is relevant because it has been scientifically proven beyond a reasonable doubt by Dr. Marvin Herndon and his peer-reviewers all over the world that the substance with which we are being routinely sprayed today is coal fly ash.

Pole Shifts & Climate Change | Armstrong Economics

The poles shift on the Sun is every 11 years. But here on Earth, it appears to be about 720,000-year cycles for a major flip. We are clearly in the time slot for a pole shift. But because there is not a human record explaining what it was like during such an event, it is very hard to speculate if it is a sudden defrost. Some have been frozen while eating lunch, which may have taken place in Siberia with the frozen mammoths.

12bytes: To my knowledge there are two kinds of earth shifts; a magnetic pole shift and crustal displacement. While the former may be an annoyance in terms of technology (think GPS, magnetometers and maps), a shift, or even a reversal of the magnetic poles, may not be perceptible by us humans. The latter however can be catastrophic apparently. A crustal displacement, to my knowledge, is when the entire crust of the earth slips and rotates on the magma it rides upon and apparently this can happen within a very short time, perhaps hours, days, or weeks. I don't know if there's any connection between the two events however and it wasn't clear to me whether the article was speaking of both. It's an interesting subject i need to study further.

Patagonia Leads the Charge on Hemp-Based Clothing

Patagonia has been using legally sourced hemp fiber in its clothing since 1997, blending it with other fibers such as recycled polyester, organic cotton or spandex. Its hemp is currently sourced from China, a country Patagonia says has been subsidizing hemp for generations.

12bytes: If you've never heard of Patagonia, the clothing company, you might want to check them out. In the past the company has been voted one of the 10 best places to work. The clothing they sell is some of the very best in quality, but be prepared to pay for that quality as well as the ethical and environmental friendly nature of the company which increases manufacturing costs.

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