Assange withers, Corbett predicts future, gender fluidity - News Bytes - 25-Nov-2019

International Group Of Doctors Warns Assange Will "Die In Prison" Without Urgent Medical Care | Zero Hedge

Assange is still fighting the US bid to extradite him from Britain on what were first relatively minor charges, before upgrading Assange's charges to violations of the Espionage Act that could lead to a prison sentence of more than 100 years. Lawyers have warned that, should he be prosecuted in the US on these charges, the case could pose a serious threat to the freedoms of investigative national-security reporters, who routinely accept classified information from sources inside the government.

How to Predict the Future - #PropagandaWatch

I predict that "foreign interference" will replace "the devil made me do it" as the new excuse for everything. But how did I divine this vision? From a crystal ball? Not quite. Find out the secret of how to predict the future in this week's edition of #PropagandaWatch.

Sprite Transgender Ad Proves There Is a War on for Children’s Hearts, Minds and Bodies — Strategic Culture

In the Sprite TV ad, an apparent mother [the word ‘apparent’ is necessary since the term ‘gender’ has become an entirely fluid concept defined solely by a person’s feelings, which may change at a whim] opens the action to the sound of melodramatic melodies as she applies eyeliner on her apparent biological son. Cut away to scene two. Yet another apparent mother helps her apparent daughter wrap herself into a corset to conceal the fact that ‘she’ has breasts. Heaven forbid! Whether a mastectomy is on the horizon for the ‘girl’, together with a lifetime commitment to testosterone injections, the audience is none the wiser.

How much obesity costs healthcare systems around the world | World Economic Forum

The US is set to spend more per person treating obesity than any other OECD country. Over the next 30 years, this is expected to reach an annual outlay of almost $655 per person – 14% of the country’s total annual healthcare expenditure.

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