Gabbard steals the show, UK steals babies, McKinnon steals UFO pix - News Bytes - 11-Nov-2019

Gabbard and Trump Jr. Change America's View of The View - Gold Goats 'n Guns

The unbearable harpies of The View that gather every weekday on ABC to show the world what toxic femininity looks like reached their peak of relevance this week thanks to two Presidential candidates, Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) and Donald Trump Jr. (R-Future).

US will attack foes & friends to protect its hegemony, Syria just a latest victim – Assad to RT - YouTube

Syria became a test ground for US as it refines tools to safeguard its global hegemony, President Bashar Assad told RT in an exclusive interview. He also talked ISIS chief’s death and explained what many Syrians are fighting for.

Three Deep State Confessions on Syria - Global Research

First, all the way back in 2005 — more than a half decade before the war began — CNN’s Christiane Amanpour told Assad to his face that regime change is coming. Thankfully this was in a televised and archived interview, now for posterity to behold.

U.S.-backed coup Deposes Evo Morales in Bolivia - Global Research

As of 4 p.m. EDT on Nov. 10, President Evo Morales has resigned his office in Bolivia, pushed out by a counterrevolutionary coup d’état backed by Washington.

How Facebook Has Become The Strategic Media Mouthpiece For The Global Elite – Collective Evolution

The episode of the Jimmy Dore show found in the video below, which is worth watching to get the full context of the discussion, introduces whistleblower Vikram Kumar, a former promoter of third-party videos on Facebook. Dore brings interesting insights into Facebook’s latest strategies in terms of controlling the news commentary. He explains how Facebook is proliferating the establishment’s narrative while limiting and blocking alternative voices which, of course, Facebook characterizes as ‘Fake News’.

Exposing Jeffrey Epstein's international sex trafficking ring | 60 Minutes Australia - YouTube

12bytes: This is a watered down disgrace of a so-called expose that focuses entirely on the emotional aspect of the Israel-U.S.-Epstein ring, the seduction of the women, while ignoring completely the connections between Epstein and Maxwell and the Israeli Mossad and a plethora of corporations and powerful people. Nevertheless, this "investigation", if one can even call it that, is apparently better than anything that has aired on the boob-tubes in the U.S..

Is There an Arizona and Mormon Connection to Child Trafficking in Arkansas and Senator Linda Collins-Smith's Murder?

Arkansas Judge Stacey Zimmerman is the judge that allegedly adopted out Kathy Hall’s granddaughter to a Mormon family that had ties to Paul Petersen. She is also the judge that allegedly handled all of Paul Petersen’s illegal adoptions.

British State Has Stolen Thousands of Children From Families it Deems 'Potential Risk' - Hundreds of Pregnant Women Fleeing UK Shores -- Society's Child --

A British businessman who lives in France is one of several people who regularly help women to flee the UK to give birth abroad and keep their babies.

Ian Josephs told Connexion he got involved after learning of a woman's case while he was a county councillor in Kent.

He receives several calls a day after women contact him through his website ( He gives advice and pays for the mothers to leave the UK.

Firefox 71: new about:config interface lands - gHacks Tech News

12bytes: More stupidity by the Morons @ Mozilla lands in 71, this time dumbing down the about:config UI in order to make it less useful and hide more preferences.

Some issues, including the removal of deep links and sorting, remain, and Mozilla announced previously that it won't fix those. A quick scan of the Ghacks database returned 48 articles with deep links to Firefox preferences. The instructions won't work anymore when the changed interface lands. While users may look at the filter url to search for the preference name manually, it is far from ideal considering that we are just one website that used the deep linking option to point to about:config preferences directly.

The Man Who “Hacked” NASA & The AFSPC Gives A New Interview Describing What He Found – Collective Evolution

Gary was able to access these computers in real time and view files on them. He found some startling pictures, one in particular was of a large cylindrical shaped UFO hovering in space, in addition to a strange spreadsheet document with a list of “non-terrestrial officers,” presumably belonging to a publicly unacknowledged branch of the United States military operating in space, as well as “fleet to fleet” transfers of materials, whatever that means.

On paedophile Jeffrey Epstein and the Clintons – Redress Information & Analysis

Hillary, having run and lost twice, remains unwilling to slink out of public sight. Should Clinton’s fantasy be fulfilled and the Democrats beg her to run “just one more time, for the good of the nation”, she hardly wants her reputation sullied by a paedophile.


The brave journalist Whitney Webb has written a detailed account of the many links between Epstein and Bill and Hillary Clinton that date back to when Clinton was governor and continued after his presidency. At a minimum, we know that Epstein gave generously to Hillary’s Senate campaign and to the Clinton foundation. Epstein’s partner, Ghislaine Maxwell and Chelsea vacationed together and Maxwell was a guest at her wedding. And, as Politico reported, Bill Clinton flew many times on Epstein’s jet, the Lolita Express.

Israeli soldier shoots man in back for entertainment

Outrage after leaked video shows Israeli officer shoot Palestinian in the back

Feature: Building a Sauna Cabin with Logs in the Wilderness Alone with My Dog | Start to Finish - YouTube

Building a Sauna Cabin with Logs in the Wilderness Alone with My Dog

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