Bolivians battle, Israel attacks, fatties fight - News Bytes - 15-Nov-2019

INTERVIEW: President Evo Morales on the Real Situation in Bolivia - 21st Century Wire

This past week, Bolivia faced one of its worst outbreaks of anarchy and civil unrest in decades, followed by a political vacuum left by the forced resignation of President Evo Morales in an aggressive and violent coup d’etat, endorsed by both the United States and British governments, and their allies.

Bolivia’s New Puppet Regime Wastes No Time Aligning With US Foreign Policy – Caitlin Johnstone

The Washington-recognized interim government which just ascended to power via US-backed military coup in Bolivia is already shifting the nation’s foreign policy into alignment with the US-centralized empire, severing important ties with two governments which have resisted absorption into the imperial blob.

Jewish Army Chief, US Embassy Overthrow Bolivia's Indigenous President for Defying Diktats of World Jewry

Morales, a strong critic of world Jewry who governed as an economic nationalist, has been targeted for years by conspiracies emanating from Washington. The Jew Carl Gershmann's regime change specialists at the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) alone expended almost $1,000,000 dollars in 2018 to train phony journalists and empower pro-business lobbies opposed to Evo in the country. NED has similar projects dedicated to overthrowing the governments of Nicaragua, Cuba and Venezuela.

When Israel’s military begins to attack, so does its army of online trolls – Mondoweiss

Act.IL is a global pro-Israel campaign at least partially funded by the country’s government. The project includes an app that enables users to earn points and prizes for promoting the state of Israel online, by attacking BDS and other pro-Palestinian movements. According to Electronic Intifada reporting from earlier this year, it’s operating with a budget of a more than a million dollars.

Harvard students walkout of Israel envoy talk – Middle East Monitor

Just as Dayan was due to start his talk on “The Legal Strategy of Israeli Settlements” in occupied Palestine, students who had filled the lecture theatre stood up, lifted placards reading “Settlements are a war crime” and walked out of the room in silence.

After Israel Attacks USS Liberty Sailors, US Gov't Threatens Some Survivors w/ Electroshock!

Back in May, I found a surprise inside of a used book on Israel's evil attack on our sailors aboard the USS Liberty in 1967. Help keep the memory of the Zionist assault on America live by subscribing to the USS Liberty Veteran's YouTube page:

Epstein Story Killed by ABC in 2015: Was It Done to Protect the Clintons? - American Herald Tribune

One should pay attention to the fact that Robach also said that her interview with Giuffre had included allegations regarding former US President Bill Clinton and litigious Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz. She said “I tried for three years to get it out to no avail, and now these new revelations and — I freaking had all of it. I’m so pissed right now. Like, every day I get more and more pissed, ’cause I’m just like, ‘Oh my God! It was — what we had, was unreal.’ ”

Resolving creeping communism

The thirtieth anniversary of the fall of the Iron Curtain coincides with a popular resurgence of communism and a drift into more socialism. A collective amnesia sees a return of the Soviet Union’s failed policies in a Marxist Labour party in Britain. Increasing socialism is expressed by US Democrats contending for the primaries.

Google CAUGHT Censoring Conservative Sites And Running Blacklists

‘What’s a girl seeking, alone at night?’ German mayor’s ‘victim-blaming’ blasted as immigrants accused of gang-raping teenager — RT World News

Three suspects were subsequently arrested, while two more remain at large. At least two of them were confirmed by police to be asylum-seekers but their nationality or country of origin was not revealed.

Water cannon deployed & cars flipped as tensions run high during Yellow Vests protests (VIDEOS) — RT World News

Yellow Vest protesters were doused with water during clashes with police and rioting in downtown Paris, ahead of the first anniversary of their nationwide anti-government demonstrations.

Family Facing Jail for Living in RV On Their Own Property To Repair Home After Fire

Madison, MS — Last year, the Navari family was devastated on Christmas Eve when their home caught fire and destroyed all they had. Pam Navari thought things couldn’t get any worse after the fire. However, thanks to the government, she was wrong. Now, as the family battles the insurance company to pay for the damage, they are also battling government who says it’s illegal for them to live in an RV in their own driveway while they conduct repairs.

Homeschooling Could be the Smartest Way to Teach Kids in the 21st Century — Here are 5 Reasons Why

Homeschooled kids have the same access to online learning, friendships, and extracurricular activities as the typical public school students, but without many of the drawbacks, like standardized lesson plans and bullying.

Chile Protesters Kill a Police Drone Using Hundreds of Laser Pointers

As the people of Chile enter the second month of massive protests against the neoliberal government of President Sebastian Piñera, clashes have continued unabated between demonstrators and the militarized security forces of the South American state.

Watch: Epic Brawl At Popeye's Drive-Thru Ends In Arrests And No One Getting Their Chicken Sandwiches | Zero Hedge

The buzz about Popeye's new chicken sandwich has officially gone viral - and its internet popularity is translating into a full on free-for-all at various Popeye's locations across the U.S. as obese fast food customers have come to fisticuffs at various locations, arguing about who will have access to the coveted sandwiches and in what order, of which there has been a limited supply.

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