U.S., Israel only countries who don't want to stop space arms race or nuke-free ME

US and Israel were lone votes against UN resolutions opposing space arms race and nuclear Middle East | The Grayzone

Important breakthroughs have arrived at the United Nation seeking to prevent an arms race in outer space and create a nuclear weapons-free Middle East. There are just two main obstacles: the United States and Israel.

While Washington and corporate media outlets portray China and Russia as aggressive warmongering rogue states, their votes at the UN show which nations are actually expanding dangerous militarism into new frontiers.


With Israel as the only the country in the Middle East with nuclear weapons, the UNGA resolution called on Tel Aviv to join the NPT (Israel has long refused to sign the treaty), and demanded that Israeli nuclear facilities be overseen by International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) safeguards.

12bytes: J. Kennedy tried to force inspections at Israel's Dimona plant and also tried to force the Jewish lobbies in the U.S. (now AIPAC) to register as a foreign agent. How well did that work out?

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