[CENSORED] is a crime, Ron's war on war, Greta needs a ride - News Bytes - 3-Nov-2019

Connecticut: Where Ridicule Is A Crime | Zero Hedge

Two students at the University of Connecticut have been charged with the crime of ridiculing African Americans by shouting the N-word as part of a childishly inappropriate game. A video of the incident went viral and generated protests on and off the campus.

Outrageous as shouting this racist epithet is, the First Amendment protects it from criminal prosecution or other governmental sanctions. The Connecticut General Statute under which the students were charged is just about as unconstitutional as any statute can be.

U.S. Didn't 'Withdraw' From Syria - It Redeployed, And Now Controls 75% of The Country's Oil -- Puppet Masters -- Sott.net

Thirdly, the US military convoys which left northern Syria during the active phase of Turkey's Operation Peace Spring for western Iraq are now returning. Dozens of US military vehicles accompanied by fuel tankers entered Syria on October 26 and 27 alone. US forces also remained deployed at the Qasrak base on the Tell Tamr-Qamishli highway.

US Needs to Occupy Syria Because of Kurds or Iran or Chemical Weapons or Oil or Whatever - American Herald Tribune

For eight years we’ve been spoonfed an assortment of radically different narratives explaining why the US needs to control Syria militarily, and it turns out that the US and its allies have been plotting to control Syria since long before then.

'Breaking Washington's Addiction to War' - Ron Paul - YouTube

Ron Paul delivers the keynote speech at this year's Ron Paul Institute Washington Conference on "Breaking Washington's Addiction to War."

Groyper Revolt Against Israel First Conservative Inc - Dave Reilly (video)

Dave Reilly, who asked Charlie Kirk "how does anal sex help us win the culture war" at a TPUSA event, joins Henrik and Lana for a segment during Flashback Friday November 1, 2019. We discuss the rift inside the conservative movement. Is is going to be America First or Israel First? Additionally, how are values not traditionally associated with conservative activists going to help win over more people to their cause.

Greta Thunberg Begs For Help After Traveling Halfway Around The World 'The Wrong Way' | Zero Hedge

Thunberg, who rejected a $51,000 Nordic Council environmental award last week because "The climate movement does not need any more awards," might hit up her parents - an opera singer and an actor, for travel funds.

Or, perhaps she can ask her new friend Leonardo DiCaprio for a ride on one of the private jets he uses to fly around the world to climate events?

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